King parikshit’s campaign and Dialogue of Dharma and Mother Earth

After the Pandavas sacrificed their lives, their descendant Maharaja Parikshit began to rule the Hastinapur empire.  Parikshit used to run his kingdom according to the education and advice of Brahmins.  Whatever the astrologers had said about him at the time of his birth, he had all those qualities.

King Parikshit married his maternal uncle Uttar’s daughter Iravati.  Parikshit from Iravati produced four sons namely  Janmejaya and others.  He made three Ashwamedha Yagyas by making Kripacharya his head priest.  After these sacrifices, King Parikshit distributed a lot of Dakshina among the Brahmins.  In all these yagyas, the gods appeared directly and took their part.

 Once upon a time, King Parikshit heard that the Kaliyuga had entered the kingdom properly protected by his army.  Maharaja Pariparikshit was greatly saddened by the entry of Kaliyuga into his empire.  The king consoled himself thinking that he had got the opportunity to fight.  After this, Parikshit took the bow in his hand and rode in a horse-drawn chariot with  lion flag out of the city to make a campaign to expand his kingdom.

 At that time, chariots, elephants, horses and infantry were marching along with them.  He won all the kingdoms of Bhadrashwa, Ketumal, bharata, Uttarkuru and Kampurush etc. and met the kings there.  He got to hear the greatness  of his forefathers everywhere in those countries.  From those words of peoole, the glory of Lord Shri Krishna was manifested everywhere.  Along with this, he also got to hear how Lord Krishna had protected him from the fire of Brahmastra of Ashwatthama.

 People also said, there was so much mutual love between the Yaduvanshis and the Pandavas and great devotion was there in the hearts of the Pandavas for Lord Krishna.  People when narrated this affection of krishna and pandavas , their King  Parikshit would be very happy, his eyes would be filled with love.  He generously gifted them precious garments and necklaces of pearls.  He used to hear that Lord Krishna worked as the charioteer of the Pandavas with love, became their councilor, even served them according to their wish.

 Sri Krishna was not only their friend, but also became a messenger.  He would sit at night with Veerasana and guard the camp, walk after them, praise and salute them;  Not only this, he made the whole world bow at the feet of his beloved Pandavas.  Then Parikshits  devotion would increase even more in the feet of Lord Shri Krishna.  In this way, King Parikshit was on his campaign following the conduct of the Pandavas.

 At the same time, a surprising incident took place just a short distance away from his camp.  Dharma was walking around with his one feet in the form of a bull.  At one place, he found the earth in the form of a cow.  Like the sad mother of a lost son, tears were flowing from her eyes.  Her body had become very weak.

 Dharma started asking the earth, your face is getting somewhat dirty.  You have become weak, it seems there is some grief in your heart.  Have any of your relatives gone to a distant country, for which you are worrying so much?

 Are you worried for  me that now my three legs are broken and only one leg is left?  It is possible that you are mourning for yourself that now the Shudras will rule over you.  You may also feel sorry for the gods, who no longer get part in yagyas, or are you worried for those people who are suffering from famine due to lack of rain.

Devi!  Are you mourning for the unprotected women and children persecuted by demon-like humans? Is  It because, knowledge has now fallen into the clutches of the evil brahmins and the Brahmins have started serving the rebellious kings  you are sad.

 Today’s nominal kings have become completely affected by Kaliyuga , they have destroyed even big countries.  Are you mourning for those kings or countries.  Today, the public is only interested to eat food, bathing and women-cohabitation etc. by not following the rules of vedas.  Are you sad for this

Mother Earth now I have  understood, Lord Krishna took the incarnation and put an end to the kings filled with sin who became a burden to you.  Now you are sad because of the same Lord Shri Krishna left this earth.  Goddess, quickly tell me the reason for your sorrows.

 Hearing the words of Dharma standing with one foot, the earth goddess started saying, Dharmadev, you know very well that Lord Krishna has now finished his pastimes and has gone to his own abode Goloka.  After his departure, Kalyug has now taken possession of the earth, that is why I am sad.  I am sad for myself, for you and for those great Rishis who are always engaged in religious work.  I am sad for all those  pure hearted people of all the varnas  who are suffering from the effects of Kali-yuga.

Dharma, at the end of the , Dvapara, many demons took birth and caused me a lot of trouble.  But Lord Krishna took an incarnation and put an end to all my sufferings and I got the good fortune of his companionship.  But after the departure of lord, now my good luck also has departed.  You were also four-legged in the golden age, but now as soon as the Kaliyuga came, your three legs have gone and you have become one-legged and that is why I am very sad.

When Mother earth and dharma were talking in such a way , Abhimanyu’s son Parikshit came there and punished Kali Yuga, and protected the mother earth and dharma.

In this way, Panduwanshi Parikshit saved dharma and mother earth during his life time from the ill influence of Kali Yuga.

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