Know why Goddesses Lakshmi and Gauri had left Lord Vishnu and Shiva

Aadishakti Bhagwati Jagadamba has created this entire world.  This Bhagwati is known as cause of all , omnipotent, omnipresent and all knower.  When this Goddess desires to create, then this Goddess herself gets divided into three forms, which are called Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  Bhagwati Jagadamba gave her three male forms her the three energies Saraswati, Lakshmi and Gauri.  With the help of these three energies, these trinity are successful in their work of creation, maintainance and destruction of the world.

Without the help of these energies, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva cannot do anything.  In the past, monsters named Hallahal were born in the universe.  These demons named Halahal did severe penance of Brahma.  All these monsters became very powerful due to the influence of Brahma’s boon.  These demons named Halahal started a campaign to conquer the world.  In a short time these demons  conquered all the Lokpaloks of world.  Indra was driven out of heaven, these demons defeated all the gods like Sun, chandra, Agni, Vayu, Varuna etc.

When all the gods were defeated, these demons named Halahal surrounded the two worlds , Vishnuloka of Lord Vishnu and Shivloka of Shivaji with the intention of asserting authority over them.  By the boon of Brahma, these demons named Hallahal had become very arrogant.  Seeing the demons encircling their worlds, both Lord Vishnu and Shiva came forward for the battle with the demons.  In a short period of time a fierce battle ensued between the demons and Shiva, Vishnu’s army.

 In this terrible war, there was an outcry in the army of gods and demons.  This war continued for a long time.  After a great deal of time and hard work, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva succeeded in ending these demons.  With the influence of Adishakti Jagadamba, Lord Vishnu and Shiva were able to kill the Halahal demons, but both of them began to defy goddesses Shakti.  Seeing this  goddess  Lakshmi and Gauri laughed at these two deities.  These two great gods insulted their energies Lakshmi and Gauri.  They considered themselves powerful without these energies.

 When Lord Vishnu and Shiva insulted their energies, at that very moment both the energies goddess Lakshmi and goddess Gauri were separated from Vishnu and Shankar.  As soon as the energies were removed, both the principal deities became powerless.  They  also lacked the power to think .  Then Brahma ji became impatient with anxiety and in fear, he closed his eyes and meditated.

 After meditating, it became clear to him that this is the result of goddess lakshmi and gauri leaving vishnu and shiva.  Knowing the reason, Brahmaji became cautious.  Since then, Brahmaji himself  took care of the task that was done by Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.  He was able to maintain this task for some time after being empowered by his energy saraswati.  Subsequently, for the welfare of Shankar and Vishnu, the Brahmaji called his sons Manu and sanak etc.

As soon as Brahmaji  called, all his sons came and stood in front of him bowing their head. Taponidhi Brahmaji said to them – I am busy with many tasks at this time.  I do not have the ability to do penance to satisfy Goddess.  The entire weight of the world is loaded on me.  At this time, Shiva and Vishnu have lost their power due to the leaving of Bhagwati Shakti Parmeshwari.  Hence sons! you should do the tasks by which  Shiva and Vishnu are able to get their powers back as soon as possible. This will spread your fame in the world.  In whose house Mahagauri and Mahalakshmi – these two energies will take birth, that man himself can be pure and can also make the whole world pure.

 After listening to Pitamah Brahma ji, the supremely holy sons of Daksha and all went to the forest to worship Bhagwati Jagadamba.

 On obeying Brahma’s command, the monks who had gone into the forest reached the shore of the Himalayas and after calming the mind, started chanting the mantra  of Bhagwati Bhuvaneshwari known as Mayabija.  The subject of their meditation was Bhagwati Parma Shakti, after meditating for a long time, Bhagwati appeared  in front of them.

 She held various weapons in her four hands.  Her three eyes were adorning.  She was filled with compassion. She was smiling at her devotees. Seeing the Goddess who created the whole world, the sages with holy conscience started to praise her, Goddess!  You are Vishwaroopa, Tejarupa and Sutrarupa.  That is your divine form.  It is in you this entire world exists .we salute you again and again. We salute Bhagwati who is adorned in appearance and omnipresent.

Thus devoutly praising Bhagwati Jagadamba with  choked voice all the sons of brahma , bowed their head in the lotus feet lotus of goddess jagdamba. Then the goddess with sweet words like cuckoo was pleased and said to them, great sages  Ask for the boon, I am always ready to give the boon, understand this.  Hearing Bhagwati’s immortal voice, the sons of brahma  asked for a boon -goddess!  May you do this grace to these great deities, so that Shankara and Vishnu can regain their powers. Daksha said ,Ambe!  You should have an avatar in my family, so that I can be grateful.

 Goddess said – Shiva and Vishnu have received such an unpleasant situation because of insulting my energies.  In this way one should never insult my energies.  Okay, now my kindness will bring them health and strength.  My powers named Gauri and Lakshmi will be born here and at Kshirsagar.  These energies  will go to their respective places after birth.  Mayabij,  is my main mantra one should always chant it. One should may also meditate on  my universal form  or this form present infront of you  or  Sachchidanandamaya form .  The whole world is a suitable place to worship me.  One should  always be involved in my worship and meditation.  Saying this, Bhagwati Jagdamba, who resides  in the Manidweep, disappeared .

After getting a boon from Bhagwati Jagadamba, all the sons of Brahmaji went to him and told all the things to his father.  After this, with the grace of Bhagwati Jagadamba, Vishnu and Shiva again got their power and they started doing their own work.  Sometime later according to the boon of Bhagwati Jagadamba, Jagadamba’s energy called Lakshmi appeared at the time of Samudramanthan as the daughter of Samudra and energy named Gauri appeared  as daughter of  Daksha.

In this way, Bhagwati Lakshmi and Gauri left both the gods due to the insulting of Vishnu and Shiva.

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