Goddess’s boon to Madhu Kaitabh and the story of Lord Vishnu’s war with them-Part 2

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Seeing Brahma Ji, both the demons started saying, so you have run away and come here and standing in front of this four-handed man. Okay, we will kill this four-handed person first and then we will finish you. Hearing their words, Vishnu said that I will definitely fulfill the desire of both of you to fight with me and hearing these words of vishnu , in no time , war between Madhu kaitabh and Lord Vishnu started , both demons fought in turn with Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu was alone in war with both the demons, Lord Vishnu was tired of fighting with him. They fought for 5000 years but still vishnu could not defeat both the demons and these two demons did not get tired of fighting. Seeing all this, Lord Vishnu thought – is there a reason why I am not able to kill these two demons. When Lord Vishnu was standing for a while, resting, then Madhu and kaitabh said, “What happened four-handed man , are you tired? Is this your strength? Come here and fight with us.”
On hearing such a challenge of the demons, Lord Vishnu said, “You are two and I am alone. The policy of war is that, if you are getting the opportunity to rest again and again, I should also get an opportunity to rest.” Strong men never fight with a tired and weak person , this is their dharma in the world. That is why, let me take some rest and when I am fully ready to fight again, then I will definitely fulfill this desire of yours to fight with me . Knowing that there will be war again, the two demons went away from the battlefield and stood there. When Lord Vishnu saw that both the demons had gone away from the battle ground, he started meditating.
In his meditation, he came to know that Goddess Adishakti has given the blessings of voluntary death to both these demons. That’s why both of them are not being defeated by me. Then Vishnu thought that even a sick and very unhappy person does not want to die in this world, no matter what the circumstances are, he wants to live. When people do not want their death even in the most difficult situation, then why would these two demons, who are very strong and powerf, want to die voluntarily by my hand. What should I do now, what is the remedy that causes the death of both of them, thinking that Lord Vishnu came to the conclusion that I should go to the shelter of Adishakti. Because this time only she will help me in killing both these demons. Then he meditated on Adya Shakti Jagadamba.
On being rememberd by Vishnu, Goddess Yoganidra appeared in front of him and told him that, Vishnu again challenge these two demons for battle. I will cheat both of them with my illusion, then you kill them both. Upon hearing the Goddess, Vishnu again went to the battle ground, seeing him in the battle ground, Madhu and kaitabh were very happy and the war started again. When Lord Vishnu started getting tired again, he looked at the Goddess disappointed and asked for her help. Then the goddess fascinated both these demons with her looks. On seeing the goddess, both these demons fell into fascination. When Vishnu saw that both had fallen in the trap of yogamaya, Lord Vishnu said to them, Madhu and kaitabh, I am very happy with your fighting skills, so I want to give you a boon. Ask me any boon you desire. Hearing these words of lord vishnu , ego overtook the minds of those two arrogant demons by the influence of goddess Yogmaya and they said to lord vishnu , Vishnu you are not able to kill us both and how tired you are, what will you give us? We ourselves want to give you a boon, you Ask the boon of whatever you want from us.
AFree hearing these words of the demons, Lord Vishnu said to both of them, Madhu and kaitabh if you want to give me a boon, now give this boon that both of you be killed by my hands. Hearing these words of Vishnu, both of these demons came to know that both of them were cheated. They told Vishnu that you are truthful,the one who never lies. Sometime ago you said that you want to give a blessing to both of us, that’s why we wish that, you kill us in a place where there is no water. Then saying be it so Vishnu took his giant form and by keeping the heads those two demons with a very huge bodies on his thighs, separated their heads from the torso with the Sudarshan Chakra. In this way, both these demons Madhu and kaitabh were finished by Lord Vishnu with the help of Goddess Yoga Nidra.
This earth is formed from the body of Madhu and Catabh, hence it is called Medini and for this reason soil is not eaten.

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