Know how Narada Muni married princess Damayanti

Dev Rishi Narada is one of the best devotees of Lord Vishnu.  He always travels and remembers the name of Lord Vishnu.  Once upon a time, Devarshi Narada decided to travel to the earth with his sister’s son, Parvat Muni.  They both came from heaven to the earth.  While leaving from heaven, both of them promised each other that, whatever would come to their mind, whether the idea was good or bad, they would tell each other freely without hesitation.

 In this way, both Devarshi Narada and the mountain sage decided to visit the planet voluntarily.  After roaming for several months, time for the arrival of the rainy season came.  Rainy season is very painful and due to the incessant rain it is difficult to move.  In this season, the water of the rivers becomes impure and is not usable.  There is always a fear of thunderstorms and storms.  For this reason, the sages do not travel in rainy season and stay in one place for four months.  Narada and Parvat Muni also decided to stay at one place in rainy season.  Both of them stayed in the city of King Sanjay.

King Sanjay was a very religious man, he paid respects to Narada Muni and Parvat Muni.  Gave them both a place to live in his own palace. For their service there, he appointed several servents and maids.  King Sanjay had a very beautiful and talented daughter.  Sanjay’s daughter’s name was Damayanti.  Princess Damayanti also engaged in service of these two sages.  She always looked after both sages with the same attention.  As per the wishes of both, she would provide food to them, whatever the sages would ask for, she would present those things to them herself.

Maharishi Narada was proficient in music, he always used to sing the Samaveda and the parvat muni always spent his time in recitation of Vedas.  In this way both the sages were spending rainy season in the city of King Sanjay.  Sanjay’s daughter Damayanti was just a young girl and she was fascinated by listening to the great music of Maharishi Narada.  Devarshi Narada also fell in love with that princess and made up his mind to marry her.  After this, the princess started distinguishing between Parvat Muni and Narada Muni.  She would pay more attention to Narada Muni while giving food and other things.

Parvat  muni saw, Princess Damayanti is paying more attention to Narada, as if Narada is her husband.  Then asked the sage parvata, friend Narada Muni, what am I looking at, tell the truth, is this what is happening here, which I am anticipating.  Princess Damayanti has been fascinated by you, I can see that clearly.  I think you too have made up your mind to marry her.  Hearing the words of Parvat Muni, Narada Muni says, Friend it is true that Damayanti has fascinated me and I also want to marry her.

On hearing the words of Narada Muni, parvat  muni gets angry.  He says, while coming out of heaven, we had promised each other that, whatever feeling will arise in our mind, we will feel free to say to each other.  You have hidden this from me, that’s why I curse you, your face should become like a monkey.  As soon as parvat muni cursed, the face of the devotee of Lord Narayana , Naradji became like a monkey. At that time Narada also got angry and cursed parvat muni. Narmada said, I curse you, you lose your right to go to heaven.  After today you will only be touring the earth.  After this, sage parvat left Sanjay’s palace.

When Princess Damayanti came to feed Narada Muni, she saw that Narada Muni’s face has become like monkey’s face. This made her very sad, seeing Princess Damayanti sad, Narada Muni, who was in love with her, also became sad.  But after this there was no difference in the conduct of Princess Damayanti and she continued to serve Narada Muni as before.  Her love for Muni was the same as before.  She thought that one should love human qualities, but not the body.  Man is identified by his qualities, color and appearance remains only for some time.  But when human qualities deteriorate, nobody looks good no matter how beautiful their body is.

When King Sanjay saw that his daughter had become a young woman, then he decided to marry her to a worthy prince.  He Started the process of finding a suitable groom for her.  The princess came to know this.  Princess Damayanti, through one of her maids, told the king that she wanted to marry Narada Muni.  Hearing these words  of ​​his daughter, King Sanjay said to his wife, Goddess you talk with your daughter.  Narada is has monkey’s face, how can I give to my daughter him.  You explain to our daughter that, she will get even better men .

 Listening to her mother, Princess Damayanti said, Mother it is true that the face of Devarshi Narada has become like a monkey.  But at first he had a good face, the parvat muni cursed him because of me.  That is why his face has become like a monkey, there is no mistake of  him I’m this.  In music, he is perfect like Lord Shiva, that’s why I will not find a good husband like him anywhere.  I will marry Narada Muni, however his face may be.  Hearing his daughter’s words, King Sanjay’s wife narrated all the things to her husband.  Seeing his daughter not listening, King Sanjay also decided to get Damayanti married to Narada Muni.

Seeing an auspicious time, King Sanjay performed the marriage ceremony of Narada Muni and Damayanti.  After this Narada Muni started living in the king’s palace.  A few days later, while touring  parvat muni  came again to Sanjay’s palace to inquire about condition of Narada Muni.  Then he saw, Narada Muni is very sad and Damayanti is also sad because of Narada’s monkey face.  Seeing this, Parvatamuni felt compassionate towards Narada and Damayanti.  Remembering his curse earlier, parvat muni said, “Friend, Narada, I am your  uncle in relation.”  That is why I cannot see the sorrow of you and this princess Damayanti.

 Sage parvat said, I just free you from the curse given to you earlier.  After this Narada Muni’s face was as beautiful as before.  Seeing which both Damayanti and Narada were very happy.  Narada Muni also said to his sister’s son Parvat Muni,I cursed you in anger , I also take back the curse.  You will now be able to go to heaven again.  In this way Narada and Parvat Muni freed each other from the curse.

In this way Narada Muni and Princess Damayanti were married.

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