How goddess Surbhi the mother of all cows was born

Once Purna Parbrahma Shri Krishna was in his Goloka with his beloved Radha ji in Vrindavan.  This Vrindavan is filled with many types of trees, many types of ponds. Many mountains and various fragnent flowers were adorning this forest.

 Many gopas and gopis, were also present with Parmeshwar Bhagwan Shri Krishna and Rheshwari Bhagwati Shri Radhaji was also present in vrindavan.  After being in Vrindavan for a long time, Lord Krishna wished to drink milk.

 As soon as Lord Krishna wished, a cow with calf appeared from  his body, this goddess is also called Mother surbhi.  As soon as Goddess Surabhi appeared, Sridama, the friend of Lord Krishna, took a vessel and extracted milk of Surabhi Devi and gave it to Sri Krishna.  Lord Krishna was be satisfied by drinking this milk, which was capable to remove misery and make on  immortal, later the vessel fell and the milk that was left ,fell on the earth and in Goloka it became a milk lake whose length and breadth from all sides were  hundred yojana  .

 In Goloka, this lake is known as Kshirsarovar.  The lake became a playground for gopis and for Shri Radha.  At the same time, many cows known as Kamadhenus suddenly appeared from the body of goddess Surabhi , all these kamdhenus  had appeared with the calves.

These cows  had many children’s and grandchildren from whom the whole world is pervaded.

First of all Lord Krishna worshiped this Surabhi Devi.  After that, the practice of worshiping her started in the whole world.  On the second day of Deepawali, the worship of Goddess Surabhi was done by the order of Lord Krishna, that’s why cow worship is done on the second day of Deepawali in the world.

Once in Varahkalpa, Surabhi Devi stopped giving milk, there was a lack of milk in all the creation.  Then all the gods prayed to Brahma ji and asked for a solution to the problem, then he asked Devraj Indra to worship Surabhi Devi.  Pleased with Indra’s prayer, Goddess Surabhi  appeared in Brahmaloka itself and and gave milk to the deities , later she went to Golak from there after giving milk to the Gods.

 After this there was no shortage of milk in the world.

By reading and listening to this character of Surabhi Devi, man will be enlightened by blessings of goddess.


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