Story of Mahadeva giving boon to goddess Lakshmi who was cursed to be a horse

 Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu cursed Lakshmi ji to be a mare.  Every leela of Lord Vishnu has a secret.  He is well aware of the reason for his actions.  He had cursed his beloved wife for fulfilling the wish of his devotee.  After getting the curse of being a mare, Lakshmi ji started living in the earth as a mare.  At that time Goddess Lakshmi was at the confluence of Yamuna and Tamsa River.  At that place, Surya’s wife had done penance in the past.

 Staying at that place, after much deliberation, Goddess Lakshmi decided to do penance of Devadhidev Lord Shankar.  She did very difficult penance to please Lord Shiva.  After some  time passed, Lord Shiva became very pleased with the penance of Goddess Lakshmi.  Shivji himself appeared in front of Goddess Lakshmi riding on Nandi with his wife Gauri.  Lord Shiva had five faces and 10 hands.  His body was white like camphor.  King of snakes Nagraj was adorning the neck, at that time Lord Shiva wore a garland of human skulls.  He had put ashes on his body and held various types of weapons in his hands.  Devi Gauri, who was present with him, also looked very attractive.

Goddess Lakshmi was very pleased to see Mahadev present in front of her and bowed to Lord Shiva.  Shivji said, Goddess Lakshmi is doing penance with what purpose.  A woman should always pay attention to her husband.  But leaving your husband Lord Vishnu ,why are you meditating on me.  There is no such thing in this world, which Lord Vishnu is unable to give.  The creation and destruction of many universes is done only by the desire of that Lord Narayana.  Why are you not meditating on that  almighty, who is also your husband?

 Hearing these words of Lord Shankar, Goddess Lakshmi says.  Lord my husband Narayan has cursed me to be a mare.  For this reason, I am living on earth as a mare.  What you just said, that a woman should not think of anyone except her husband.  This is absolutely true.  But it is also true that there is no difference between my husband Lord Narayana and you.  That is why I am doing your penance at this time to get rid of the misery of  separation from my husband.

 After listening to Lakshmi , Lord shiva says .  Goddess Lakshmi it is true that I and Lord Vishnu are one.  But there are very few people in this world who know that Shiva and Vishnu are one.  Please tell me how you came to know that Lord Vishnu and I are one.  Because it is not so easy to know this secret in the world.

 Hearing the words of Shiva, Goddess Lakshmi says, Lord, I once saw my husband Narayan absorbed in meditation.  Then I told him, Narayana you are omnipotent.  Only by your will, infinite universes are created and they are destroyed.  But on  whom is the Almighty God like you meditating  at this time.  Who is worthy to be worshiped by you also?  Please tell me this secret.

 At that time my husband Lord Vishnu said, Goddess Lakshmi very few people in this world know that I and Lord Shiva are one.  There is no difference between us.  Sometimes I worship lord Shiva to kill the demons.  In order to kill some demons, Lord Shiva worshipes me.  I am his devotee and he is my devotee.  There is no difference between us.  My soul dwells in that Lord Shankar and his soul dwells in me.

Goddess Some devotees of both of us do not know that, we are both the same.  Such devotees condemn each other.  Some of my devotees ignorantly condemn Lord Shiva and some devotees of Shiv Ji ignorantly condemn me.  Such devotees have to live in extreme hell because of our condemnation.  Goddess you consider us both as one, there is no difference between us.  The one who is Shiva, is Vishnu and the one who is Vishnu, is Shiva.  Only in order to operate the world properly, this distinction is seen due to Maya.  But there is really no difference between Shiva and Vishnu.

 Lord Shiva becomes very happy to hear this statement of Goddess Lakshmi.  Shivji says, Goddess you are blessed to know this secret.  Because many people are unable to know this secret.  Now you stop worrying because I give you a wish, a boon.  In a short time, your beloved husband Lord Narayana will be close to you.  I will inspire him in such a way that very soon he will come near you and your wish is fulfilled.

 I know what Lord Vishnu has told you , that after the birth of a son from this mare’s body, you will be free from this curse.  After saying this, Lord Shiva disappeared from there.  After some time, by the inspiration of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu took the form of a beautiful horse, came to the confluence of the river Yamuna and Tamsa.  Goddess Lakshmi was living there as a mare.  After that, both of them got married and they also had a son.  The son of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi came to be known as a ekvir.

 In this way, Lakshmi ji in the form of a mare, to get the company of her husband Lord Vishnu, did the penance of Mahadev ji and Lord Shankar gave a boon to Lakshmi ji.

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