Know why Ganga had to leave Golok


Once Lord Krishna was seated in Goloka, in Rasamandal.  The water body created of the form of Lord Shri Krishna and Shri Radha ji, which is known as Shri Ganga ji came in the form of a beautiful woman to the place in ras mandal  where Lord Shri Krishna was seated.  Goddess ganga  was fascinated by the form of ,Lord Krishna, she was enjoying looking at  him again and again.  Shri Krishna was also sometimes looked  at Shri Ganga Ji.  In mean time  Shri Radha ji entered there.  S Ganga ji’s heart was  not yet satisfied by looking at krishna  that’s why she was starting him again and again.

Seeing Lord Shri Krishna and Shri Gangaji staring at each other like this, Radha ji got angry and started saying to Shri Krishna.  I saw you earlier with a gopi named Virja, who renounced her body and took the form of a river.  When I saw you with the gopi named Kshama, Prabha, Shanti, Shobha, then all of them sacrificed their bodies and later you shared the qualities arising from them among all the gods.  Radha ji wanted to say something to Ganga ji after talking to Lord Krishna.

Ganga was proficient in yoga, she came to know what was going on in the mind of Radha ji with yoga transformed  in the form of water in the middle of meeting.  Shri Radha realized that Ganga ji has transformed into water, then in anger, she started taking water in her hand and started drinking it. Ganga ji, who is the presiding goddess of water and fluid, gathered entire water of the whole world and took refuge of Lord Krishna and got absorbed in his feet.  Then Radha ji searched for her in Goloka, Vaikuntha and in entire universe  but could not find her anywhere.  At that time, there was a lack of water in the entire creation, so all the gods like Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva etc. went to Golok and told Lord Krishna about their problems.

Listening to the gods, Shrihari said that Ganga will come with you in the form of water in  the entire universe, but Shri Radha ji is very angry on her because Ganga ji was attracted to me and was staring at me.  Due to fear of Radha ji, Ganga has now absorbed into my feet.  If you convince Shri Radha ji, Ganga will come out of my feet and come with you.  The Gods then prayed Shri Radha ji and told Radha ji, to send Ganga ji with them to remove water scarcity from universe.  On praying by Gods, Radha ji became calm  and forgave Ganga ji and agreed to send her from Goloka.

 Later, Ganga ji came out of the feet of Lord Krishna appeared in front of everyone in a female form, Later Brahma Ji filled the ganga in water from in his Kamandalu and took her with him.  Ganga ji is also called Vishnupadi due to coming out from the feet of God.  In this way, Ganga had to leave Golok.

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