Story of birth of Vritrasura

Once upon a time, Twastha was appointed to the post of Prajapati.  The great ascetic twastha was considered to be one among the chief  gods.  He was very efficient and a Brahmin lover.  Due to some disharmony with Indra, Twastha produced a son, who had three heads.  That son became known as Vishwaroop.  His appearance was very attractive.  Three different tasks were done by his three mouths.  He would read the Vedas from one mouth, and drink honey from the other mouth and observe all directions from the third head.  He started hard penance, at that time he lived a sane life.  There would always be religious devotion in his mind.  He was free from the collection and accession of all things.  This wise Vishwaroop was doing severe austerities.  But there was some malaise in his intellect.

Indra was very sad to see Vishwaroop doing penance.  Indra was saddened by the fear of losing his post.  Indra used to think that Voshwaroop would take my post.  At that time the power of Vishwaroop had increased greatly due to the effect of austerity.  Indra started worrying day and night after seeing that truthful ascetic.  He thought that such a powerful trishira would surely destroy my existence.  Scholar men say that powerful enemies should not be ignored.  Therefore, I must take some measures to destroy his penance.  Cupid is the enemy of penance.  It is certain that his austerity will be disturbed by the influence of Cupid.  Thinking like this, Indra called Kamadeva and Apsaras and said, My mind is very concerned with the austerity of Trishira.  Apsaras boasting of their appearance, all of you together do one of my work.  You go to where Trishira is doing penance.  With the art of your dance and makeup, you trap Trashira, so that his penance is disturbed.

Hearing the words of Indra, the Apsaras said, Lord, stop worrying, we will dissolve the penance of that trishira soon and give you good news.  Saying this, the Apsaras went to the ashram of Trishira and started singing loudly in front of the trishira with the aim of dissolving austerity.  The Apsaras stayed at that ashram for a few days, but they could not shake Trisira from penance.  Apsara conceded defeat and went to Indra and said, Lord, we have failed to break the penance of Trishira.  Hearing these things from the Apsaras, Indra’s anxiety increased and he himself went to the ashram of Trishira, sitting on his vehicle Airavat, to dissolve the penance of Trisira.

Seeing Trishira absorbed in meditation, Indra’s mind was filled with sinful thoughts.  Indra took his vajra in his hand and attacked Thrissira with it.  As the thunderbolt struck, a stream of blood flowed from Trishira’s body.  But the torso was not separated yet.  Now this news spread to all sages and they all came there and said, Indra did a very disgusting act.  He will have to suffer the consequences of this work.  He attacked the Brahmin as it would incur the sin of killing Brahman.  Indra was not paying any attention to the sages.  He saw that Trishira’s body was still shaking.  He thought, Trisira somewhere, will not be alive again.  Indra saw Taksha right there and said, you go and separate the head of the trishira from the torso.  Taksha refused to do this work at first, but when Indra tempted him to get a part in the yagna, he agreed.  Taksha went away and separated from Trishera’s forehead, then three kinds of birds came out of his three heads.  Indra now believes that Trishira will be dead and she runs to her house with great delight.

On the other hand, when twastha heard that, my supreme religious son was killed, then there was no limit of mourning in his mind.  He said , my son was a saintly saint.  His death must be avenged.  Therefore, I will again give birth to a son for the slaughter of murderer of my son trishira.  Let Gods see my might .  After saying this, by chanting the mantras of the Atharvaveda for the purpose of having a son, he started performing havan . For eight night havan was going on, the fire was burning fiercely.  Later, a man appeared from the fire of havan , who was as bright as fire. That son was deeply fiery and strong .

Then twashta  turned to the son and said, Enemy of Indra,  You become very powerful by the influence of my penance.  At the behest of him, that son as fiery as  fire started increasing his body.  He increased as if he would touch the sky.  His huge body started to look like a mountain.  He said to his father, very nervous – Father!  Tell me my name and also tell what I am supposed to do.  Why are you so worried  I want to hear the reason for this.  I will remove your worry just now. This is the main purpose of my life.  What is the benefit of the birth of that son, when the father has to suffer. Shall I drink the sea right now.  With my power, shall is tear the entire mountain apart.  Should i now stop the rising sun, scattering the bright rays.  Today I will kill Indra and Yamraj along with the gods.  Now, no  opposition can survive.  I will uproot  the earth and throw it into the sea.

Hearing such favorable words of the son, there was no limit to the joy of ecstasy of twastha.  So he started saying to that son .  You are able to save me from the crisis at this time, so you will have fame in the world under the name ‘Vritra’.   You had a famous ascetic brother named Trishira.  He had three powerful foreheads.  He was the perfect knower of  Veda and Vedanga.  He knew all the disciplines.  He was often involved in austerities that astonished the world.  Indra has killed him by cutting his  head with the thunderbolt.  That son of mine was completely innocent.  Suddenly this unpleasant incident happened.

Now defeat the sinner Indra;  Because that murder of a brahmin ,Is lowly, shameless, unintelligent and cunny.  Saying this very sad twasta  engaged in the creation of divine weapons.  Then, in order to kill Indraka, he gave Vritrasura with those weapons.  He built a chariot and gave it vritrasura and ordered him to fight.  Vritrasura fought and defeated Indra. This made twasta very happy.

 In this way Vritrasura was born by twastha .

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