Slaying of Mahishasura by goddess durga

Long ago, there was a fierce battle between the gods and demons, which lasted for 100 years, in this war the leader of the gods was Indra and the leader of the demons was Mahishasura, in this war the gods were defeated by Mahishasura and Mahishasura  became indra. This demon mahishasur had a boon from lord brahma that only a women can kill him . Thus it was very difficult for the male deities to kill him and their female counterparts were not skilled enough to fight a  battle. The deites then went  with Brahma to the place where Shiva and Vishnu resided.

The gods started telling Shiva and Vishnu about their situation. They said , Lord Mahishasura has defeated us.  Mahishasura has taken away the rights of all the gods like Indra, Surya, Varuna, Vayu, Agni etc. and he has become the head of all of them.  He has removed all  gods from heaven and now we live on earth like ordinary humans.  That is why you now think of a way to kill this Mahishasura and free us from this crisis.

 Lord Vishnu and Mahadev got very angry after hearing these things from the gods.  Then spontaneously,  came out of the face of Lord Vishnu a  splendorous energy and in the same way another lustrous energy  emerged from the face of Lord Shiva. From the face of brahma also appeared a energy and also from the faces of all deities present there energies appeared.  All these splendors of deities united and turned into a  ball of energy brighter than millions of suns together.  In a short time, this bright ball of energy  transformed into a woman.

The splendor of Lord Shiva became the face of that goddess and with the splendor of Yama, hair grew in her head, Vishnus  splendor became  arms of that goddess and the moon’s splendour  became the breast of the goddess, the splendor of indra became cleavage.   Varuna’s splendor became thighs of the goddess . From the splendor of earth formed the buttock , the splendor of Brahma became two foot of that goddess and the splendor  of the sun became her fingers, thus from the energies of all the gods emerged that goddess.

 All the gods were very pleased to see that goddess manifested by the energies of all the gods.  Lord Shiva took a trident from his trident and presented it to the goddess and Lord Vishnu took a chakra from his Sudarshan Chakra and gave it to the goddess.  Brahma gave Kamandalu to the goddess and Indra, from his thunderbolt  created a thunderbolt, gave it to the goddess, in the same way the Himalaya offered the lion, a ride to the goddess.  King Sheshnag of the Nagas bestowed Nagratna to the goddess and the sea presented a garland of never-withering flowers, similarly all the gods presented many  weapons to the goddess.  Then the goddess shouted loudly. Because of this all directions echoed and the mountains started trembling and big waves started rising in the sea.

 The demons got nervous on hearing this sound and everyone along with their army  started going towards the direction of sound.  Mahishasura also went in the direction of sound with all his army and he saw the goddess there who had a thousand arms and the glow of her face was like thousands of suns.  Subsequently,  war started between goddess  and these demons.  In the war, many demons named Chikshur, Asiloma, Bashkal, Udagra, Mahahanu, Chamar and their thousands and millions of soldiers started fighting with the goddess sitting on horses, elephants, donkeys .

 Goddess started killing the army of demons, severed the heads of many demons and cut off their hands and feet.  The goddess created many ganas ( soldiers of goddess ) from her body, who started fighting with these demons, Goddesses  lion also roared in the roaring army of demons and killed many demons with his fingernails and some were chewed alive.  In this way goddess killed the soldiers of mahishasur ,rivers of blood started flowing that battle ground. Seeing this, the Gods were very happy and they started praising the Goddess, the rushis standing in the sky started showering flowers on the Goddess and started praising her.

 Seeing this destruction of his army, Chiksur started showering arrows on  goddess, the goddess cut off his arrows spontaneously.  Chiksur used many terrible weapons on the goddess, but the goddess cut them all down with her weapons and killed Chiksur.  The other demon named Chamar wielded power over the goddess, but he could not do anything.  Goddesses  lion fought with Chamar and severed his head and Chamaras life came to an end.  Bashkal, Mahahanu and other demons were killed by goddess with trident and arrows.

Seeing the destruction of his army, Mahishasura took the form of buffalo and started giving trouble to the Goddesses.  He uprooted the great mountains from his horns and threw them on the goddesses and pledged to kill the lion as well.  When the sea collided with his tail, the whole earth began to sink and the clouds started moving here and there, when the goddess hit him with an axe, he renounced the form of buffalo and took the form of a lion.  When the goddess wanted to kill him with a sword, he assumed the form of a man at that very moment, when the goddess again tried to kill him, he turned into a elephentj, then the goddess cutoff his trunk with his sword.  After cutting it, he again took the form of buffalo and started giving trouble to the goddesses, then the goddess came in great anger and set foot on him and hit his chest with her trident.  After that man came out of his body in the other form .then Goddess separated his head from the torso with a sword.  After this, there was a cry in the army of demons and all the demons ran away and all the gods were very happy.

Thus the goddess killed Mahishasura.

 After this, all the gods praised the Goddess and  asked her to protect them always in the time of crisis, Goddess granted this boon to the series and disappeared spontaneously.


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