The story of past life of Devarshi Narada.

 It is a matter of one day that Maharishi Ved Vyas got up early in the morning and took bath and sat at his ashram situated on the banks of river Saraswati.  He had created many Puranas and Mahabharata filled with the might and leelas of Gods, but still his mind was not satisfied.  At the same time Devarshi Narada came to that place, seeing Narada, Ved Vyas welcomed him and spoke to him.  Ved Vyas said, “Devarshi I created the Mahabharata in the form of history, but still after the creation of it, I did not get the satisfaction that i had hoped.  You tell me what I do now, I am not getting peace even after the creation of this great book which shows the essence of Vedas.

 Hearing the talk of Ved Vyasa, Narada said, “You have written this great Mahabharata in very detail with the essence of Vedas, but in this you have not described Lord Sri Krishna’s pastimes in detail.”  God is more pleased with the praise of his pastimes.  You should write such a book which will increase the devotion of God.  There is no other way to please God  than devotion.  Vyasji, I will tell you the story of my own past life, how I got freedom from human birth only by devotion to God and I got the privilege of being a supreme devotee of God.

 Narada ji says, in the previous cycle I was the son of a maid.  My mother used to work for her livelihood in others house.  My mother used to work very hard and also loved me very much.  Being without father, my mother’s job was to raise me.  Once upon a time, a group of sadhus came to our village.  I stayed with that group and started serving those sadhus.  I used to follow them all day long.  When the sages ate their food, I used to eat their remaining food.

 Staying with these sadhus gave me an opportunity to listen to the stories of God.  The whole day of sadhus used to go in listening to the pastimes of God.  It was the work of these sages to worship the Lord, meditate and discuss lords Lilas.  I too used to listen to the leelas of God while staying with those sadhus.  I Was also doing bhajan , Vyasji, my mind was completely absorbed in God by the grace of those sages.  Devotion was awakened in me from the company of sages itself and the longing to see God was awakened.

 Now my mind was always thinking about the pastimes of God.  My life was filled with happiness when I was with those sadhus.  I was only five years old, but I was not interested in the world.  I used to feel that I should go with those sadhus.  But I was stopped by my mother’s affection, except me, who was there in this world for whom she worked so hard.  Vyas ji, for a few days, those sadhus stayed in my village.  With their help I had found a way to get rid of this Bhavsagar.

Vyasji, one day, my mother was returning home after work at night. Just then, a snake bitten my mother and she died.  With the help of the people of the village, I got my mother cremated.  At that time, knowledge gained from those sages about the fleeting nature of the world I overcame the pain of my mother’s death.  After the death of my mother, I had no one and the i took refuge of that divine God Shri Krishna.  There was no one to stop me in this world, I was free to go wherever I want.

 After this I left my village and went to the dense forest and sat under a tree and started meditating on God.  After some time I saw Lord Muralidhar in my heart.  God was smiling with a flute in his hands.  I was very happy to see this divine Gopal form of God, but that divine image of God disappeared in a few moments.  I again meditated and tried to see that form, but I did not see that form.  I tried to see that divine form of God for many days like this, but still I did not see that form.

 Seeing my efforts, Akashvani said to me, “You will not see that form of God in this birth now.”  After your karma is over, in the next life you will get the privilege of seeing that divine form of God.  Since then, i gave up trying to see that form and waited for this birth to end while contemplating on God.  Vyas ji, when the time of my death came, i gave up his body and my soul got  absorbed in lord brahmas soul.

 After the end of the previous cycle, when Brahmaji started this creation, then his sons Marichi, Prajapati Daksha etc. originated, then I also appeared as the honorable son of Brahma ji.  Vyasji I always roam the world  praising God.  Vyas ji, that is why you should write Bhagavata Purana by describing the pastimes of God in detail.

 In this way Narada ji, telling the story of his former birth, ordered  Vyasji to compose the Bhagavata Purana.

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