The story of Vritrasura becoming Indra with the blessing of Brahma

Indra killed Trisira, son of Prajapati Tvastha, for fear of losing his post.  Then Tvastha performed a yajna to take revenge  and produced another son named Vritrasura.  Vritrasura, having received his father’s orders, fought with Indra at the northern border of Mandarachal mountain, seeing the might of Vritrasura, all the gods fled to heaven from the battlefield.  Vritrasura approached his father and asked for the next task.  Tvastha ordered Vritrasura to get a boon by doing austerities of Brahma and by virtue of the boon, he destroy Indra’s kingdom and became Indra himself.

When Vrittrasura heard these things from his father, he took orders from his father and went for penance.  He reached Gandhamadan mountain.  Pure Gangaji was flowing there.  After taking bath, he laid the seat of grass and calmly sat on it.  He completely abandoned food and water.  He became concentrated in the practice of yoga .  Sitting in a stable posture, he continued to meditate on Brahma.  Indra became very worried knowing that Vritrasura is doing penance.  He sent the Gandharvas for meddling in meditation.  Yakshas, ​​snakes, kinnaras, vidyadhars, apsaras and many other angels also reached there with inspiration from Indra.  All the Mayavis were knowledgeable.  They all tried diligently to destroy penance.  But that great ascetic vritrasur did not deviate  from his goal at all.

Vritrasura was doing penance by concentrating his mind to achieve his goal.  Seeing this, the deites, who had come with the thought of causing trouble, returned disappointed.  On the completion of a hundred years of penance, Lord Brahma  appeared before him , sitting on swan.  After coming, he said , son of twastha   Keep calm.  Now there is no need to meditate.  Ask for the boon.  I am ready to fulfill your wish.  You have become very weak while doing penance.  Now I am very satisfied to see this. I  Wish you well, ask for your desired boon.

Brahma is the creator of the world!  The very vivid speech he made before Vritrasura was as sweet as nectar.  Hearing him. Vritrasura stopped the austerity and he got up immediately and stood in front of lord brahma. At that time his eyes were filled with tears of joy.  He folded his two hands and bowed his head tenderly then bowed at the feet of Brahma and stood in front of him.  His body was bent due to humility.  Then to the booner Brahma, who was very satisfied with his penance, vritrasur started saying in a very deep voice  – Lord  Today, after receiving your very rare vision, I got the rank of  gods.  But lord  My  mind is filled with a desire.Although there is no secret hidden from you ,I request that desire be fulfilled.  Weapons , made of iron or wood, dried and soaked and apart from this, no other weapons of gods should kill me.  May my valor continue to grow, so that the powerful gods may never win me in battle.

On praying in this way, Brahmaji spoke to him.  Wake up, be well.  Go, your desire will  be fulfilled.  Dryor wet weapons  and any harsh substances will not kill you.  This point of mine is indelible.  Brahmaji came to his adobe by giving Vritrasura this boon.  On receiving the boon, there was no limit to the happiness of Vritrasura.  He returned to his home.  That great genius made it clear in front of his father Tvashtha that he got a boon from Brahma. Twashtha became extremely happy after his son got  boon.  He told him, the great one welfare to you , Now defeat my enemy Indra.  Indra is a big sinner.  He has killed my son Trishira.  You go and kill him.Subsequently, after winning the battle, it is also absolutely necessary that, the rule of heaven remain in your hands.  son!  You should be ready to take away my immense grief that has arisen from death of my son .  It is your ultimate duty to soothe my deep anguish.  Because thought of  trishira never goes away from my mind .  That son of mine was very kind, well behaved , a truthful ascetic and knower of vedas . That poor ill-fated son was killed by the cunny Indra.

Hearing such things from Twasthai, riding on the well armed chariot , vritrasur immediately left his father’s house.  Drums were beaten to encourage enthusiasm in the war and  conch shells were also blown.  In this way the arrogant monster traveled for war.  He was telling the servants – by killing Indra, I will enjoy the imperial kingdom of heaven.  He moved forward, declaring so, he was  surrounded by soldiers at that time . Amaravati the capital of indra was frightened by the roar of his huge army.  Vritrasura is coming , Knowing this, Indra started preparing  the army very quickly.   Indra immediately called the entire Lokpalis and ordered them to fight.  Indra himself got ready with all weapons .  Vrittrasur, who had the power to crush the enemy army, immediately arrived there.

Subsequently fierce fighting broke out between the gods and the demons.  Both the deities  and the demons were fighting with great enthusiasm.  They were busy in attacking each other with their best weapons.  Then Vritrasura got angry and suddenly he caught Indra and put him in his mouth, devoid of clothes and armor .  His mind was filled with happiness at that time.  Seeing this, there was immense wonder and sorrow in the minds of the gods.  Saying , Indra got killed, they started ccrying.  Now sad deites, bowed and said to Brihaspati ji – You are our supreme master – tell me what to do now.  All the gods were protecting him, yet Vritrasura has swallowed Indra.  Due to his absence, the might of all of us has ended.  So what can we do now?  Respected master,  You should please do some rituals soon for Indra’s salvation.

The master said – Gods!  What can be done .  Vritrasura is a strong enemy.  He has put Indra in his mouth he is  lying in it and he is still alive.  Gods were worried seeing this condition of Indraj.  Then after thinking among themselves, they created yawn , who could destroy the enemy.  Vritrasurako started to yawn and his mouth opened.  Then Indra came out of his mouth immediately.  Since then,yawning started in the world.  On the exit of Indra, there was smile on the face of the gods.  After this, the war started again.

That fierce war of gods and demons continued for ten thousand years.  Due to the  power of Vritrasura, the gods lost in that battle , left the battlefield and fled.  Gods  suffered a great tribulation when they lost the battle.  Immediately Vritrasura came and eastablished his authority on heavens .  All the things of heaven werel  under his control.  He also took the best elephant Airavat for his ride.  All the planes of the gods now had the authority of Vritrasura.   all the deities, who were disseminated from their place, they went to the shrines of the mountains and started spending time with great grief.  Now they had also stopped getting their share  in the yjna.

Thus, Vritrasura had become Indra himself by taking authority over heaven with the blessing of Brahma.

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