Story of Shukdev Ji’s marriage

 Maharishi Ved Vyas used to reside in his ashram on the banks of river Saraswati.  Seeing the two sparrows located at his ashram love their kids dearly, a desire to have a son arose in his mind too.  Then he meditated and got the boon of getting a son by Lord Shankar.  Seeing the heavenly nymph named Ghritachi, he got attracted to her and his semen fell on the wood, from which a child was born.  Damsel named Ghritachi came in front of Maharishi in the form of a bird Suggi, hence the child was named Shukdev.

 Shukdev ji went to master of God’s  brihaspati and received all the knowledge.  He Studied all the Vedas and and gave  Guru Dakshina to his master and came to his ashram.  Maharishi Ved Vyas was very happy to see the son.  And he kept Shukdev Ji there.  After a few days, Maharishi Ved Vyas said to his son, to get married .  Pitra and all the gods become very happy by getting married.  You become a householder and perform all the duties and make me happy.

 On hearing these things of his father, Sukhdev Ji started saying, “Father householders life is filled with lot of miseries” . After getting married, I will be in control of a woman and lose my freedom.  I will always have to do the deeds that suit her and the person who is immersed in the wish fulfillment of his children and wife, can he ever be free from this world.  What happiness is there in this world, happiness  has never been seen anywhere in miserable situations.  That is why Shukdev Ji refused to marry, saying that why are you pushing me in household misreies.

On hearing of his son, Ved Vyas ji says that son being a householder is neither a bond nor a reason for bond.  Whose mind will not be attached to the household things, he becomes free even though he is a householder.  He should keep on doing religious work with  money earned through honest means.  Keep purity and always speak the truth.  Such a  person, despite being a householder, becomes free.  Vanprastha Sannyasis come to the house of householders for alms.  Look at them , all these householder do many religious works, due to this they also becomes the eligible  of salvation.  Even after saying all this, Shukdev ji did not agree to the marriage, then Ved Vyas ji became very worried.

 Seeing his father worried, Shukdev Ji said.  It is very surprising that even great men  and those having knowledge  of Vedas have become fascinated with Maya .  When Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva also could not be free from Maya, they always remain subject to Maya, so what can a common man do.  I bow down to that Goddess Yogmaya, Vishnu ji wandering in the world taking  many incarnations due to being under the influence of same Goddess Yogmaya.  Father, I always feel i am in bondage, this feeling never goes away from my mind, so help me.  I have also seen my Guru tied in the Grihastha Ashram, he is always looking for the path of liberation.  His situation is such that a sick doctor is trying to cure the illness of others.

 After listening to his son, Ved Vyas ji says, son, you should listen to the Devi Bhagavata Purana composed by me to remove all your doubts.  By listening to this, all your problems will be solved.  Then Shukdev ji heard the Devi Bhagwat Purana .  But even after this, some doubts remained in his mind.  Then Maharishi Ved Vyasa asked his son to meet king of  Mithila Janaka.  Ved Vyas ji says, son, you meet the king Janaka because even though doing all his work, he is free of life in the world.  I am confident that after meeting him all your doubts will be cleared and you will definitely accept proposal of marriage.

 After this, Shukdev ji visits King Janak’s city of Mithila and discusses about the feeling of being in bondage.  Then Janak ji narrates his account to him and says that if Shukdev ji does not have any affection in things and people , then he will always be free.  Then whether he has any thing or not.  That is why a man needs to be disaffectionate and perform his duty in the world and be happy forever.  In this way Janak ji solved many doubts of Shukdev ji.  After this, he returned to his father happily and agreed to marry.

 Shukdev ji then married the daughter of the pitras and he stayed as a householder till  the birth of four sons and a daughter, while being a householder he lived a  happy life.  After that, by immersing himself in samadhi, he renounced his body and become one with  Brahm.

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