Krishna Episode 10 – Prophecy of Yogmaya after flying out of grip of kansa

Krishna Episode -10 Yogmayas prophecy

When Vasudevji returned, all the outer and inner doors of the city and prison  automatically closed as before. After this, the doorkeepers woke up from their sleep after hearing the cry of the newborn baby. They immediately went to Bhojraj Kansa and told him  about the birth of devaki’s eighth child.Kansa was waiting for this with great anxiety and nervousness.As soon as he listened to the gatekeepers, he quickly got up from the bed and hurriedly rushed towards the devakis room . This time it is my death who is born, thinking that he was getting disturbed. and this is the reason why he did not even notice that his hair was scattered. On the way, he stumbled and almost fell at many places and in no time he reached the prison.As soon as he reached the door there, he immediately asked – ‘Which child has been born? Hand him over to me soon.” Saying such things, he started roaring loudly there. Then all the women gathered in Devaki’s room started crying.


Hearing such words of Kansa, Sati Devki said with great sorrow and compassion to her brother Kansa – Lord, this girl has been born, saying that she pleaded for her and said – ‘My well-wisher brother! This girl is like your daughter-in-law , and is female; You should never kill a woman. Maybe because of my bad fate , You have killed many of my children as bright as fire. Now only this one girl is left, give her to me.I am your little sister. Many of my children have died, so I am very miserable. My dear and capable brother! You must give this last child to your ill fated sister . Hiding the girl in her lap, Devaki cried with great misery and pleaded. But Kansa was very evil. He rebuked Devaki ji and snatched the girl from her hand. Seeing that girl, Kamsa was attracted towards her and started feeling happy in his heart for having snatched her from devaki.


The little girls hairs were still wet with water from the womb. At that time she seemed like goddess earth. That evil man, Kansa, grabbed the feet of his little newborn niece and turned her around and, considering her insignificant,  he dashed her on a rock from above. Selfishness had completely uprooted the harmony from his heart.She was dashed on the rock, but that little sister of Shri Krishna was not an ordinary girl, she was a goddess; she flew in the sky before being  crushed on the rock. Leaving that body born out of a womb, she suddenly reached the sky, challenging Kansa. At that time her long hair was open. She was seen holding arms in her long eight arms.She was adorned with divine garlands, clothes, sandalwood and pearl jewellery. In her eight hands she was holding, bow, trident, arrow, shield, sword, conch, chakra and mace – these eight weapons.Siddhas, Charans, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Kinnars and Nagas were praising her by placing many offerings at her feet.


The goddess was wearing blue and yellow clothes on her body. Her body was as stong as a elephent. The face was as beautiful as the moon. She was adorned with eight arms. Her body was shining like lightning. Both eyes were red like the morning sun.The goddess was appearing like an evening covered with clouds. During the dark night, when the hordes of ghosts were everywhere, the radiant goddess danced, laughed and jumped around looked splendid. Her appearance was frightful. When she reached the sky, she drank the best of honey and started laughing loudly.


At that time the goddess said this to Kansa – ‘O fool! What will you get by killing me? The enemy of your previous birth has been born at some place to kill you. Now do not kill innocent children in vain.You who have tried to kill me for your own destruction and have picked me up and dashed on a rock, Because of that I will also be in your dying moment when you are being dragged by the enemy, by tearing this body of yours with my hands, I will drink your hot blood.Bhagwati Yogmaya vanished from there after saying this to Kansa and started roaming in the sky and the heavens along with her Ganas and became famous by different names in many places of the earth.


This goddess should be understood to have originated from the part of Lord Vishnu. She being anansha ( partless ) means the one who is indivisible was known as eknashna (The one who is one part or indivisible). This goddess who appeared in the form of a girl with the power of yoga had appeared to protect Lord Krishna. All the gods who were born in Yadukul (Yadav clan ) worshiped that deity like a family deity; Because he had protected Sri Krishna from her transcendental body.

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