Krishna Episode 9 – Taking Krishna to Gokul by Vasudeva and bringing Yogamaya in the form of a girl

Krishna Episode 9


In the prison of Mathura, the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna had incarnated to put an end to the demons who were born as kings on earth. At the same time in Gokul, from the womb of Nanda’s wife Yashoda was born that Yogamaya, who, being the power of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is as birth less as him.By imbibing divine form, she incarnated with all her qualities. Her divine form had the qualities of all three gunas. That Supreme yogamaya was residing there in the form of a little girl.

Here in Mathura, Lord Krishna, respecting the words of Vasudev ji, renounced the four-armed form and assumed the form of a child. Hearing God’s order to take him to Gokul, Devki ji said to Vasudev ji – I had talked about Nandrani in the past.She had said – ‘Dear! You send your son to my house. Know this for sure, I will take care of him well. Kansa has to be convinced that he is not your son, that is why this effort has to be made. Then I will return you my son.’ But Lord! Today a very strange situation has come to the fore. These gatekeepers of Kansa are standing outside, who are very cruel and are waiting to inform Kansa about the birth of our son. All the doors of this prison are closed, they have iron locks. Dear Husband, what would be appropriate to do at this time? Son of king Surasena, In such a situation, how will you be able to get success in changing the child?

When Vasudeva and Devakji were discussing like this anxiously . at that time both heard a aakashvani (divine voice) . Addressing Vasudevji, Akashvani said – ‘Vasudev! You have to reach Gokul with this child. All the guards will be induced from sleep. The gates of the eight doors will open. None of the gates will have locks. You leave this child in the Nand’s house and bring back Yogmaya from there.’ On hearing Akashvaani, Vasudevji wished to go out with Parabrahma Shri Krishna in the form of a child.After this Vasudevji took the son in his hand and walked towards the door of the prison. Seeing the son going away from her, Mother Devaki definitely felt sad, but as soon as the thought that her son is Parabrahman himself came in her mind, gradually her pain reduced .

As soon as Vasudevji went to the first door of the prison with the child, he saw that Yoga Maya, the supreme enegryof God, had induced the gatekeeoers with deep sleep. The locks of the door and chains broke on their own, then Vasudevji first came out of the door. On approaching the second door, the locks and chains of the door were broken by the grace of Yogmaya. Yapagamaya had already induced the gatekeeoers with deep sleep.In this way Vasudevji crossed the eight gates and came out of the prison, at that time the clouds were roaring and it was raining lightly . Without wasting time Vasudev ji found his way to Gokul. While on his way, Vasudevji found the entire Mathura city unconscious. Lord’s Yogamaya made the entire city unconcious to get the work of gods done.

When Vasudevji was going to Gokul, seeing the Lord getting drenched in the rain, Shesha, the Lord of infinite hoods, who holds the entire universe like a grain of sesame on one of his hoods. Stopping the water falling on lord krishna with his hood, followed the Lord. To go from Mathura to Gokul, one has to cross the Yamuna river. After coming out of the city, Vasudev ji reached the banks of Yamuna. In those days it used to rain frequently, so the river Yamuna  used to get flooded. Her flow had become deeper and faster. The water was frothing because of the liquid waves. Hundreds of terrible whirlpools were forming. Seeing such condition of river Yamuna, Vasidevji got worried, thinking how will I cross this river now.Then Yamuna ji, the most beloved river of God, gave way to God in the same way as the ocean had given way to Lord Rama. Vasudev ji was pleased to see the flow of Yamuna ji decreasing and he quickly started moving towards Gokul after crossing Yamuna ji. After some time Vasudev ji reached Gokul, in Gokul also Goddess Yogmaya had made all the villagers unconscious.

Upon reaching Gokul, Vasudevji went straight to Nanda Baba’s house, there some time before the arrival of vasudev ji, Nanda’s wife Yashoda had given birth to a beautiful girl. That girl was Yogamaya, the supreme power of the Lord himself, who is the same as lord. On reaching Nanda Baba’s house, Vasudev ji put his son to sleep on Yashodaji’s bed and returned to the prison with her newborn daughter.Upon reaching the prision, Vasudev ji put that girl to sleep on Devaki’s bed and put chains in his feet and they were locked in the prison as before. On the other hand, in gokul Nanda’s wife Yashodaji came to know that she had given birth to a child, but she could not know whether it was a son or a daughter. Because she was tired due to labour pain and on the other hand, Yogamaya had made her unconscious.

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