Know why Kshatriyas of haihaya clan killed many Bhriguvanshi Brahmin

Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi ji had a son.  His name was Haihaya, he was  also known as Ekveer.  By the name of this Haihaya, the Kshatriyas born in his clan were called Haihayavanshi.  In this Haihaya dynasty there was a great king named Kartavirya.  He had thousands of arms, that’s why he was also called Sahastrajun. Sahastrarjun, was  initiated in mantras of the goddess by Lord Dattatreya. Dattatreya is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  Bhagwati Jagadamba was the favored god of King Kartavirya, the king was always busy in worshiping Bhagwati.

Most of King Kartavirya’s time was spent in giving donations.  He performed a lot of yagyas, in those yagyas, he distributed a lot of wealth among the Bhriguvanshi Brahmins. after receiving the money given by King Kartavirya as Dakshina, all Bhriguvanshi Brahmins became very rich.  Kartaviryaarjuna ruled the entire planet for a long time.  He died after that.  After Kartaviryarjuna went to heaven, Haihay clan became very poor.

Once upon a time, Haihayavanshi Kshatriyas were in great need of money.  Then they went to the Bhriguvanshi Brahmins to ask for  money.  Those Brahmins said that, we do not have money.  Those brahmins had become very gredy.Knowing that the Kshatriyas would frighten them, those people dug up pita in their house and  hid the money there.  Some other Brahmins kept the money they had with  Brahmins of other clans.  Even after seeing their masters in distress, those Brahmins did not give money.  Due to greed, their intellect was corrupted.

After that some powerful Kshatriyas, who were suffering due to lack of money.  To get wealth themselves , went to the ashram of bhriguvanshi Brahmins.  Then they saw that all the Brahmins had run away.  After that, those Kshatriyas started digging the land there.  They got the  money there.  Seeing this, they also dug ashrams of other Brahmins.  Then they got a lot of money there.  In this way the Kshatriyas acquired a lot of wealth.  Now all those Brahmins became very afraid.  Those brahmins, started pleading before the  Kshatriyas and the Brahmins accepted the subjugation of those Kshatriyas.

 Although the Bhriguvanshi Brahmins accepted the subjugation of the Kshatriyas, the anger of the Kshatriyas did not calm down.  Those Brahmins were still killed by the Kshatriyas.  All Bhriguvanshi Brahmins went into the caves of the mountains in fear.  But those Haihayavanshi Kshatriyas also reached there.  Killing the Bhriguvanshis those Kshatriya’s started roaming all over the planet.  Wherever Bhriguvanshi could be seen, they would kill them with  arrows.  It had become their primary duty to do so.  Those killer Kshatriyas were bent on sinning.  Due to this disgusting act of Kshatriya’s, pregnant women started crying loudly.

Some brahmins on pilgrimage  told those Haihayavanshi Kshatriyas.  Why are you doing such abusive acts?  Why are you persecuting the Brahmins so much, due to which the Brahmin women’s lost their womb.  When the virtue or sin becomes much and very fierce , then the human being has to bear its fruits in the same birth.  That is why a person who wants his welfare should work with a lot of thought.

The Kshatriyas after hearing the words of those sages said ,You do not know what these Brahmins have done.  Our ancestors were very religious and Brahmin devotees.  They lost all their money in sacrificial fire and charity etc. That is why we became poor.  When we went to these Brahmins to ask for money for some urgent work.  Then, despite having wealth, these people told us that, they do not have money.  It is the duty of Brahmins to use the money  to perform puja. Use that money in doing good for others.  But these Bhriguvanshi Brahmins did not offer any puja, nor did benefit others from that wealth.

The money you have ,should be used only in religious work, enjoyment, or in doing  the work of others.  There is no benefit in keeping it just like that.  keeping money accumulated causes the pain.  What is the use of such money, which can not be used for ourselves, or anyone else, when needed.  You already know that money is the root of the problems.  If people keep accumulating wealth only ,then great fear can arise from it.  Fear of the king, or fear of robbers, may arise from this wealth.  Whoever has more wealth, the king and the robbers always have an eye on him.

These Brahmins did not do any good with the wealth given by our ancestors, instead they have buried it in the ground.  Neither have they  given it to us, which has made us very angry.  We are not doing anything wrong.  After saying this to the sages, the Kshatriyas again engaged themselves in killing the brahmins.

Greed is a very strong enemy of humans.  A man forgets all his relations by falling in greed.  A person in greed does not see his mother, father, wife, sons .  When required, that greedy person also becomes ready to kill them.  A greedy person , which is such a bad thing that does not hold back from doing disgusting things.  It is true that lust, anger, ego are strong enemies of man.  But greed is stronger than all these.  The intellect of a greedy person is destroyed.  That is why the Haihayavanshi Kshatriyas had lost their intelligence after becoming  greedy for money. They were unable to renounce their anger towards the  Brahmins.

To protect themselves, Bhriguwanshi women went to the Himalayas and worshiped Jagadamba by making an idol of Goddess Gauri. Devi was very pleased with them and from the womb of a woman of the same Bhrigu dynasty,  a child was born, from the goddesses splendour was .  Due to the power of that child, Haihay Vanshi Kshatriyas stopped killing Brahmins.

In this way, the Haihayavanshi Kshatriyas had killed the Bhriguvanshi Brahmins by falling in the greed of receiving money, donated by their ancestors.

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