Story of Lord Sri Krishna’s elder brother Balram Ji’s marriage to Revathi, daughter of Raivat

There was a king named Revat in the leinage of Vaivasvata Manu.  Revat, who had defeated many enemies, built a beautiful city in the middle of the sea.  The name of that city was Kushasthali, living in the same city, Revat would take care of the affairs of his kingdom.  Revat had hundred sons, who were equally mighty and powerful as him.  King Revat had a very beautiful and auspicious daughter, named Revathi.

 When the princess became eligible for marriage, Maharaja Revat started thinking about a good prince for her.  In his mind he started thinking, for whom this girl would be eligible.  It would have been better if I had gone to the creator Prajapita Brahma ji and asked him about the eligible groom for my daughter.  Considering this, King Revat immediately went to Brahmaloka with his daughter Revathi.  At that time all the gods, Gandharva ,Kinnar, Yaksha and Nag were present in Brahmaloka.  All the sages, Siddha and charan were  praising Brahma ji with folded hands.

 At the time when King Revat went with his daughter Revathi to Brahmalok, the music of Gandavas was going on there.  Brahma was listening to music by being present there with his consort Jaganmata Saraswati.  Seeing the music playing there, King Revat stopped there for a while.  When the music was finished, King Revat went in front of Brahmaji and stood before him with folded hands.  King Revat showed his daughter Revati with great humility and said, Lord, my daughter has become eligible for marriage.  I have come before you to ask about a groom worthy of her.  That is why please tell me to whom I should give my daughter in marriage.  I saw a lot of grooms for her but nobody was worthy for her . Tell me about a prince who is noble and endowed with all the auspicious traits and can take good care of my daughter.

On hearing the words of King Revat, Brahma smiled and started saying, Revat, all the princes you have seen are not alive anymore. they all died and the end of many of their generations has also happened, the reason for this is that 108 yugas have passed on the earth with in the time you have spent in my Brahmlok.  The speed of time in Brahmalok and Prithvi Lok is different, at this time, the twenty-eight Dwapara Yuga is going on on Earth.  The city you settled in is now destroyed by demons.  The demons defeated  the relatives of your clan and all your townsmen ran away here and there in fear.  At this time, that city is known as  Mathura.

 Kansa was the son of King Shursen of this city named Mathura.  The same Kansa was killed by Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Narayana.  Kansa kept Shri Krishna’s parents Devaki and Vasudev in prison.  After Kansa’s death, Lord Krishna rescued his parents from prison and King Shursen, who was Kansa’s father, put him back on the throne.  Kansa’s father in law’s name was Jarasandha.He attacked Mathura city several times to take revenge from Lord Krishna, but each time he got defeated by Shri Krishna and ran away.  Then he sent a mlechha named Kalayavan to fight with Shri Krishna.  Then Sri Krishna left the city of Mathura along with his townspeople.  Kalayavans  was killed by King Muchkund and krishna himself settled in Dwarka.

Dwarka is the city built by you in the middle of the sea.  That too was shattered and Lord Krishna has renovated it by the craftsmen and he is now living there.  Revanta ,  Lord Shri Krishna has incarnated only for the establishment of religion on earth.  After leaving Mathura, Lord Krishna will now remain in Dwarka only to fulfill the purpose his avatar.  After some time Lord Krishna will also be part of a war in Kurukshetra.  At the time of this war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, Lord Krishna will become the charioteer of his friend Arjuna.  Through Arjuna, he will convey to the whole world the essence of Vedas, the wonderful and divine knowledge which will be known in the world as Bhagavad Gita.

Brahma ji says, Revat, Balrama is the name of the elder brother of these Lord Krishna.  Balaram ji is considered an incarnation of Lord Sheshnag.  Yogmaya herself had taken him out of Devakiji’s womb and installed it in Rohini’s womb, hence his name is Sankarshan.  This Balaramaji,Krishna’s elder brother is very powerful and is going to give pleasure to everyone’s heart, that’s why he is named Balarama.  The plow and pestle are the armaments of Balarama.  When Lord Krishna took the incarnation of Shri Ram in Tretayuga, then this Balarama incarnated as his younger brother Lakshmana.

 Brahma said, other than Balarama, the incarnation of Sheshnag there is no other eligible groom for your daughter Revathi, on earth at this time,.  That is why you go to earth now and get your daughter married to Balaram ji.  After getting permission from Brahma, King Revat came to Dwarka and he got his daughter married to Balram ji as per the orders of Brahmaji.  Balram ji was very happy after marrying Revathi.  After the daughter’s marriage, King Revat left to Himalayas for penance after taking sannyas.  He started austerities for Lord Narayana with great reverence there.

In this way, Lord Krishna’s elder brother Balaram was married to Revathi, daughter of King Revat.

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