Story of the protection of Bhriguvanshi Brahmins by a boy born from the part of Goddess Jagdamba

Bhriguvanshi Brahmins were aacharyas of Kshatriyas of haihaya clan. There was a great king named Kartavirya in the Haihayavas.  Kartavirya was initiated in the mantra of Goddess Jagadamba by Lord Dattatreya.  Bhagwati Jagadamba was the presiding deity of King Kartavirya.  King Kartavirya was always engaged in charity etc.  The king performed many yjnas.  In those yagyas, he gave many types of gifts to his Acharya Bhriguvanshi Brahmins and also gave a lot of money in the form of donations.

 After getting the money given by Kartavirya, the Bhriguvanshi Brahmins became very rich.  At that time, they started being called more rich than Kshatriyas.  They did not lack any thing.  They had all the items of comfort.  Maharaj Kartavirya ruled the land for a long time and went to heaven after his death.  After Maharaj went to heaven, the Haihaya vanshi Kshatriyas became poor and suffered a lot.

Once upon a time, Haihaya vanshi Kshatriyas needed money. They considered the Brahmins of their state as rich. They went to them to ask for help of money.  When the Kshatriya’s,  asked the brahmins for money.  Then the Brahmins said that we have no wealth.  Brahmins did not give money even after lot of request from Kshatriyas.  Despite having a lot of wealth, those Brahmins  in greed and lied to their kings.  The Brahmins did not pay any attention to the fact that kings were  suffering.  They did not think of the helping the kshatriyas.

 Thinking that Kshatriyas will frighten us.  Wealthy Brahmins buried all the wealth , by digging a pit in the houses.  Some Brahmins kept that money in the house of Brahmins of another clan.  After this, some powerful hayavanshi special Kshatriyas who were suffering due to lack of money, came to the ashram of Brahmins themselves.  Some of them also dug the houses of Brahmins, then they got money there.  After digging up the houses of other Brahmins, the Kshatriyas got a lot of money.  Knowing that the Kshatriyas came to know about the hidden wealth.  Brahmins  fearing  the  Kshatriyas, apologized to the Kshatriyas and accepted their subjection.

 Even after accepting the subjugation of the Kshatriyas, Kshatriyas did not leave their anger on the Brahmins.  Wherever Bhriguvanshi Brahmins would be found, Kshatriyas continued to trouble them.  Fearful of this, all Bhriguvanshi Brahmins started living in the caves of the mountains. But there too the Kshatriya’s reached and started started hurting Brahmins.  This led to the miscarriage of many pregnant women.  Many Bhriguvanshi Brahmin women went to the Himalayas, fearing their family’s destruction.   started living by making huts there.

The Brahmin women started worshiping Bhagwati Jagadamba by making a statue of Gauri on the banks of the river there.  After a few days had passed, one night, Bhagwati Jagadamba said in the dreams of those women.  From the womb of one of you women, a child will be born.  He will be revealed in the world by tearing the thigh of his mother.  That will be a part of me, your clan will be protected by that child.  That is why you do not be afraid.  In a few days, when those Kshatriyas came to know that Bhriguvanshi women have gone to the Himalayan mountain. Those Kshatriyas came there too.

 Knowing this, Haihayavanshi Kshatriyas came to Himalaya.  One of those womens who was a pregnant , ran away to protect her womb.  Seeing her, the Kshatriyas also started following her.  At that time the woman was thinking, what should I do now, there is no one to help me.  Where to go, how to avoid these Kshatriyas.  She folded her hands in front of the Kshatriyas, asking to spare her life.  The child in the womb found that his mother’s life was in danger.  There is no one to help her.  She asking the Kshatriyas to spare her life.

Seeing his mother’s position, that child came out after tearing mother’s thigh at that moment.  He was very bright, seeing his brilliance, all the Kshatriyas present there became blind.  At that time, the Kshatriyas became very frightened because they saw nothing.  They came to know about their mistake, they said to the lady, Goddess, please forgive us.  We did this mischief to kill Brahmins by falling in greed.  With your power we lost our sight.  Please be kind to us and give our sight back to us.

Hearing the words of the Kshatriyas, the lady said, Kshatriyas, I had kept my son in my womb for 100 years.  I did not deliver him due to fear.  I have made him study all the disciplines and he is the supreme devotee of Bhagwati Jagadamba.  I have also given him the mantras of the goddess. This condition of yours has happened due to the power of my son.  That is why if you want to apologize, then ask for the apology of my son  He will decide whether to forgive or not.

 Hearing that woman’s words, the Kshatriyas apologized to that child.  Hearing the words of the Kshatriyas, manifested by the divinity of the goddess, the compassionate child forgave those kshtriyas.  After that all the Kshatriyas went back to their place. They also stopped killing Bhriguvanshi Brahmins.  All Brahmins returned to their kingdom and started living happily.

 In this way, the child revealed by the part of the goddess had protected the Bhriguvanshi Brahmins from the Haihayavanshi Kshatriyas.

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