Story of the birth of Satyavati – who was the mother of Vedavyas

There was a godly king named Uparichar.  He had a capital in Chedidesh.  He worshiped Indra and pleased Indra gave him a beautiful plane with a crystal gem.  King upari char had  a lot of fame with this, because he was always wandering on that plane.  His wife’s name was Girika and he had five sons whom he had established in five different countries.

 Once upon a time, his wife was having her periods , she took a bath and wished for the company of her husband uprichar.  But by order of pitras, the king had to go to the forest for hunting.  At that time, his mind was stuck in that wife of his who was having periods.  He was remembering that beautiful wife of his. In this way his semen was ejaculated. Then he put that semen in the leaf box  The king knew that his wife was having periods therefore, thinking that he should send this infallible semen to his wife, he said to an eagle on the tree.  O bird, take my semen and go to my palace and give it to my wife.

 By obeying the king, the eagle took the leaf box containing the king’s semen and flew to the palace.  On the way, a second hawk, thinking that eagle was holding a piece of meat with him, started fighting with it, due to this, the leaf box which had  the semen of king  fell in the river Yamuna. Then a fish swallowed the semen.

 This fish was actually an nymph named Aadrik.  The nymph named Aadriq was bathing in the water of Yamuna at one time, while a Brahmin was also bathing and on that evening while bathing  and  playing in the water, the nymph caught the Brahmin’s leg.  Then the Brahmin cursed the nymph named aadrik , to become a fish and stay in the waters of Yamuna.

After swallowing the semen, the fish wandered in the river Yamuna for ten months.  After that a fisherman caught the fish.  When the fish was cut, two human children were found from its stomach. The fisherman was very surprised to see them and he gave the two young childrens to the king.  The king kept the boy with himself, who later became famous as Matsya Raj and gave the girl to leader of fishermen who became famous as , Matsyagandha.

 According to the words of the brahmin, the fish , after giving birth to human kids, became free from curse.

 Thus Satyavati was born, who later became the mother of Vedavyas, who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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