Know how Bhagwati Ganga came in India and why she was named Bhagirathi

 In the past, there was a Suryavanshi king named Sagar, who had two wives, Vaidarbhi and Shabya.  Shabya’s son  asamanjas was supremely illustrious and holy.  Vaidarbhi worshiped Lord Shiva to have a son.  Lord Shiva’s  boon led  her to conception.  After 100 years she produced a flesh mass.  On seeing this, Vaidarbhi felt very sad and meditated on Lord Shiva.  Lord Shiva came there in the form of a Brahmin and he broke the flesh mass into 60000 pieces, which led to 60,000  sons of sagar.  All these sons were very strong and brave.

 All these brave sons of Maharaja Sagar were  incinerated by the curse of Mahamuni Kapil.  Maharaj Sagar felt very sad after knowing this.  Poor sagar sadly went to the forest after renouncing his kingdom.  His son Asmanjas meditated to bring Ganga ji, but he died without any success.  The son of Asmanjus, Anshuman also meditated with the idea of ​​bringing Ganga, but he also died without success.  Anshuman’s son was Bhagirath.

Bhagiratha was a great devotee of lord vishnu, he had unwavering reverence at the feet of Lord Sri Hari. The eminent king bhagirath and great among the vaishnvas, started doing penance of Ganga ji to free his ancestors from the curse.  Finally Lord Krishna himself appeared before him after doing penance for a long time.  At that time, Lord krishna had assumed a four armed form.  He had a flute in his hand, a peacock feather on his head and he wore many ornaments and was wearing beautiful clothes.  Lord Krishna appeared in front of  Bhagiratha in his original Gopa form ( form of lord as cowboy ).

 All the gods like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva etc. were praising Lord Shri Krishna.  Maharaja Bhagiratha was very pleased to see this beautiful form of Shri Krishna and was bowing to him again and again.  He had received his desired boon from God, that his ancestors will become free and get salvation.  Then Lord Krishna ordered Ganga to fulfill the curse of Goddess Saraswati given to her . Lord krishna asked ganga  to go to India with king bhagirath and grant salvation to sons of sagar.  Krishna said ,Stay in Bharat and make this land holy, whoever takes a bath in your water will be freed from all sins and you will be freed from the sins of sinful people by the touch of my devotees.  Until the completion of 5000 years of Kali Yuga, you will remain in India .only after that you  will come near me to goloka.

 After this, Goddess Ganga was worshiped by Bhagiratha and he praised her and prayed to come with her as per the orders of God.  When goddess  Ganga’s journey began with Bhagirath, Lord Krishna became the same disappeared.  Ganga went with Bhagiratha to the place where sixty thousand sons of Sagar were incinerated by the curse of Kapil Muni, at the mere touch of ganga’s water , all ancestors  Bhagiratha  were freed and went to Lord Shri Krishna’s Goloka.

 In this way Goddess Ganga came in Bharatvarsh and Goddess Ganga is also called Bhagirathi due to Bhagiratha bringing her to India on Earth.


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