How goddess Adishakti transformed the Trinity into womens.


 When Lord Vishnu was sleeping on the bed of Shesha after incorporating the entire creation into himself, then two demons named Madhu and kaitabh were born from his ear smut.  These demons worshiped Goddess Jagdamba and received the blessing of voluntary death from her.  In boasting of boon, both these demons were ready to kill Brahma ji, then Brahma ji prayed to Vishnu ji but he was in yogic sleep.  After prying of Lord Brahma, Goddesd Yogendra  comes out of the body of Lord Vishnu in her form.  After this, Vishnu ji battles with Madhu and Kaitabh, with the help of Goddess Yoganidra and he ends both those demons.

 Lord Vishnu and Brahma were standing in front of Devi after the end of demons Madhu and kaitabh, Lord Rudra also appeared there.  Then these three gods praised the goddess.  After the praise, the goddess ordered the three gods to create the universe. Then Brahma Ji said to the Goddess, Mother, how should we create everywhere there is only water.  There is no sign of ​​the earth nor the senses from which the body of creatures is made.  Hearing these things of Trideva, a smile came on Devi’s face.  In the meantime, a plane appeared there from the sky, the Goddess said, Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra you three enter the plane without fearing , I will show you a wonderful view today.

 Seeing the trinity sitting on the plane, the goddess, with her ability, flew the plane into the sky.  In no time, the plane went to the place where there was a very big forest, in it there was a very grand city, in which there were many tall buildings, in the mind of the Trinity, desire was to find which city it was .  There the trinity saw the king of that city hunting in the forest and also saw Goddess Jagadamba on the plane.  At the same moment, the plane moved  to another area of space, where the trinity saw heaven, Indra is in his assembly.  A lot of nymphs are dancing there, then these three gods came to know that this is heaven.  After this, the plane went near the Brahma Lok, where the trinity saw that Brahma was sitting in his assembly and all the sages were worshiping him. Seeing this, Brahma on the plane was surprised.

 After this, aircraft soon went to Kailash after gaining speed from the wind.  We saw Lord Rudra sitting on his Nandi and going towards his meditation place.  This Rudras had five heads.  Lord Ganesha and Karthikeya were walking to his right and left side, due to which Shiva was very appearing very beautiful.  Goddess Parvati was preparing to worship Shiva.  In the meantime, our plane went to Vaikuntha, there,Vishnu of that universe was lying on the bed of Shesha, Goddess Lakshmi was attaining his feet, sages were praising him by surrounding him along with Devarshi Narada.  Seeing all these scenes, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were amazed and looked at each other.

 After this, the plane went to the place where Bhagwati Bhuvaneshwari was seated, many other women were wearing red, blue, yellow colored sarees were praising her.  Many other goddesses were doing other things . On seeing Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva desired to meet Goddess.  Tridev got down from the plane and went to the entrance of Devi’s building, they were thinking that while staying here we see Goddess.  Vishnu ji said that I recognized this goddess, she is  the one whose visions I had when I was lying on a banyan leaf in water as a child.  I was chanting after hearing half a verse from the mouth of the Goddess from her voice, at the same time this Goddess appeared before me and told me to chant this half verse .

 Then Goddess Bhuvaneshwari  looked at the trinity and smiled and gestured for them to enter.  With this, Tridev were very pleased and went inside the building , folded their hands and stood in front of the goddess.  The Goddess was smiling upon seeing them, immediately the bodies of the trinity transformed into female form, seeing that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were amazed.  At that time, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva saw that the infinite universe is situated in the nail of the goddess’s feet, where many Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were engaged in their work.

 After that Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma praised the goddess, which pleased the goddess very much.  The Goddess gave knowledge to the three Gods and gave  Saraswati to Brahma, Lakshmi to Vishnu and Kali to Shiva and said, “These three energies are my personalities.”  Start the work of creation with the help of these three energies.  Whenever you face any problem in your creation, you praise me and remember me, then I will appear and put an end to all your problems.

 After  the goddess said these things to tridev, Tridev were taken to another room where they were made male again.  After that the scene of that wonderful world of the Goddess was gone and the Tridevas found themselves at the same place where there was a war between Vishnu and Madhu – kaitabh demons.  Goddess had also created the earth for Trinity to create creatures .  After this, the trinity created the universe as per the order of the goddess.

 In this way, Tridevas were transformed into a woman.

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