Krishna Episode 8- Appearance of Lord Shri Krishna


In the eighth month of Devaki’s eighth pregnancy, a very pleasant time with all the auspicious qualities came. Rohini was the constellation. All the constellations, planets and stars in the sky were becoming calm and peaceful. The directions were clean and happy. The stars were shining in the clear sky. The big cities of the earth, small villages, settlements of Ahirs and mines of diamonds etc. were becoming auspicious. The water of the rivers had become pure. Lotus were blooming in the lakes even during the night. The rows of trees in the forest were covered with bunches of colorful flowers. Somewhere the birds were chirping, and somewhere the bumblebees were humming. At that time, the most pure and cool-smelling air was blowing, pleasing the people with its touch.The inexhaustible fires of the brahmins’ fire, which had been extinguished by Kansa’s tyranny, spontaneously arose at this time.

The saintly men already wanted that the Asuras should not grow. Now their hearts was filled with happiness. When the occasion for the appearance of the Lord came, the bells of the deities automatically rang in heaven. Kinnars and Gandharvas started singing in melodious voices and Siddhas and charanas started praising the auspicious qualities of the Lord. Vidyadharis started dancing with the Apsaras. Great gods and sages filled with joy started showering flowers. Clouds full of water approached the sea and started roaring slowly. Nishith was the time of the incarnation of Janardana, who liberates beings from the cycle of birth and death. The kingdom of darkness was all around. At the same time, Lord Vishnu, seated in everyone’s heart, appeared from the womb of Devaki, as if a full moon had risen in the east with its  sixteen qualities.

Vasudev saw a wonderful child in front of him. His eyes are soft and huge like lotus. In his four beautiful hands he is holding a conch shell, mace, chakra (disc) and lotus. There is a very beautiful golden line on the chest, the mark of Shrivatsa. Kaustubhamani is twinkling around her neck.A beautiful yellow plum is fluttering over his beautiful body which looks like a dark water filled cloud of the rainy season .His beautiful curly hairs were shining like rays of sun due to the radiance of valuable crown and earrings .ament of gleaming girdles are hanging around the waist. The armlet in the arms and bracelets on the wrist are looking beautiful. The child, adorned with all these ornaments, is emitting a unique radiance from every part of the body. When Vasudeva saw that the Lord himself had come in the form of my son, at first he was astonished; Then his eyes lit up with joy. every pore of his body became blissful. In his urgency to celebrate the birth  of Shri Krishna, he made a resolution of ten thousand cows for the Brahmins at the same time. When Vasudevji was convinced that the child in front of him was the Supreme Personality of Godhead, then knowing the influence of the Supreme Lord, all his fear went away. Stabilizing his intellect, he bowed his head at the feet of the Lord and then with folded hands he began to praise Him.

Vasudevji said – I have understood that you are the Supreme Personality of Godhead beyond prikriti (beyond the ability of senses to understand). you are consisting of absolute and conscious bliss. You are the only witness of all the beginning of this universe consisting of three gunas you create it by your creative energy . Then even though not entering it you appear as having entered.As long as the causal elements like mahat-tattva etc. remain separate, their power is also separate; When they combine with the sixteen vices of the sense organs, then they create this universe, and having produced it, they appear to have entered into it; But the truth is that they do not enter into anything. The reason for this happening is that whatever is made of them, they are already present in them.In the same way, only the characteristics of the qualities are estimated by the intellect and only the qualities of the objects are received by the senses. Though you live in them, yet the embracement of those qualities does not lead to your attainment. The reason for this is that you are everything, the innermost being of all and the ultimate truth, the Self. The veil of gunas cannot cover you. That’s why you are neither outside nor inside. Which will you enter then? (That’s why you look like entered even if you don’t enter)

One who considers these visible qualities to be different from himself and considers them to be true, he is ignorant. Because on considering, these body etc. substances prove to be nothing but amusements. How can a person who believes that the substance whose existence is not proved by thought, but is obstructed, to be true, be intelligent? . Lord! It is said that you yourself are devoid of all actions, qualities and vices. Still, the creation, maintenance and destruction of this world happen from you only. This thing is not anomalous with you, the supremely lord. Because you are the shelter of the three gunas, therefore the work etc. of those gunas are alleged in you. In order to protect the universe you only assume by your maya (Illusory energy) the powerful satvik white colored form (form of vishnu) . for the purpose of creation of the universe you assume rajasik red colored form (form of brahma ). At the time of annihilation of the universe you assume , the tamoguna-predominant dark colored form (the destroyer Rudra form) .Lord! You are the almighty and the lord of all. You have incarnated in my house only to protect this world. Nowadays, various demonic generals have assumed the form of the king and have kept large armies under them. You will annihilate them all. Lord of lords, this Kansa is very evil. When he came to know that your incarnation was going to be in my house, he killed your elder brothers because of your fear. Now his messengers will tell him the news of your incarnation and he will come running with weapons in his hand.

