Greatness of Hearing Devi Bhagvat – Story of removing the stigma on Shri Krishna’s fame


Hearing of Shrimad Devi Bhagwat gives one  devotion and liberation.  The mere hearing of it removes all the miseries of a human being and his life is filled with joy and satisfaction.  Lord Krishna’s father Vasudev ji was once saddened by his son’s seperation, then he had listened to this Devi Bhagwat Puran and got rid of the misery caused by his son’s seperation.

 A Bhojwanshi king named Satrajit lived in Dwarka.  He was the supreme devotee of the Sun God, the Sun God, pleased with his devotion, gave him a gem called Samyantaka which gave 8 kg of gold every day.  One day Satranjit’s brother, Prasenjit, took this gem,put it  around his neck and went to the forest for hunting and died there at the hands of a lion.  Then that lion went near the cave of Jambuvant and after killing that lion Jambuvant took the gem and gave the gem to his son.

Here the word spread in Dwarka that, be it, Shri Krishna has killed Prasenjit by taking gem because of  greed and kept the gem with him.  When Shri Krishna came to know about this, he went in search of Prasanjeet in the forest to remove this stigma.  He found Prasanjeet dead in the forest  and followed the footprints of the lion which led  to the nearby cave where Jambavant had killed the lion.  Seeing the lion killed, he told the soldiers who came with him and the people of Dwarka , you guys wait for me outside, I will go in and see where that gem is.

For 12 days, soldiers and Dwarka residents stood outside of that cave ,but shri krishna did not come out of the cave with the gem .  After that they came back to Dwarika.when Vasudev father of krishna , came to know that his son did not come out of the cave, he felt very sad.  At the same time Devarshi Narada came there from Brahmaloka and asked Vasudev ji to worship Adishakti and listen to her amazing pastimes.  Then Vasudev ji said, when I was locked in prison in the past and Kamsa had killed my 6 sons, then I too got Sri Krishna as my son by the worship of this goddess,.  Now you are also mentioning this Goddess, please you only tell me about her amazing past times and  glory.

 Then Vasudev Ji worshiped the Goddess  and Devarshi Narada started to narrate  the story of Devi Bhagwat.  On the other hand, the battle of Lord Krishna and Jambuwant in the cave lasted for 28 days and he defeated Jambuvant and got the gem named Samantak  from him.  When the narration of the story of Devi Bhagwat to Vasudev ji ended and after completion of story  he was giving food to the Brahmins, on the same day Lord Krishna also came to Dwarka with Jambuwanti, the daughter of Jambuvant.

 In this way, Vasudev ji got relief from the sorrow caused by the seperation of his son by the hearing of Shrimad Devi Bhagwat and the stigma  his son’s fame was also calmed.  That is why human beings should listen to Shrimad Devi Bhagwat to get devotion, liberation and to attain happiness and satisfaction in the world.

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