Story of Brahmin Satyavrat becoming a scholar by the influence of goddesses mantra

 There lived a Brahmin named Devadatta in Kosala country.  The Brahmin was very unhappy for not having children.  For the purpose of obtaining children, Devadatta decided to perform the Putreshti Yagna and built a fine Yagna Kunda on the banks of the river.  In that yajna, he had given the place of Hota etc. to Brahmins who knew the Vedas.  Sage Gobhil knower of the Samaveda was singing the ryhms of Samaveda with rhythm.  Due to repeated  chanting of the mantra , he was breathing heavily and the rhythm got disturbed.  Due to this, Devdutt got very angry and insulted sage Gobhil by saying bad words.

 Devdutt said to the sage , Munivar, you are very foolish. Here I am trying to perform this yagna with utmost difficulty ,in order to get relief from the sorrow of not having a son and you are creating a disturbance in this yagya by changing the ryhms by disturbed notes.  On hearing this, sage gobhi got very angry and he cursed Devadatta and said that Devdutt you will get a dumb and  foolish son and he will also be filled with cynicism.  Breathe keeps coming in the bodies of all beings.  There is no control of  any animal on them, there is no fault of mine in the disturbance created in chanting.

On hearing this curse, Devadatta got frightened by sage dobhil and he said to Muni, Munivar already I am very sad due to not having a son and now you cursed that I will have a foolish son. It is said that not having a son is better than having a foolish son , because a foolish son always causes humiliation.  He causes disgrace to parents in the world. That son remains a burden in the family.  I had done this yagna for the relief of my suffering, but instead of alleviating the pain, I found a more dreadful curse.  Therefore, please be kind and give a solution to get rid of this curse.

 Saying so, Devdutt fell into the feet of Gobhil Muni. The anger of saintly men soon subsides, the monk’s heart was moved after hearing this voice of Devadatta and he said to Devadatta – Devadatta your son will be a fool and after some time will become wise again.  My word will surely be proved. hearing the words of sage, a smile spread on the face of Devadatta and he completed the yagna completely by giving the final sacrifice, later all the sages went to their respective places.

 A few months later, Devadatta’s woman became pregnant and gave birth to a son.  Devadatta was very happy after his son’s birth, a few years later Devadatta started the process of teaching his son with mantras, but his son could not pronounce a single mantra.  All this was the effect of Gobhil Muni’s curse, even after many years, that child could not learn a single mantra and this thing was spread all around.  This son named Uttathya of Devadatta is a very foolish and he is a disgrace to the name of Devadatta.  Devdutt and his wife were very sad to hear these words of all the people and both of them started cursing their son too.  Due to this, Utthya was very sad and there was detachment in his mind.

Hearing such sad words from his parents and everyone, that Brahmin named Utthya left his house and went to a dense forest and built a hut there and started living there.  There, he used to eat whatever he could find in the forest and lived his life.  He used to think that, this life of mine has gone in vain, and somehow I should spend time staying here and wait for death.  That Brahmin never used to lie.  He had made a rule that he would never lie, that is why Utthya came to be known as Satyavrat among all the surrounding tribals.

 Satyavrat was very kind, never harming anyone.  Nor did he ever want anyone’s evil, he was somehow living his destiny by staying in that forest due to the curse of the sage.  One day a hunter came to the forest for hunting and he injured a pig with his arrows.  The pig was soaked in blood and went from the front of Muni’s ashram and hid in the bushes.  After some time when the hunter came to satyavrat Muni and asked him – Have you seen any pig going here, hunter knew that Satyavrat never lies nor cheats anyone.  He said ,  Brahmin satyavrat I am doing this work of hunting, for the food of my wife and sons.  It is my job to hunt and feed my family.

 Satyavrat, hearing these words of the hunter, started thinking in his mind that if I tell this hunter that the boar is hiding in that bush, then surely the hunter will kill that boar and thus the boar will loose it’s life.  If I tell lie to this hunter, then my resolve to say truth will be broken.  It is said that if a lie is told to save someone’s life, it is not considered a lie, but what should I do now, how can I save the life of a boar and my vow is also not broken . somehow I should chase this hunter to leave from here  .  Even after thinking so much, he could not reach to any decision.

The Satyavrat Brahmin, when  saw the boar soaked in blood had  said  the word Ye. It is  part of Maha Saraswati’s reclusive mantra, which is Yem.  Hearing this utterance, Goddess Saraswati became very happy and gave knowledge to Satyavati Brahmin.  With this, he became very intelligent and said to the hunter – the eyes which see ,do not speak and this tongue which speakes, did not see anything.  Why are you asking me again and again go away from here , do not ask anything.

Hearing these words of the Brahmin Satyavrat,  the hunter left, leaving  the desire to get the boar,.  In this way Satyavrat got rid of his foolishness by the grace of Goddess and became another Valmiki himself.

 The story of Satyavat Brahmin being intelligent by chanting of the goddess’s Vagbij mantra, frees a man from all sins.  Provides devotion towards Adishakti and also awakens immense reverence in them.

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