Story of sage Shringi’s curse to King Parikshit

 At the end of Dwapara Yuga, Lord Shri Krishna had incarnated on the earth and freed the earth from  the sinful, unrighteous kings.  When Lord Krishna finished his avatar and went to his abode, Pandavas gave  Abhimanyu’s son Parikshit  the kingdom and went to Himayal .  Later on, King Parikshit suppressed Kali Yuga when he came to his kingdom.  During the reign of King Parikshit, the influence of Kali Yuga was very limited.  On coming to the shelter, King Parikshit allowed Kali Yuga to live in only a few places. There were gambling, alcoholism, sexual intercourse, violence and gold.

 On the day, the moment Shri Krishna gave up the earth, at the same time, Kali Yuga the propagator of unrighteousness had come to the earth.  Like Bhramara, the emperor Parikshit did not hold any enmity with the  Kaliyuga.  Because it has such a great quality that the virtuous works flourish just by thought, but the fruit of the sinful work is attained only by the body and not by the thought.  Like a wolf, kaliyuga is very dangerous for the weak. For those who are brave and righteous it will not do anything. This Kaliyuga is always careful in influencing humans.

 One day King Parikshit took a bow and went to hunt in the forest.  Running behind the deers, he got tired and he was very hungry and thirsty.  When he could not find any reservoir, he entered a nearby Hermitage of a sage and saw that there was a monk sitting in peace with eyes closed.  He had risen above the world due to his senses and mind absorbed in samadhi.

He was situated in the holy Brahma above form of the three stages of  awakening, dreaming and sleep.  His head was covered with scattered hair and mind absorbed in lord krishna. King Parikshit asked for water from him in similar situations, because his throat was drying with thirst.  When the king did not even get a straw seat to sit there and no one told him to sit on the ground, too, from where would he get the sweet and honorable respectful things, then he considered himself as insulted and  became angry.

 King Parikshit was quivering with hunger and thirst, so suddenly he became envious and angry towards the Brahmin.  This was the first incident of this kind in his life, while returning from there, he angrily picked up a dead snake with the tip of the arrow , put it around the neck of the sage and came to his capital. It came to his mind that ,this sage who has closed his eyes, is he really meditating or what is our purpose with these kings, thinking that he has created a false pretense.  The king had earlier given Kaliyuga a place to live in gold.  The king was wearing the crown of gold on his head, so for some time Kali Yuga had influenced his intelligence.

That sage Shamiks  sons was very stunning.  He was playing nearby with other kids.  When the child heard that a king had misbehaved with my father, he started saying like this. These ‘People who are called kings have started committing so much injustice like fair-skinned crows.  Being servants of Brahmins, they are like a dog guarding the door of their masters.

 The Brahmins have made the Kshatriyas their gatekeepers.  They should protect the brahmins by staying at the door, they do not have the right to enter the house and look in the owner’s utensils.  Therefore, today, I punish those kings who are breaking the society after lord krishna left for his abode .Let the impatient rulers of  people be punished . You guys see my power, Saying so to his fellow boys in this way, that child of sage, with his red eyes  filled with rage, took the waters of the Kaushiki river in his hand and said . Parikshit has violated my dignity by insulting my father, so on the seventh day from today, the Takshak snake will bite him.

After that the child came to his ashram and seeing  snake in his father’s neck, he felt very sad and he started crying.  Shamik Muni opened his eyes slowly on hearing his son’s crying and saw that there was a dead snake in his neck.  Throwing that dead snake around his neck, he asked his son – ‘Son  Why are you crying  Who has hurt you? ‘  When asked like this, the child said the whole situation.

 Brahmarshi Shamik did not greet his son after hearing the king’s curse. In His opinion parikshit was  not worthy of being cursed, he said- ‘Oh, foolish boy!  You have committed a great sin!  Sorry to hear that you punished him so much for his slightest mistake.  Your intellect is still raw.  You should not treat a king as an ordinary human being, it is because of kings influence people feel safe and fearless, and perform their welfare.

At the time when God will not appear on the earth by assuming the form of a king, at that time the thieves will increase and people will be destroyed in a moment like unprotected sheep.  After the distruction of the king, the thieves will steals money of people etc. This will also apply to us even if we have no relationship with him.  Because when the king is no longer, the robbers grow and they molest, abuse and rob people, as well as rob animals, women and property.

At that time, the Vedic Aryadharma with the Varna achara of humans disappears, people become like monkeys, like dogs  due to  becoming greedy and lusty. Emperor Parikshit is very famous and religious.  He has done many Ashwamedha Yagna and he is the most dear devotee of God, he was only  disturbed by hunger and thirst and came to our ashram, he is not worthy of curse.

 The sage Shamik prayed to God, this mindless child has committed the crime of cursing your sinless servant king, please forgive this boy of mine Supreme God.  Devotees of God also have the power to take revenge, but they do not take revenge for the insults, deception, abuses, convictions and beatings committed by others.  Mahamuni Shamik was deeply sorry for the crime of the son.  He did not pay attention to the mistake of  King Parikshitna who insulted him.  The nature of the Mahatmas is such that even when others in the world put them into joyful or sorrowful situation, they are often not happy or distressed;  Because the nature of the soul is completely beyond these qualities.

 In this way King Shree Parikshit was cursed by Shringi Rishi, son of Shamik Rishi.

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