Krishna Episode 5 – killing of six sons of  Devaki and Vasudeva by kans

After the birth of the first son, Vasudev ji took his son and went to Kansa’s palace as per the promise given at the time of Akashvani (divine voice). People started praising him while going on the way.

The audience said, brothers! Look at Vasudevji who is endowed with such noble thoughts. Being bound only by the word of truth, he is taking this child to throw him in the mouth of death. He is a great truthful man, never criticises others. Their life is successful. Look, what a wonderful act this is. Thus the words of Vasudev ji’s greatness were coming out from the mouths of the people on the way. Vasudev ji reached Kansa’s palace as soon as possible and presented that recently born child before Kansa. That child was not a human, but a god. At that time, seeing this gutsy act of Mahatma Vasudevji, Kansa’s mind was also very surprised. He took the child and laughingly said this word – ‘Son of Shursen Vasudev! You are blessed. You gave me your son, by this I came to know your saintliness. This boy is not my death. Akashvani (divine voice) has told my death will be from your eighth son. It is not my intention to kill this boy. So this child should go to your house. Truthful Vasudev You must give me your eighth son. Saying this, the wicked Kansa handed over the child to Vasudevji and said- ‘This child should return home safely.’

Thereafter Vasudevji happily took that child and went towards his house. But he knew that Kansa was very evil and his mind was not in his control. He can change at any moment. That’s why they did not believe him. Kansa, being worriless, said to the ministers – ‘Why should this child be killed purposelessly? Devaki’s eighth son will be my death – this has been expressed by Akashvani; Therefore, by killing this first child, why should I carry the burden of sin on the head! At that time, all the most intelligent and great ministers sitting there said loudly ‘Yes king ! That is right. Then Kansa allowed everyone to leave and everyone went to their respective homes.

After everyone left, sage Naradji came there, upon his arrival, Kansa got up from his seat and welcomed him and made proper arrangements for Paadya and Arghya etc . After that, the demon king Kansa asked the sage about his well-being and said – great sage, what brought you to my palace?’ Then Naradji laughed and said to Kansa – ‘ I had gone to Mount Sumeru, where Brahma and all the major deities were sitting attentively. There was mutual consultation among them that ‘from the womb of Devaki, the wife of Vasudeva, Lord Vishnu will take birth to kill you. So why did you fail to kill Devaki’s son in spite of being a statesman ? Kansa said – I will kill the eighth son of Devaki. Akashvani has told ,my death will be by his hands..

Naradji said – king! You remain ignorant of all kinds of policies, good and bad! You already know the power of the maya of the deities, then what should I tell you.’ Kansa! Nanda and other Gopas living in Vraja, their wives, Vasudeva etc. Vrishni vanshi Yadavs, Devaki etc. Yaduvanshis’ women and Nand, Vasudeva’s co-congenial brothers and sisters, are all gods; Those who are serving you at this time are also gods. Naradji says, Sir, a brave man desirous of his welfare should not neglect even a small enemy. If counted, all those children can be called eighth. Knowing all this, you have foolishly left this enemy. Saying thus, Shriman Naradji immediately left from there.

When Lord Narada left saying this, Kansa was convinced that all Yaduvanshi were deities and Lord Vishnu will be born from Devaki’s womb to kill me. That is why he imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva by handcuffs and fetters and killed all the sons who were born to them. Thus Kansa killed the six sons of Vasudeva Devaki. Every time he used to doubt that Vishnu himself had come in the form of that child. It is often seen on the earth that greedy kings who feed their souls for their selfish reasons kill their parents, brothers and sisters and also their most benevolent best friends..

Kansa knew that in his previous birth he was a demon named Kalnemi and in that life Vishnu had killed him. With this he decided to oppose the Yaduvanshis fiercely. Kansa was very strong. He imprisoned his father Ugrasena, the leader of the Yadu, Bhoja and Andhak dynasty, and he himself started ruling the country of Shurasen.

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