The story of the birth of Maharishi Ved Vyas

 Mahamuni Parashar was on a pilgrimage.  While wandering, he came to the banks of river Yamuna.  Parashar Muni asked boat man to take him across the river.  At that time boatman  was eating food, so he asked his daughter Matsyagandha to take Parashar cross the river.

Obeying his father’s order, Matsyagandha took Parashar Muni and crossed the river.

This daughter of the boatman had just grown up and all her parts were pulverizing. While Matsyagandha was taking sage parashar across the river , sage got attracted towards Matsyagandha and held her hand.  Seeing the monk holding hands, Matsyagandha got scared and, considering the intention of the sage, thought in mind that this sage is under the influence of Cupid, in the meantime there is no one to protect me in the river, I have to somehow stop the sage from going further with his intentions in the middle of the river and I  Will have to go to the other side.

Thinking so, Matsyagandha said to the sage, Respected sage , such a thought has arisen in the intellect of a great and religious man like you, Sage, don’t you know that because of being a fisherman’s girl, my body always smells of fish, that’s why you should not think union with me.  Then sage with his power of penance made the body odor of matsy gandha  like that of musk  whose aroma spread upto four miles.  Meanwhile, Matsyagandha took Parashar Muni across the river.  Taking the other side of the river, Matsyagandha said to the sage, “Munivar is not done in the daytime, so it is said to be a comfortable  only at night time.”  My father is on that bank of the river, and everybody can see us, so even animals do not do these deeds in the open.  At that time, Munivar created a fog from his power at the  time so that no one could see them.

 Parashar Muni then said to Matsyagandha, girl, the attraction in my mind towards you at this time should be considered as destiny , because I while doing pilgrimage have seen many beautiful women but never let myself to be seduced.  But today I am attracted to you the one having the odor of fish. the reason behind this is  that a part incarnation of Lord Vishnu will be born from your womb, who will later divide one Veda into four parts, which will give them the name of Vedavyas.  This son will be the composer of the Mahabharata and will also compose all the Puranas. That is why you should not hesitate from having physical relation with me at this time.

 After listening to Muniver’s talk, Matsyagandha said, “Munivar, you will leave me and go away, what will happen to me after this?”  Then Munivar said, matsy gandha , with my blessings, you will remain a virgin even after the birth of your son and will always look like a young girl.  Help me to do this work of mine, I will give you whatever you want.

 Matsyagandha says, Munivar give such a boon that my secret will never be known to my parents and I will always be a young girl.  Let me have a wonderful and powerful son like you.  May this fragrance of mine always remain.  All these conditions of  Matsyagandha the sage agreed.  Thereafter, Parashar Muni and Matsyagandha had union, which led to Matsyagandha becoming pregnant.

 After the completion of the gestation period, Matsyagandha gave birth to a child on an island in Yamuna.  Due to being born on the island, this child was known as Dwaipayan and due to Krishna varna or black colored, he was named Krishna Dwaipayan.  As soon as he was born, this child grew up immediately  due to being part incarnation of Vishnu and after paying obeisance to his mother, went to do penance with her permission.

 In this way Maharishi Veda Vyas was born.

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