Krishna Episode 4 – Birth of first son of Vasudeva – Devaki and Vasudeva going to deliver the child to kansa

Sage Narada talking to kansa on birth of first son of vasudev devaki

After saving Devaki from the wrath of Kansa, Vasudevji returned to his home. Devaki was a very devoted wife. All the gods used to reside in her body. Goddess like Devaki started living with Vasudev Ji with dignity. At the right time, she got pregnant. At the end of the tenth month, she gave birth to an excellent son. All the parts of that boy were very cute.

The name of the first son of Vasudev and devaki was Kirtiman. Vasudevji decided to give him to Kansa as per the promise. While doing this, there was a lot of pain in his heart , but even more pain was of the fear that his words may become false if he does not keep his promise. Men can do even the worst of things, and those who are Jitendriyas (the ones who have control over their mind and desires ), who have imbibed the Lord in their hearts, can renounce everything.

As soon as the son was born, taking a decision in this way, the famous, truthful and devoted Vasudevji said to his wife Devaki, dear, I have taken a vow to surrender a son, this thing is not hidden from you. I had saved you only by making a promise in the difficult situation of that time, so dear , adorned with a beautiful braid ! I am thinking of giving this son to your cousin Kansa. Kansa is a very wretched person or maybe fate is bent on destroying us. What can you do in such a situation? Self-knowledge-less beings cannot know the ripeness of strange deeds in any way. It is certain that all beings are caught in the loop of time. They have to bear the fruits of their deeds, whether that action is auspicious or inauspicious. The destiny of the soul has been created by Brahma. He does everything very carefully.

Devki said, Lord ! Atonement can be done to wash off the sins of previous births, great sages have clearly mentioned this in the Dharma-shastras ( Religious Texts ). Therefore, you  tell whether a man can be freed from sins by making atonement or not? If not, then the words of the sages like Yajnavalkya, the founder of Dharmashastra, have no value. not only this? But if fate is accepted as indelible, then Ayurveda, mantra and many other types of actions (Karma), all are in vain; Then all the assertions that are there, all become unverifiable. Success is achieved by putting in proper effort, direct evidence is available in this regard; Therefore, on this occasion, some such remedy should be found after thinking through , as a result of which the life of this worthy child of mine may be saved.

Vasudevji said, dear, I am telling you this true thing, listen, ‘actions (karma) must be performed, but the fruit is dependent on the grace of the divine. All the living beings in this world are related to three types of karma. Scholars of ancient mystics present this subject in the Vedas and Shastras. Dear, The names of those three types of karma are Sanchit (accumulated), Prarabdha (Destined) and Present. Dear one, In the birth of all the living beings, auspicious and inauspicious actions are the seeds; The accrued karmas of many births of beings appear at a right time to bear fruits. The living being after giving up the former body is bound to enjoy heaven or hell according to karma. Whether he attains a transcendental body or a tortured body, his own karma is the cause. By going to heaven or hell, the living being becomes engaged in reaping the fruits of his karma . As soon as the soul has borne the fruits of karma and the soul has to again take birth in this world when it’s time to be born comes.

When the soul comes in contact with the gross body, it becomes known as  ‘Jiva’. At that very moment it becomes associated with the accumulated karmas. Therefore, good and bad, all the fruits of karma have to be experienced from this body. The enjoyment of prarabdha karmas is essential for a living being. Dear! Present karma can be destroyed by atonement. If atonement is done properly, then the destruction of the accumulated karmas can also be done as soon as possible. But the destruction of prarabdha karmas depends on enjoyment. Therefore, after considering all kinds of things, I have come to the conclusion that this child of yours should be handed over to Kansa. If I do this, my words will not be false. Lies are absolutely prohibited for being condemnable in the world. Only dharma is the essence in this impermanent world. Dear! From whose mouth the truthful speech does not come out, such an individual’s life is considered useless..

How can the untruth, due to which the value of man in the world decreases, be considered pleasant in the next world? So dear Give me our son, so that I can hand him over to Kansa. Devi, by protecting the truth (one’s words ), welfare is certain in the future. Dear! Whether it is happiness or sorrow, in any circumstance, a man should do good work. My observance of truthfulness will surely bring me welfare.’ Thus after her husband said so, Devaki, with great grief, gave the newborn son to Vasudev Ji. All the parts of pure hearted Devaki trembled while giving her son. Virtuous  Vasudev took that child in his hands and he started towards Kansa’s palace.

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