​​Story of Indra’s defeat by Vritrasura

Tvastha Prajapati had a son named Trishira.In the fear of losing his position,  Indra killed trishira with his thunderbolt, while trishira was doing penance.  To avenge this murder of his son, Tvastha produced another son named Vritrasura by performing a  yajna.  Vritrasura was a giant and powerful.  Tvastha ordered Vritrasura to battle Indra and defeat him.

Subsequently, Mahabali Vritrasura sat on the chariot and marched to kill Indra.  Many demons were defeated by the gods.  Even those demons with cruel nature, considering Vritrasura to be great, joined  to serve him.  Seeing that the demon is coming to fight a war, Indra’s spies quickly reached Devaraja and informed him what Vritrasura wants to do.

The messengers said – Lord!  The demon named Vritrasura is a great enemy of you.  Twastha , has created this powerful monster.  He is coming here sitting on the chariot.  Twastha has created this evil monster by using mantra to kill you. There are many demons with him. This enemy making fierce sounds is very vicious,his shape  is like Mandarachal or Sumeru mountain.  Now there is very little time  in his arrival. You prepare your defense.  On that occasion, very scared gods also arrived there and started presenting their views.

Gods said – , many kinds of bad omen are happening in heaven at this time.  The sky, hell and earth – everywhere these things are visible.  Usually, all the organs giving  information of bad omens have started showing such signs.  Indra got worried after hearing these things from the gods.  He called brihaspati – master of God’s and started asking them a matter of interest.  Indra asked- Why are these terrible ominous things happening ?  Great master You are omniscient.  You have full ability to remove this problem.  You are intelligent, knowledgeable in the scriptures and the master of the gods.  You are , the knower of methods to get out of such crisis.  Please be kind to me and help me solve this crisis.  So that I do not have to see grief.

The master said – what should I do, at this time you have committed this heinous  act.  Why did you become part of this evil act by killing innocent monk ?.  Extremely virtuous acts and indelible  sins show their results quickly.  Therefore, a man who wants welfare needs to work very thoughtfully.  One should never do the  things which cause suffering to others.  It is impossible for those who hurt others  to be happy themselves.  Shakra (another name of indra ) You have killed a brahmin by falling into fascination and greed.  Now the result of the same sinful work has come before you.  Even all the  deites together cannot kill that vritrasura.  He is coming to kill you.  Many demons are also coming with him.  Man!  He is coming out with divine weapons.  Devendra !  He is coming with a desire to destroy the world.  He will not be killed in any way.

Hearing these words of the master, there was an uproar among gods .  All the gods namely the gandharvas , kinnaras  left the house and ran away.  Indra became very worried after seeing this. Then he ordered the servants to prepare for war and said – you should get ready for war because at this time the enemy is attacking us.  Thus, by ordering the servants, Devraj Indra  rode on his elephant airavar and left his building.  Similarly, all the gods also rode on their vehicles and left with weapons in their hands for battle. By then Vritrasura also reached the northern border of the Manas mountain with his army. Indra also reached that place with the gods and the war started.  Then, at that time fierce fighting took place between Indra and Vritrasura.  War was going on for a hundred years from human years.  First Varuna’s enthusiasm dissolved.  Then the airmen of air god were distracted. After this  all the gods including Indra and Agni ran away from the battlefield.

All the gods including Indra ran away , seeing this, Vritrasura also returned to his father Twastha.  At that time, Twastha was seated in the ashram peacefully.  Vritrasura bowed and said, Father!  I have done your work.  The gods, Indra, etc., who were present on the battlefield, were all defeated.  They ran away like ,elephants and geese get panicked in front of lions.  Indra has run away on foot.  I have caught his superior elephant.  Father  Now you accept this admirable sentiment among elephants.  It is unjust to kill scared creatures – realizing that I have spared their lives.  Father , now which of your  wish should  I fulfill.  There was a lot of terror in the hearts of all the gods.Even Indra could not remain fearless.  He left his Airavat elephant and took the path of heaven.

Hearing such words from vritrasur, twastha did not have the limit to his joy .  He said- Son!  Today I consider myself a lucky father.  My life is successful  Son , You make me holy.  Today my mental anguish disappeared.  Seeing your amazing power, there is no disturbance in my mind now.  Son!  Now let me say what is in your interest, listen and pay attention to it.  Son, doing austerities with utmost care is absolutely necessary.  No one should ever believe in anyone for long.  Your enemy Indra is a great fraud.  He is well-knower of  various disciplines.  Lakshmi is attained by penance.  Tapasya is the ultimate means to achieve a perfect kingdom.  Animals get intelligence and strength only by the effects of penance.   Therefore, you worship lord Brahma and try to get the best boon.  On getting the boon, kingdom of  brahmin killer  Indra should be destroyed.  Shiva is a great donor.  Be careful and worship him steadily as well.  He can give you the desired boon.  The creator of the universe is infinitely powerful.  By satisfying him you attain immortality.  Then defeat sinful Indra. 

In this way,  Indra ran away from the battlefield seeing the might of vritrasur .  Later vritrasur went  to do penance, with the aim of gaining authority over heaven.

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