The story of Ashwini Kumar’s getting the right to drink Somaras

 Princess Sukanya  was the daughter of king Sharyati.  King Sharyati got his daughter Sukanya married to the sage Chyavan.  Sage Chyavan was blind and also old.  Seeing Sukanya’s reverence for her husband, gods named Ashwini Kumars made Chyavan Rishi a young man and also cured his vision.  Due to which Chyavan Rishi was very pleased and he promised both Ashwini Kumar that he would give them the right to drink Somaras.  Indra,the king of God’s ,  did not give the right to drink Somaras to ashwini Kumar’s for being physians even though Ashwini Kumaris were deities.

At the same time, King Sharyati came to meet his daughter at the ashram of Chyavan Rishi.  He saw that a young Brahmin is sitting in the ashram, Chyavan Rishi is not visible anywhere.  At that time thoughts started coming in his mind, my daughter has done such a disgusting act.  Hope she did not abandon the sage,when the king was thinking so Sukanya came before him. On seeing Sukanya, Maharaj Sharyati said, daughter, what a disgusting act you have done.  Who is this person you are living with, abandoning your old husband?  You have done this slanderous act in the world, because of this I will be humiliated.

Hearing her father’s words, Sukanya started saying, Father, you first come inside the ashram.  Whatever doubt is in your mind, I will now clear it.  Right now the one who is sitting here is my husband Chyavan Rishi. He has become young man with the help of Ashwini Kumars who are physians of gods.  I have not done any such act which will lead to your humiliation.   Hearing this, King Sharyati became very pleased and asked Chyavan Rishi to tell him about the happenings of past few months.  Sage Chyavan too was very pleased and told him all his story.  After narrating the story of him becoming young man, Chyavan Rishi said to the king, Maharaj, I have taken a pledge before Ashwini Kumars that I will give them the right to drink Somaras.  Even after being a gods, Devraj Indra did not give Ashwini kumaras the right to drink somaras.  That is why you organize a yajna, in this yagya, I will give both Ashwani kumaras Somaras to drink.

 Taking obeisance to Chyavan Rishi Ji, King Sharyati conducted a yajna.  All the gods including Devaraja were invited to that yajna.  When Devraj Indra saw Ashwini Kumar in that yagna, he said, why did both of them come here, who has called them here.  These two are not eligible to drink somaras .I will not allow them to drink Somaras.  When the yajna came to be completed, Chyavan Rishi picked up the two glasses to offer Somaras to ashwini kumars and presented it in front of them.  Seeing this, Devraj Indra got very angry. He said to the Chyavan Rishi, stop don’t give these two Somaras, because both of them are not entitled to drink Somaras.  Then Chyavan Rishi asked, Devraj I do not see any reason why these two should not be given Somaras.

 Listening to the words of the Muni, Devraj says, both of these ashwini Kumar’s are physicians.  That is why both of them are not eligible for consumptuon of Somers .  If you make these two drink somras, then like trishnku , I will separate your head from your torso at this very moment.  Chyavan Rishi did not listen to Devraj Indra and he gave the two Ashwini kumaras glasses full of Somaras.  After getting the glasses filled with Somaras, Ashwini Kumars drank Somaras, which made both of them very happy.

Devraj Indra got very angry seeing Ashwini kumaras drinking Somaras, at the same time he remembered his thunderbolt.  It was shining like the light of millions of suns.  Seeing the thunderbolt appear ,Chyavan Rishi also created a demon with the help of power of his penance, the name of the demon was madh.  he was so terrible, as if all the world’s will be engulfed by him , seeing him, all the gods started becoming very afraid.  The gods said to each other, what should we do now, this very painful situation has arisen in front of us.  Devaraja Indra then remembered master of gods Brihaspati for help.  Master of God’s Brihaspati came there at the site of that yajna as soon as he was remembered by Devraj.

Seeing Brihaspati ji before him, Devraj Indra made him aware of the whole situation.  Brihaspati ji tried to solve the problem by meditating and he said to Devaraj, “The demon named madh will neither die from your thunderbolt nor he will not die from the power of all the gods.”  There is only one way of protection from this, you go to the shelter of the same Chyavan Rishi, he is a worshiper of Bhagwati Jagadamba.  It is not possible for anyone to defeat the  devotees of goddess  Believing the words of his master Devraj Indra went to the shelter of Chyavan Rishi and apologized to him.  Devraj said, Munivar, please forgive me, I will make both these Ashwini Kumars eligible to drink Somaras.  I announce today that both of these ashwini Kumar’s  will get  Somaras from today itself.

 Hearing this from Devraj, Chyavan Rishi’s anger subsided and he also pacified the demon he had created.  After giving the final sacrifice, he also completed that yjana of King Sharyati.  After becoming eligible  of drinking Somaras , both Ashwini Kumar were overjoyed and thanked Chyavan Rishi and both went to their father in Surya Loka.

In this way, Chyavan Rishi made both Ashwini Kumaras to drink Somaras.

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