Know what King Parikshit did after getting a cursed from Shringi Rishi

 After the end of incarnation of Lord Krishna, the Kali Yuga started on Earth.  When Kali Yuga entered the kingdom of Abhimanyu’s son Parikshit, Parikshit was ready to kill Kali Yuga.  Seeing the king with a sword in hand, Kali Yuga came to Parikshit’s refuge and asked for permission to live in some confined places.  King Parikshit always protected the refugees, so he allowed Kali Yuga to live in gambling, drinking, sex, violence and gold.

One day the king went far away in the jungle while hunting.  Due to fatigue, he felt hungry and thirsty.  The king did not find water anywhere even after searching  a lot in the forest, then the king went to a ashram nearby.  When the king went to the ashram, the sage was in meditation, so he could not respect the king and could not quench the thirst of the king.  The king considered it his insult and put a dead snake in the sage’s neck and left.  This behavior of the king was due to the influence of Kali Yuga which settled in the golden crown of the king.  In the past, the king allowed the Kaliyuga to live in confined spaces.  Gold was also one of those places.

 On reaching the capital, King Parikshit was very sorry for his  deeds.  He became very depressed and started thinking – ‘I have treated the innocent  Brahmin in a disrespectful way  like the non-Aryan men, it is a matter of great regret.  Of course, as a result of the insult of that great sage , a terrible calamity will come upon me at the earliest.  I also want the same to happen, because it will make atonement for my sins and I will never have the thought to do such a thing again.  Today, the anger of the Brahmins should burn my kingdom, army and all the treasures . so that I will never have such sinful intelligence towards the  Brahmin, deities and cows.

The king was worrying in such a way then he came to know – of the curse of sages son, that takshak snake  will bite me.  He found it very good to know Takshaka like a blazing fire will bite him.  He thought that I had been indulging in the world for a long time, now I got the reason to renounce the world.  He already considered this world and the enjoyments of the world as trivial and impermanent.  Now, after renouncing his kingdom, considering the service of Lord Krishna’s feet, as paramount, he sat on the Ganges with fast unto death.

The water of Gangajika flows with the pollen of the feet of Lord Shri Krishna, which is mixed with Tulsi’s smell.  This is the reason why she sanctifies all the top and bottom of the world including the Lokpalas.  Who will be such a die-hard man who will not consume it .

In this way, after deciding to fast unto death on the banks of Gangaji, he abandoned all attachments and he accepted the clothes of monks and meditated on the feet of Shri Krishna with a great devotion.  At that time, the great sages who purified the world, with their disciples, went there.  In this way, after seeing the main sages of the various gotras gathered together, the ruler with great respect received everyone and put his head on their feet and worshiped them.

When everyone comfortably sat on their seat, then Maharaja Parikshit saluted them again and stood in front of them and folded hands with pure heart and started telling them what he wanted to do.

King Parikshit said – Ah!  Among all the kings, I am blessed, blessed.  Because of my humble nature, the great men like you have become kind me. People of the dynasty often fall away from the blessings of Brahmins due to misdeeds.  What a pity it is, I am also a king.  I have also become a sinner due to my constant attachment to body and world.  This is why God himself has come to rescue me in the form of  curse of a Brahmin.  This curse is causing disinterest towards the world things.  Because of this kind of curse, the men of the world get frightened and get disgusted.

 Brahmins!  Now I have surrendered my mind to the feet of God.  May you and Mother Gangaji take me in refuge and be gracious to me, any other hypocrite inspired by the curse of Brahman Kumar, may kill me or I may be killed by some other means , I do not care at all.  Please sing the Lord’s playful pasttimes with kindness.

I salute you again at the feet of the Brahmins, pray again that I should have my love at the feet of Lord Shri Krishna, regardless of whichever body I will  be born in. You sages Bless me so that I have special love at the feet of Mahatmas and I have a kind friendship towards all the creatures of the world.

Maharaj Parikshit, after making such a determination, sat down on the south bank of Gangaji.  He had already handed over the  the kingdom to his son Janamejaya.

Hearing such words of the king, all the gods started showering flowers from the sky.  All the sages who came there also praised Maharaj Parikshit and said, “It is not a big deal for Pandava lineages who are servants of Lord Shri Krishna.”  Maharaj, till you do not leave your body and go to the abode of God we will be staying here.

Listening to the sages, King Parikshit greeted everyone and prayed to listen to Lord Krishna’s pastimes.  King Parikshit said to the sages present there, great men  With full confidence in you, I ask this question regarding my duty.  All of you scholars should think through  and tell  which are  considered pure deeds for everyone, in all stages and especially for the people who die in a short period of time.

 At the same time, while wandering voluntarily on the earth, Vyasa Nandan Lord Shree Shukdevji Maharaj appeared there, having no expectation of anyone.  He was content with the external signs of varna or ashram and content with self-realization.  Children and women surrounded them.  He was dresses like a avadhoota.

King Parikshita bowed his head and worshiped Srisukadevji, who came as a guest.  Children and women who did not know his nature, seeing his glory, returned from there;  Shree Shukdev ji was seated on the best seat after being honored by everyone.

When Shree Shukukdevji sat down with calmness, then the supreme devotee of Lord, Parikshit came near him and bowed with his head on the feet.  Then stood up and with folded hands greeted him.  After that in  a very sweet voice asked him this.

The God of Pandavas , Lord Sri Krishna is very happy with me.  If Lord Shri Krishna had no kindness, then why would you –  a solitary forest dweller, siddha man appear before me.  Parikshit asked, Lord tell me what human beings who are about to die should do? 

God!  Also, explain what a human being should do.  Whose hearing, whose chanting to be done, whose remembrance to be done and whose hymns should be recited.

 Hearing the question of Parikshit, Shukdev ji started saying, the man who wants to attain the rank of fearlessness should listen to and recite Lord Krishna’s pastimes.  I heard this Purana named Shrimad Bhagwat, filled with the past times of Shri Krishna, through the mouth of my father.  I will tell you now the same.  Parikshit, when king Khatwang, after seeing only few minutes of lifespan left, had renounced everything and attained the devotion of God. You have seven days in which you can do whatever you want for your welfare.  Saying this, Shukdev ji narrated the Bhagavata Purana to the king, from whose hearing the king was be freed.

In this way, after the curse of Shringi Rishi, King Parikshit attained salvation by listening to the Bhagavata Purana.

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