when devki saw that my son has all the characteristics of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. At first she felt some fear from Kansa, but then she started praising the lord with a very pure smile on her face Mother Devki said – Lord! Your form which the Vedas have described as the unmanifested and the cause of all, which is Brahman, radiant, devoid of all qualities and disorder, which has been called as adjective-indescribable, inactive and only pure being – you are that  Vishnu himself, the illuminator of intelligence etc.when two parardha the life span of Brahma is completed, all the worlds are destroyed by the influence of Kaal Shakti, the Pancha Mahabhuta gets absorbed in the ego, the ego in the mahat tattva and the mahat tattva in the prakriti – at that time only you remain. That’s why you also have one name ‘Sesha’ ( the one who is left after everything is destroyed ). Lord , the only helper of Prakriti, The time which is divided into many divisions from Nimesh (minute) till the end of the year, by whose efforts this whole world is becoming alive and which has no limit, it is your lila (play ) only. You are the Almighty and the shelter of supreme welfare. I take refuge in you .

Lord! This jiva is in the clutches of death. Fearing the deadly wolf of death, it has been wandering all the worlds; But it could never find a place anywhere where it could live fearlessly. Today, with great luck, it got the shelter of your feet. So now he is  sleeping soundly. What is to be said of others, even death itself has run away in fearing it. Lord! You are the remover of fears of devotees. And we are very afraid of this evil Kansa. So you protect us. This four armed divine form  of yours is the object of meditation. Don’t reveal it in front of egoistic men who look only at the fleshy body .⁠ Madhusudan! May this sinner kansa not know that you are born from my womb. My patience is running out. I am very afraid of Kansa for you. This form of yours is divine and sacred. You hide this four-armed form of yours, adorned with conch shell, chakra, mace and lotus. At the time of catastrophe ( destruction ) you hold this entire universe in your body as naturally as a human being holds the space in the holes in his body. The same Supreme Personality of Godhead, has resided in my womb for nine months, is this not your beautiful lila.

The Supreme Lord said – Goddess! When you were first born in the Swayambhuva Manvantara, at that time your name was Prishni and this Vasudeva was a Prajapati named Sutpa. The hearts of both of you were very pure. When Brahmaji ordered both of you to have children, then you performed excellent penance by suppressing the senses. you both tolerated the different seasons like rain , wind, heat , cold etc and through the practice of pranayama cleaned your mind. Sometimes both of you would eat dry leaves and sometimes you would only survive having air. Your mind was very calm. In this way you worshiped me with the desire to get your dearest thing from me.Twelve thousand years of deities have passed by doing such extremely difficult and severe austerities with your minds in me. Blessed Goddess! At that time I was pleased with both of you. Because both of you had always imagined me in your heart through penance, reverence and loving devotion.

At that time, to fulfill the desire of both of you, I ,the king of those who gave boons appeared in front of you in this form. When I said ‘Ask me whatever you want’, then both of you asked for a son like me. Till that time you had no relation with the pleasures of objects. You didn’t even have any children. That’s why both of you, being fascinated by my illusion, did not ask for salvation from me. You got the boon of having a son like me and I left.Now after being granted the boon of desired wish. you started enjoying the worldly objects.I saw that there is no one else in the world like me in modesty, generosity and other qualities; That’s why I became the son of both of you and at that time I became famous by the name of ‘Prishnigarbha’. Then in the second birth you became Aditi and Vasudeva became Kashyap. At that time also I became your son. My name was Upendra. People used to call me ‘Vaman’ because of my small body. Sati Devaki! In this third birth of yours also I have become your son again in the same way. My words are always true. I have shown this form to you so that you may remember my previous incarnations. If I do not do this, then my incarnation will not be recognized by mere human body. both of you always consdier me as your son or as the supreme being In this way you will get my supreme devotion through affection and contemplation. The Lord became silent saying this.

After this Vasudevji said to God – lord you hide this divine form of yours. vasudeva being his father in this incarnation lord accepted his orders and said to vasudeva you take me to nanda gopas house in gokula . After ordering like this to vasudeva , lord after giving up his four armed form assumed a normal human childly body whith the help of yogamaya ( his yogic energy ).


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