The Marriage of King Pururava and Urvashi

Vivaswan Manu’s son was Shraddhadeva, Shraddhadeva’s wife’s name was Shraddha. The son of Shraddhadeva and Shraddha was Sudhumra.  Once Sudhumra went to the forest cursed by  Mahadev.  Mahadev cursed this forest that, every man who comes to this forest will become a woman, after going to this forest, Sudhumra  becomes a woman named  Ila.  Ila married Moon’s son budha and gave birth to a son named Pururava.  After the birth of Pururava, Ila by his devotion towards Adi Shakti attained a completely male form and after his lifetime went to the Paramdham of Adi Shakti from where a man does not have to come back again in the cycle of birth and death.

His son Pururava took over the kingdom after King Sudhumra’s salvation due to grace goddess Durga. ThIs  king pururava was always involved in protecting the subjects and was very knowledgeable and religious.  He had done many rituals, due to this, his fame spread  in the world.  Hearing his fame, the Apsara of heaven, Urvashi, was attracted towards him.  Urvashi wanted to make Pururava her husband.  Due to the curse of Lord Brahma, she had come to this earth.

She married the godly king Pururava.  But Urvashi placed three conditions in front of the king, the first condition was that the king would always protect his two sheeps, when unable to protect them, Urvashi would leave him. The second condition was that she would always eat ghee and the third condition was that whenever she would see the king naked at times, other thank making love she would leave him.  The king accepted all the conditions, Urvashi married the king to get rid of the curse and started living there.  Urvashi was the only subject of the mind and intellect of the king at that time.  King pururava  was so attached to urvashi that it was not possible for him to stay away from her eve for a moment. Many years passed in such a way. 

When Devaraja Indra did not find Urvashi in heaven, he learned from his servants that Urvashi is living on the earth because of  Brahma’s curse.  He then ordered his servants that they should try to bring Urvashi back to heaven.  He planned to somehow steal Urvashi’s two sheeps that the king had promised to protect.  Then the king’s servants went to the palace one night and stole the two sheeps in the darkness.  Seeing this, Urvashi started saying , king pururava you could not protect these two sheeps of mine.  These two sheep’s were like  sons to me.  Damn, I got stuck here after having a husband like you.

On hearing Urvashi, king started running behind the thieves bare.  Then suddenly lightning started and Urvashi saw king naked.  On seeing the king naked, Urvashi left the king at the same time and went to heaven because the king could not fully fulfill his condition.  Seeing this, Indra’s servants left the sheeps there.  The king came to the palace with those sheeps and when he could not see Urvashi there, he became very sad and started sadly wandering the entire country .

 After a year when the king found Urvashi in Kurukshetra, he was very happy to see her, but Urvashi called him a fool and advised him to live happily in his kingdom.  But still the king did not understand her words. king Pururava could not come out of sorrow even after all this and kept diving in the ocean of sorrow.

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