The story of King Sudhumra becoming a woman and as a result hearing Shrimad Devi Bhagwat becoming a male forever

Shrimad Devi Bhagwat is the great Purana which increases devotion and gives liberation.  Only by listening to it, all the desires of a human beings are fulfilled and he attains devotion of Adi Shakti and becomes entitled to be free from bondage of world.

Vivaswan Manu’s son was Shraddhadev ji and Shraddhadev’s  wifes name was Shraddha.  He had no son, therefore, Shraddhadeva had performed the Putreshti Yagya to get a son by consulting to his guru Vashishtaji.  At the time of the yagna, Shraddhadev’s wife Shraddha pleaded with Hota, that he should perform the yagna with the resolve that she get a daughter.  Due to this opposite resolution, Shraddha Dev got a daughter, who was named Ila.  Shraddhadeva was surprised at this and asked Guru Vashisht about it.  Then Guru Vashisht learned through his meditation that the reason for the birth of a daughter in the Putreshti Yajna is the resolution of hota and queen shraddha.  Then vashista performed the penance of Narayana, with the blessings of Narayana, that daughter  ila Shraddhadeva was converted into a man and he was named Sudhumra.

 Once upon a time, Lord Shankar was walking in a forest with his wife goddess Parvati.  At that time some Brahmins and ascetics came there, seeing , Parvati ji was ashamed and left from there.  The ascetics also seeing that Mahadev and Parvati ji enjoying each other’s company , went to Vaikuntha from there.  After that Mahadev ji cursed that, any man who comes to this forest will be transformed into a female .

After Sudhumra took his royal throne,  one day, went into that forest cursed by Mahadev and changed into a female.  After that, he wandered in that forest, went to the Ashram of Budha son of moon.  As soon as Budha saw sudhumra who was transformed into a women  , his desire to get her  was awakened and he asked ila for marriage . Ila on hearing this proposal of Budha , she also agreed to marry budha. Later they had many sons and grandchildren.  One day Ila remembered her former life and became sad, later he ,went to the ashram of her Guru Vashistha and told her all the accounts.

Vashishtji  after listening to this story and vowing to make him male again,  worshiped Tripurari Lord Shankar, Satisfied with the worship of Vasishthaji, Lord Shankar asked him to ask for a desired boon.  Then Vashisthaji said, Respected Lord of Lords , I do not want anything for myself, I just want that this disciple of mine, who is Sudhumra, has become a woman by going to the cursed forest from you.  Give him the boon of making him male again.  Then Lord Shankar gave this boon that his disciple will remain male for one month and female for one month.

 After that Vashisht ji praised and worshiped the   Adyashakti, Goddess Parvati , who is Durga herself. which satisfied Goddess Parvati and asked vashistha to ask for a boon.  After listening to her, Vasisthaji said, O Goddess, give such a boon, so that this disciple of mine becomes completely male.  Then Goddess Parvati said with satisfaction, Vasistha ji, make king sushmita listen to story of Shrimad Devi Bhagwat .  By listening to Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, he will be transformed into a male forever.

 On receiving this boon from Adishakti Gauri, Vashistha started the recitation of Shrimad Devi Bhagwat and narrated the stories of Shrimad Devi Bhagwat to Maharaja Sudhumra.  This story was completed after 9 days.  At the end of the story, the king fed food to many Brahmins and gave them many invaluable gems in charity and after this he became a complete man forever.

On reading and listening to this is a wonderful story of great Devi Bhagwat , all the sufferings of human beings are removed and he becomes the eligible to get  devotion and liberation.

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