Who are Panchprakritiya – know the names and qualities of these goddesses

Lord Ganesha’s mother Durga, Mahalakshmi, Saraswati, Savitri and Sri Radha, according to the Puranas and Vedas, these goddesses are known as Pancha Prakriti .  Purna Brahma Parmeshwar Lord Shri Krishna is omniscient.  As soon as he had a desire to create, his original energy known as mula prikriti appeared.  Subsequently, according to the command of God, she took  five forms to create the universe.

This goddess known as mula prakriti takes many forms to grace her devotees.

Mother of Ganesha , Goddess Durga  is the first prikriti.  She is Shiva Swaroopa, She  is the presiding goddess of entire universe.  She  is known by the names Vishnumaya, Narayani, Parameshwari etc.  Providing fame, prosperity, wisdom , Salvation, delight and Happiness is her natural quality.  She Eliminates sorrow, grief, and anxiety.  She is the presiding deity of energy and is an all-powerful form of mul prakriti.  This goddess keeps Lord Shankar constantly powerful.  Wisdom, sleep, hunger, shadow, kindness, peace, radiance, consciousness, memory and mother are many of her names.  Lord Shri Krishna is Purnaparbrahma and this goddess is very close to him and she is the  all-powerful form of mula prikriti.

The second prikriti, Bhagavati Mahalakshmi is the supreme and  sattva-swaroopa. She is the ultimate power of Lord Narayana and his beloved.  This goddess is the founder of all property.  Her form is calm in nature and her glow is like the glow of millions of moons together. She is  devoid of bad qualities like lust, anger, passion, fascination, ego and greed.  This Goddess is always gracious on the devotees and loves Srihari very much.  She considers Shri Hari dear to her and loves him more than life  and she always says dear words to him.  As Rajya Lakshmi she resides with kings in their kingdoms, she resides as graha Lakshmi in every house, she resides as commerce with merchants.  Sinful people who behave rudely etc., they also have her power.  This Goddess is  mother of all and always ready to grace her devotees.  In order to keep the life of the creatures stable, she has taken this form.

The third prakriti is the presiding goddess of  speech, intellect, learning and knowledge she related to the divine God, and is called Maha Saraswati.  All disciplines of education  are her form.  Humam beings derive he powers of intellect, intelligence, talent, memory and poetry from her. She provides the imaginations of many kinds of principles and their meanings.  By her grace all doubts are destroyed.  She  is called thinker and creator of all kinds of texts.  This goddess is the master of music and gives knowledge of science and speech to all living beings.  This goddess is peaceful in mature  and beloved of Srihari.  She carries books and veena in her  hands, carrying a garland of jewels in jer hand, she keeps chanting the name of Lord Krishna forever.  She is   always ready to provide boon to ascetic people.  Siddhi and Vidya are her form and she provides all the attainments to devotees.

 Ved Mata Gayatri, also known as Savitri, is the fourth form of the mula prikriti.  This goddess is also the mother of mantras and tantras.  She is the beloved energy of the creator Brahma.  The pilgrimages keep wishing for the touch of this Goddesses feet for their purification.  Her form is supremely blissful.  She is  Purna Brahma swarupini.  It is her nature to liberate her devotees.  She has the powers of supreme brahma and She is considered to be the masters of power.  Her  lotus feets  make the entire world pure.

The fifth form of the mula prikriti is Purna Parbrahm Sri Krishna’s Wifei, Raseshwari Sri Radha ji.  This goddess is the presiding deity of love and life and is a Panchaparan swaruparni.  krishna loves her  more than life.  She is the presiding goddess of Rasakrida, she was born in Rasamandal.  Her presence increases the importance of the Rasamandal.  This Goddess residing in Golok is famous by the name Rameshwari and Sursika.  Staying in rasmandal is very dear to her.  She is always disguised as a 12-year-old gopi.  This goddess is famous with names like Nirvikara, Nirguna, Nirakara and Amritaswarpa .  She has taken this form to grace the devotees who are devoid of desire and ego. She was born in the home of vrishabhanu  to grace her devotees.

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