Greatness of Hearing DeviBhagwat – the story of alleviating the suffering of Rutwak Muni

There was a monk with a remarkable intellect named Rutvak.  When the time came, he had a son .  The fourth stage of star Revathi is inauspicious;  That child was born in that period.  The sage performed all required  rituals of the boy and performed the rituals of Upanayana.

 Ever since that boy was born in Muni’s house, he started suffering from various disease ,he was always mourning and anger and greed surrounded him forever.  The mother of that child also had the same condition.  She was always tortured by many diseases.  She used to get depressed and always submerged in anxiety.

 That boy also became very defiant.  Then the sage began to get worried and thought – by which is the reason  this son of mine has become a great evil.  At that time, that boy had snatched away woman of a sage. He was such a idiot that he did not pay any attention to the education of the parents.

Then the sage started feeling extremely upset – saying that ,it is good  humans  not have a son;  But Having, the vicious son, is not right in any situation;  Because the evil son pushes forefathers from heaven to hell, he only continues to give grief to the father throughout his life.  The father can never be happy with a bad son and a sinful son always creates trouble to his father.  In the world, it is the men who have the opportunity to have virtious children at home are lucky. The virtuous son favors the other and keeps the parents happy.  The mischievous son leads to total destruction of clan, life becomes waste after getting a wicked woman, the day is wasted due to lack of good food, one cannot  hope for  happiness from a bad friend.

 In this way, saddened by the inferior behavior of the wicked son, he went to Shri gargji and asked him – great saint Garg ji what is the reason for my son being such a wicked.  I have always done all the duties mentioned in the vedas for a brahmin.I have never touched my wife except for producing child ,fearing the consequences of company of a women .  Still,from the whose  mistakes , mothers or fathers , such a son has been born.  Then great saint Gargji said ,observing from all angles I have come to the conclusion that  neither mother nor father is guilty of the wicking nature of  your son.  The moment when this child was born, star Revati’s inauspicious   time was going on, that’s why he has become vicious.  Then Ritvak Muni was very angry and cursed Revati Nakshatra that she fell from the sky.

 Shri Gargji said that by worshiping  goddess Bhagwati Durga, you can get rid of this misery.  Listen to Devi Bhagwat, then you will get relief from this misery.  After this Rutwak Muni worshiped Bhagwati Durga and got rid of his sorrows.

 In this way, listening to Devi Bhagwat ends all the sufferings of man and he becomes the eligible for devotion and liberation.

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