Legend of the marriage of Princess Sukanya and Chavan Rishi

King Sharyati was the son of Vaivasvata Manu ,he had many wives.  Sharyati had a daughter named Sukanya.  Princess Sukanya was very dear to all the queens and she was very beautiful.  Outside the city of King Sharyati there was a very large and beautiful lake like Mansarovar.  There were many types of trees around that lake which were always laden with flowers and fruits.  Several types of animals and birds used to live near that lake.  The sound of peacocks was always heard there, so it was very dear to those who went to the lake.

Chyavan Muni used to live in a holy place surrounded by trees, very close to that lake.  There was always peace in the heart of that monk.  Considering that place to be uninhabitable, he had started doing penance there by concentrating  his mind.  He was sitting posture. He was silent. He had complete authority over his mind.  All the senses were under his control.  That great sage had also stopped eating.  He used to meditate on goddess durga by remaining serene. The vines had climbed all over his body.  Termites had made him his home.  Due to sitting for a long time, ants climbed on him and he was surrounded by them.  It seemed as if only a lump of dust was present.

Once upon a time, king Sharyati visited that beautiful lake.  There were many types of lotus flowers present in the lake, which made the lake look very attractive.  He was accompanied by many soldiers and Ministers were also present. King sharyatis daughter Sukanya and queen also accompanied him to that place.  Princess Sukanya was wandering near the lake, plucking flowers, due to fickleness.  Princess Sukanya saw a pile of mud surrounded by vines there.  There were two holes in it, of which light was coming.  Seeing this, the princess was curious and after picking up some wood from there, the princess started removing that pile of mud with the termites.

 At the same time, Chyavan Rishi saw the princess. Due to sitting in one place, the termites made his body their home.  The sage said princess, I am doing penance here, do not remove this earthen heap.  But the princess did not listen to the sage, she pierced the sage’s eye with a thorn to find out which things are shining like this.  This unpleasant incident happened by the princess with the inspiration of fate.  The sage was suffering a lot due to his eyes pierced. Then at the same time the passing of stool and urine of the king’s soldiers, ministers and the king himself stopped.  Apart from this, the condition of their horses and all beings also became same. The king then pondered over its reasons with great concern, after some time the king returned to his house.

 In the world, no man has been happy by accidentally or intentionally hurting the devotees of Bhagwati Jagadamba, he must sufferer for his actions. After coming to the palace, the king asked all his soldiers and ministers whether  any one has committed any mistake. Near that lake, Chavan Rishi is doing penance, has anyone insulted him accidentally or intentionally.  Then the ministers questioned all their soldiers after that, they said to the king, king, we have questioned all the soldiers, nobody has done any insult to Maharishi Chyavan knowingly or accidentally.  When Princess Sukanya came to know about this, she came near her father and said to him, Father, I saw a pile of mud near the lake, which was the house of termites, it had two holes and light was coming out of it.  Out of curiosity, I had pierced those holes with a stick. this condition has arisen for you and the soldiers due to my mistake.

Hearing this, the king thought, “Perhaps my daughter has done Chyavan Muni a disservice.”  That is why all these incidents are happening, I should go and apologize to Chyavan Muni at this time.  Thinking like this, King Sharyati went to Chyavan Muni.  The king saw that the sage was suffering a lot due to bursting of eyes, the king apologized for the actions of his daughter.

 Chyavan Muni says, king I have become old, now even my eyes have gone, none of my helpers are there.  Now what should I do, because of you this great pain has arisen in front of me.  The king says, Maharishi, I will keep many of my soldiers in your service who will take care of you.

 Hearing the king’s word, Chyavan Rishi said, Rajan it is right that you will keep soldiers.  But the soldiers will not take care of me with love, they will work to take care of me under your direction.  You should keep your daughter in my service, to take care of me well here, this is my belief.  No one will condemn you because of your daughter serving me.  After receiving your daughter, I will be very happy, so that all your troubles will be removed.  The king was worried after hearing the sage, at that time he did not answer yes or no.  He bowed the sage and returned to his home.  The king was contemplating how to hand over my tender and beautiful daughter to this old sage.  This sage is blind and  looks ugly and will be unable to take care of my daughter and fulfill her wishes due to age.

The king summoned all his ministers and asked them, Ministers, what should I do at this time, what do you think.  Should I hand over my daughter to that Chyavan Rishi, or should we suffer the same kind of pain from not being able to pass stool, urine, and die like this. The ministers said, king your girl is very beautiful and smart, you should not give her to such ugly and blind monk.  The king decided after thinking, whatever may be , I am ready to suffer.  But I will not give my daughter to an old, ugly sage.  When the princess came to know about this, she herself came to the assembly and started saying the words in front of her father and ministers.

Father, I am absolutely ready to go to the service of Chyavan Rishi.  If you can get rid of your problem by me going for his service, then it is my duty to go to him.  King Sharyati also liked the idea of ​​his daughter and he also agreed to get his daughter married with Chyavan Muni.  Seeing an auspicious time, Sharyati got her daughter Sukanya and Chyavan Rishi married in his palace.  After marriage, Chyavan became very happy and due to his happiness, the problem of passing of stool, urine of the soldiers and ministers of King Sharyati was fixed.

When King Sharyati went to leave her daughter to sage chavans ashram, he gave his daughter lots of saris and jewelry.  But Sukanya said to her father, Father, I am now the wife of an ascetic, therefore I do not want these things, give me the clothes worn by sages wife and  Returned the priceless things given by her father and started living her life like a ascetic.

In this way king sharyati’s daughter Sukanya was married to the blind and old Chyawan Muni.

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