Greatness of hearing Devi Bhagwat – The story of Raivat, the son of King Durdam and Revathi, becoming the master of manvantara

Rutvak Muni was of great intellect.  The fourth phase of Revathi is inauspicious.  Due to being born in this period, his son became very vicious and due to this Rutwak Muni had to suffer a lot of pain and miseries.  When he came to know that his son had been misbehaving due to being born in the fourth phase ravathi, he cursed Revathi in anger to fall from the constellation.  Later, by worshiping Bhagwati Durga, Ritwak Muni was liberated from all his sorrows and sufferings.

 Due to the curse of Rutvak Muni, the splendor of the Revathi constellation fell on Kumudagiri.  A girl was born from that splendor.  Pramuch Rishi took the girl and named her Revati and nurtured that girl.  On becoming worthy of marriage, the sage began to worry – who would be the girls groom.  Then he prayed to Agnidev to tell the name of the groom worthy of her.  Agnidev said that King Durdam is a worthy groom.  At the same time, the Durdum King came to the ashram . seeing him, the Muni was very happy.  The sage urged the king to accept his daughter, for which the king also agreed.

 Muni’s daughter Revathi put a condition that her marriage should happen only in Revathi Nakshatra.  But the sage said, daughter  Revathi Nakshatra has fallen from the sky, how is your marriage possible in that period.  The daughter said that if Rutwak Rishi can make Revathi Nakshatra fall on the ground by cursing with his Powers, can you not restore it with your Powers.  After listening to these words of his  daughter, Muni installed constellation Revathi  in the sky.  Later, the king said to Durdam, dear king, if there is a desire to get something, then tell me, I will definitely try to fulfill it.

Listening to the sage, the king said,respected saint, I was born in the lineage of Swayambhu Manu.  That is why I wish that I get such a son who could be the master of manvantara.  Then Pramuch Rishi said, king, for the fulfillment of your desire, worship Bhagwati Durga and listen to Devi Bhagwat Purana, this will fulfill your wish.  The king then married Revati, the daughter of saint and returned to his kingdom.

 After some time Lomash Rishi came to his kingdom, then the king prayed to Lomash Rishi to tell him the story of Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, to get a son who can became the lord of manvantara.  Hearing this Maharishi Lomash was very pleased, he said beloved king, you are blessed, you have got this devotion in Bhagwati.  Later Maharaj was told the story of Srimad Devi Bhagwat with his wife Revathi.  On this occasion, the king provided food to many Brahmins and also donated many priceless clothes and jewelery to them.

 After some time, Devi Revathi conceived and gave birth to a son named Ravit, who later became Lord of Manvantara by the order of Brahma.  Raivat became the master of manvantara only by hearing of Shrimad Devi Bhagwat by his parents.

 This story of Greatness of Devi Bhagwat is very pure and will provide devotion and salvation to humans and satisfaction to all people.

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