Story of Ekvir, son of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi


 Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu cursed his beloved wife Lakshmi ji to become a mare.  For this reason, Lakshmi Ji was living as a mare and staying at the confluence of the river Yamuna and Tamsa.  Goddess Lakshmi worshiped Lord Shankar by staying at that place.  Pleased with the penance of goddess Lakshmi, Lord Shiva granted her a boon.  Shiva said, Goddess, you will soon get the company your husband Lord Vishnu. As said by vishnu ji,  after you become the mother of a son, you will be freed from this curse and will go back to Vaikuntha lok.

 Lord Shankar, along with Parvati, came to his abode Kailash after giving boon to Lakshmi.  Shiva called his messenger chitrarup and said, “Chitrup, you go to Vaikunth right now.”  Go there and give my message to Lord Narayana.  Tell them to go to the place where Bhagwati Lakshmi is living as a mare.  Shiva has given her the boon that Lord Vishnu will come and meet her.  That is why, to make that boon come true , Lord Vishnu must go to the confluence of the river Yamuna and Tamsa, bring his wife Lakshmi again to Vaikuntha.

 Obtaining the permission of Lord Shankar, Chitrup went to Vaikuntha at the same moment. Reaching near Lord Vishnu’s building, he told Vishnu ji’s gatekeeper Jai and Vijay,You go inside and inform Lord Vishnu that, Lord Shiva’s messengers chitraru has come to meet you . Having heard these words from chitragupt , Jai went inside Vishnu’s palace.  Jai said to Vishnu, Lord Shiva’s messenger chitrarup has come .  He wishes to meet you.  Can i call him in . Vishnu said, Jai, bring him in with respect.

After that, Chitrupa visits Lord Vishnu’s building and bows to him with great respect. Chitrarup tells all the things that Lord Shiva had told  to say.  Listening to chitrarup, Vishnu says, child I will definitely go to meet Lakshmi.  According to Shivji’s boon, I will also bring her back.  You go to Kailash now. Saying so, Lord Vishnu comes to the confluence of Yamuna and Tamsa river.  There Goddess Lakshmi was waiting for Vishnu in the form of a mare.  At that time Lord Vishnu also transformed into a beautiful horse.

Goddess Lakshmi present at the confluence of Yamuna and Tamsa River saw a horse coming towards her.  Then she immediately recognized that it is Lord Vishnu.   who is coming to meet her by taking the form of a horse.  This was followed by the love making  of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi in horse and mare form. After which Lakshmi ji becomes pregnant.  A few months later, Lakshmi gave birth to a beautiful child.  Vishnuji named this child as Haihay.  After giving birth to the child, Lord Vishnu says to his wife Lakshmi, Goddess, now you take your real divine form .  We will go to Vaikuntha.  We will leave this child here .  I have already made arrangements for his upbringing.

Goddess Lakshmi and Vishnuji agreed to go to Vaikuntha.  While leaving  Lakshmi ji becomes compassionate towards her son and tells Vishnu.  Lord, can we not take this child with us?  How can this lonely boy live here in this dense forest.  Then Vishnu ji says, goddess listen carefully to me  There is a king named Harivarma, he did my penance to have a son. He has  Been doing my penance for 100 years.  Now I will go to him and give him a boon, that he should adopt the son I have produced.  Goddess Lakshmi calms down upon hearing Vishnu.  At the same moment both Lakshmi and Vishnu go to the place where Harivarma is doing penance.

 Seeing Lord Vishnu in front of him, Harivarma becomes very happy and salutes him.  Lord Vishnu says to Harivarma.  Harivarma, you have done very hard penance for 100 years for getting   a son like me.  That is why I have produced a son to fulfill your wish.  At present, my child is at the confluence of Tamsa and Yamuna river.  You go there at this moment, take him and return to your capital.  Harivarma gets very happy after getting this boon from Lord Vishnu.  Immediately he leaves for the place where the boy was present.

At the confluence of Yamuna and Tamsa river, the place where the boy was present,  A king named Champak comes with his wife Madalsa.  On seeing the child, Madalasa desires to make him his son.  Then both Champak and Madalsa to ask, to whom this child belongs bh sitting on their plane with the child, go to Indra.  Seeing Champak and Madalsa there with the child, Indra says.  You cannot take this child to your home because he is the son of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi.  Lord Vishnu produced this for King Harivarma.  That is why you take this child and keep him in the same place from where you have brought him.  Because King Harivarma is going to reach the place soon.  Hearing Indra’s orders, King Champak places the child in the same place from where he brought him.

After some time  king Harivarma reaches there.  He becomes very happy to see that child of Vishnu and takes him to his capital. When the ministers and queen came to know that Harivarma was coming to the capital with his son.They  went outside the capital and welcomed him.  Harivarma’s wife became very happy by getting that child.  King Harivarma named this child ekvir and  taught all the disciplines of knowledge to his child.  When ekvir grew up, king hari verma went into the forest to worship God by making ekvir king.

 In this way Ekvir, the son of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi was born and grew up in the house of King Harivarma.

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