Know how Narada became a female due to the influence of Lord Vishnu’s Maya

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Once upon a time, Narada Muni had a desire to see Lord Vishnu.  Then he went from heaven to Vaikuntha, Narada Muni saw Lord Vishnu there.  Vishnu was looking beautiful with a conch, chakra, mace and lotus in his hands.  At that time, Lord Vishnu and his wife Goddess Lakshmi were enjoying with each other.  Seeing Narada Muni coming, Goddess Lakshmi got up from that place and left.

When Goddess Lakshmi went into the palace, Narada Muni asked Lord Vishnu, Lord ,why did  Goddess Lakshmi after seeing me went into the palace like this.  I am not a lowly person, all my senses are under my control.  I never cast my eyes on anyone, then why did Goddess Lakshmi go inside.  Hearing the words of Narada, Lord Vishnu says, Devarshi Maya is very strong.  It is impossible for sages like sanat etc to conquer this illusion.  Then what is the count of Narada and other sages.  Maya is in control of  a human’s intellect at any time and she can make a fool of even the greatest of sgaes.  For this reason Goddess Lakshmi got up and went into the palace.

Devarshi Narada said, Lord I have conquered Maya, Maya cannot have any effect on me.  I always follow virtue.  Hearing Narada’s words, Lord Vishnu smiled and started saying, Narada, you should not say this to anyone.  Because Maya is difficult to conquer, Maya always confuses creatures.  Lust, anger, passion, fascination, jealousy and greed are its forms, saying so Lord Vishnu became silent.  Then Devarshi Narada says, Lord I want to see the form of this illusion of you.  If you are happy with me, please show me the true form of this illusion.  Because the desire to see and know it has arisen in my mind.  That is why, by showing that illusion and by explaining, you can calm my mind.

 Hearing this prayer of Narada, Lord Vishnu says, Narada Maya is omnipresent.  She is Trigunatmika, living in all living beings.  If you want to see her, then lets go for a rid e on my eagle.  Let me show you my illusion.  Saying this, Lord Vishnu himself sat on his eagle and Narada  also sat behind him.  After getting the order of Lord Vishnu, Garuda started flying, Garuda would go in the direction that Lord Vishnu would show.  Seeing many  creatures roaming in forests, rivers, mountains, cities, small villages and forests, Lord Vishnu reached Kanyakubj with Narada.

 There was a beautiful lake in Kanyakubj,  Lord Vishnu and Narada went near that lake.  Both of them descended from Garuda and started walking near that  lake.  After some time Lord Vishnu said to Narada ji, Narada, go and take a bath in the lake now.  Hearing this from  Lord Vishnu, Naradji kept his veena near Lord Vishnu and went to the lake and started bathing.  While taking bath, Narada dived into the lake and rose up.  As soon as he rose up by taking a dip in the lake, Narada saw that his body had become that of a woman.  Lord Vishnu, standing far away, was smiling upon seeing Narada.after becoming a woman,  former memory of Narada also disappeared.  Then Lord Vishnu took Narada’s veena and went from there riding his Garuda.

Sitting on the side of lake as a woman,  after loosing her memory,narmada  started thinking about herself .  Who am I, what should I do now, where should I go?  At that time, a king named Taladhwaja along with his army arrived on the banks of the lake.  Seeing Narada as a very beautiful and attractive woman, Taladhwaj asked, “women who are you, who is your father, who is your husband and what are you doing here.”  Hearing the words of Taladhwaj, the female formed Narada says, I do not know who I am and where I have come from, I do not have any guard at this time.  Then Taladhwaj said, “Women, come with me to my palace, I am fascinated by you and want to make you my wife.”  Hearing the words of Taladhwaj, Narada in the form of women also agreed to go to his palace.

Taladhwaj took the female formed Narada to his palace and married her after seeing an auspicious time.  After this both Taaladhwaja and the female formed Narada travel to many places and spend time with each other.  In this way, after twelve years, a son was born from the womb of Narada’s  female form.  On seeing which female Narada was very pleased.  Now his time was spent in the upbringing of that son.  In this way Narada produced twelve sons over many years.  All these sons grew up and Narada married off all his sons.  Female formed narada was very happy to see her daughter-in-laws at home.  Narada had completely forgotten his real form at that time.  In this way, under the influence of Maya, there were many grandsons and granddaughters of Narada, who had forgotten himself.

Narada as a woman, would be very happy to see her large family at times and when some of them suffered then she would be in pain.  Once upon a time, the king of the neighboring kingdom of Taladhvaj attacked his kingdom.  Then the female formed, Narada’s sons and grandsons also went to war.  In that war all the sons and grandchildren of Devarshi Narada were killed.  Then Narada himself went to the battle ground and started mourning for losing those sons.  King Taladhwaj was also with her and he was also very sad.  In this way, Narada in female form,  cheated by Maya, was crying in that battle ground due to the death of her sons and grandchildren.

Seeing Narada as woman weeping in the battlefield, Lord Vishnu comes there as a Brahmin and explains to him. Women, why do you cry, everyone dies in the world, that’s why one should not grieve.  In this world, neither is anyone’s son, nor is anyone’s father, nor is anyone’s mother, all these relationships are due to the influence of Maya.  Leave your sorrow and perform last rites of your family members.  Hearing the words of Vishnu in the form of a Brahmin, feminine Narada and Taladhwaja  cremated those dead family members.  After that Vishnuji in the form of Brahmin said, women, now you go to the pilgrimage and bathe for the peace of soul of your sons and grandsons.  Having said this, Lord Vishnu himself goes ahead and takes the female form Narada and Taladhvaja along with their relatives to that pilgrimage named punthirtha.

There was a big lake in Punartirtha, Vishnuji in the form of Brahmin, says to the female formed Narada, women, now you bathe in this lake and worship for the peace of soul of your sons and grandchildren.  Goddess, do not grieve for your sons and grandchildren.  How many births you have taken, in those crores of births, your crores of husbands, crores of sons and daughters must have been there.  Today, you do not have the memory of them all, that is why you abandon this mourning and perform your duty.  Believing the words of Vishnu as a Brahmin,female Narada, goes into the lake to take bath and worship. Narada in the form of a female takes a dip in that lake and when he gets up, he finds himself in a male form.  Gradually, his memory also comes back.  After coming out of the lake, Narada sees Lord Vishnu there, which makes him very happy.

 When King Taladhwaj sees that a man came out of the lake in place of his wife, he asks Vishnu, where has my wife gone.  Vishnuji says, Taladhvaj no one belongs to us in this world.  The way the woman met you near the lake, similarly she got separated from you near another lake.  That’s why you forget her and get into the meditation of God.  Following the words of Lord Vishnu, Taladhvaja leaves his kingdom and goes to the forest.

 Then  Lord Vishnu smilingly says to Narada who came out as a male, Narada, now you have seen my illusion.  You have seen how powerful my illusion is, now I believe that the desire that you wished to see Maya was fulfilled.  I am going to Vaikuntha now, if you want you can come with me to Vaikuntha, or you can go somewhere else according to your wish.  You are free to take decision, listening to Lord Vishnu’s words, Narada says, Lord, you made me see Maya, that’s why thank you very much.  At this time I want to go to Brahmaloka, you go to Vaikuntha.  Then Lord Vishnu went to Vaikuntha and Narada went to Brahmaloka.

 In this way Lord Vishnu made Narada ji a woman to have a vision of Maya.

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