Story of Shukdeva leaving his home

Shukdev ji was the son of Maharishi Veda Vyasa.  He was born of Maharishi Ved Vyas’s semen falling on a wood after vedvyasa got attracted towards a damsel named Ghratachi .  At that time the damsek was afraid of Ved Vyas ji, so she made a form of a bird named Suggy.  For this reason, that child born from the semen of Ved Vyas was named Shukdev.  Shukdev ji was not born from the womb and was born from the boon of Lord Shankar.

 After some time Shukdev ji studied all the Vedas from master of gods Brihaspati ji and later his father kept him at the ashram.  He was always in Vedic studies.  After a few years, Ved Vyas ji asked him to get married, and Shukdev ji had refused to take the life of the householder as he said it is filled with misery and he  said that this life of householder seems like a mess.  Ved Vyas ji suggested him to listen to Devi Bhagwat Purana to get rid of this condition, but when all his doubts were not cleared even after hearing Devi Bhagwat from ved vyas, then Shukdev ji went to meet king janaka of mithila  as he is known as Videha due his being  is free from the miseries of life . After meeting King Janak, all doubts of Shukdev ji were removed and he came to the father’s ashram and agreed for marriage.

Shukdev ji was married to piwari  daughter of pitras.  From his wife, Shukdev ji produced four sons, namely, Krishna, gourprabhu, Bhuri, Devashruta and a daughter named Kirti.  Kirti was married by Shukdev ji to Vibharajs son the great  Anukaha.

 After this, Shukdev ji left his father Ved Vyas ji and went to the tall great mountain of Kailash, there, he sat there in parmatama  and started meditating on the supreme being  and after some time he left his body and got absorbed in Parabrahma.  Knowing this, Ved Vyas ji felt very sad, he always started living in misery.  Mahadev ji, having pity on Ved Vyas ji, made him see the light of Shukdev’s form, seeing that Vedavya ji’s grief was over and he returned to his ashram.

 In this way, the great yogi and Vyasa’s son Shukdev Ji left his body his body and took samadhi.

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