Maharishi VedVyasa’s desire to have a son

 Once upon a time, Maharishi Ved Vyas was at his ashram on the banks of Saraswati river.  Two sparrow birds lived at his ashram.  He was surprised to see them.  He saw that the litttle kids of the birds have just come out of the eggs, they still do not have the beaks by which they can eat themselves and both the birds  are repeatedly bringing grains from afar and putting them in their kids beaks with great love , they are showering their affection  by rubbing their beak on the body of the children.  Seeing this Maharishi thought, when birds can love their children so much, then what might be the situation  of humans.  These human beings take care of their children only with the desire of getting service from them.  Then the idea came to his mind, it has been said that the man who  does not have the a child is a inferior man and does not experience benefit mental happiness either.  In this way, after thinking for a long time, he went near the Mandarachal mountain to meditate for the attainment of children.

 Going to that mountain, he started thinking, which god should I worship to fulfill my wish.  Who is the deity ,who is very adept at giving boons and able to fulfill the wishes of all.  At the same time Devarshi Narada came there and seeing Vyas ji worried, asked the reason for his concern.  Then Vyas ji said, I have come here to do penance with the desire of getting a son, but I am not able to decide which deity to worship, so that my wish can be fulfilled.  Then Devarshi Narada narrated to him the dialogue between his father Brahma and Vishnu.

 Narada ji said, Maharshi ,the  question that you are asking me now, the same question was asked by my father Brahma Ji to Lord Vishnu in the past.  When Brahma Ji saw that the four-armed lord, having  the Kaustubh gem in his chest, holding the conch, chakra, mace and lotus in his hand, Lord Vishnu is doing penance, he asked, Lord you are omnipresent and omnipotent.  I also know that no one has power over you.  You create this universe through me by your own will and make God  Rudra destroy it as well.  When you are omnipotent, omnipresent , then which god are you praying.  I don’t think there is any other god above you.  Please tell me who you are worshiping by being so engrossed.  The rising of the sun, the movement of the wind, the raining of the clouds, the burning of the fire are all dependent on your will and the  scriptures also say that you are the Almighty Supreme Brahma.  I am surprised to see that you are meditating on someone by sitting in yogic posture, so Lord please tell me , on whom you are meditating

 Hearing these words of Brahma ji, Vishnu says, Brahma, listen carefully and I will tell my thoughts.  Gods, demons and humans in the world know that you create, I maintain and Rudra destroys.  But still the men who know the Vedas, by their own intellect, prove that ,it is Goddess who has got the ability to create, nurture and destroy and is the presiding deity of all.  That is why I always keep meditating on her.  I can never be free from her rule.  You create the world by getting her orders, I maintain and Rudra destroys.  Subject to the same power, I sleep on the bed of Sheshnag during the Holocaust and wake up again when the time of creation comes.

 Brahma ji was very long ago, two demons were born from my ear named Madhu and Kaitabh.  Then I fought with them for 5000 years, yet could not defeat them, don’t you know, later I slaughtered both the demons only with the help of goddess Adishakti.  Still, why do you ask whom I worship?  You were also there at the time when my head was cut off due to breaking of the bow and on the orders of goddess Adishakti you put the head of horse on my head.  O Brahma, apart from this Goddess, I do not know  any other deity as almighty, that is why I always worship her.

 Narada ji told Maharishi Ved Vyas , this dialogue that happened in his father Brahma and Vishnu.  It is proved by Lord Vishnu’s statement that this Goddess Adi Shakti is capable of giving everything in the world and is capable of fulfilling all desires of beings.  That is why, to fulfill the desire of getting a son, you worship this Goddess.

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