Krishna Episode 6 – Birth of Lord Sheshnag as the seventh son of Devaki and Vasudeva

Mahatma Vasudev ji, who was aware of his duty in every situation and followed the religion with full devotion even in the most critical situation, had handed over his sons to Kansa as soon as they were born according to the promise given at the time of Akashvani (Divine Voice). The wicked Kansa, being frightened by the Akashvani, was ready to save his life and he killed the six sons of Vasudeva and Devaki by slamming them on the stone as soon as they were born.

When Kansa killed Devaki’s six children one by one, then in the seventh womb of Devaki, Shri Sheshji, who is ansha (part ) of lord krishna also known as Anant, appeared. Shesh Bhagavan thought that ‘I became the younger brother in the Rama avatara incarnation, due to which I had to obey the elder brother and I could not stop him from going to the forest. By becoming an elder brother in Sri Krishna avatar ( incarnation ), I will be able to serve God well. That’s why he entered the womb before Shri Krishna. When Goddess Prithvi in the form of a cow,went to vishnu loka with lord brahma , with the request of liberation from her affliction. Then there the gods praised Lord Vishnu and the Lord had promised to remove the sufferings of the earth after hearing her pain. On being praised, Lord Parameshwara plucked his two black and white hairs and said to the deities – ‘These two hairs of mine will incarnate on the earth and remove the sufferings of the earth. Out of them, the white hair of the Lord was the form of Sheshnag ji. Devaki became naturally happy after Lord Sheshji entered her womb. But Kansa might kill him too. Due to this fear her grief also increased.

Lord Vishwaatma saw that my devotees of the Yadu clan, who consider me as their master and everything, are being harassed a lot by Kansa. Then he gave this order to his Yogmaya – ‘Goddess! Kalyani! You go to Vraja! The region is adorned with gopas and cows. There, Rohini, the wife of Vasudeva, resides in Nandbaba’s Gokul. Vasudeva’s other wives are living in secret places in fear of Kansa. At this time that part of me, which is called Shesha, is situated in the womb of Devaki. Take him out from there and put him in Rohini’s womb. Kalyani! Now I will become the son of Devaki with all my knowledge, strength etc. And you will take birth from the womb of Yashoda, wife of Nanda Baba. Knowing you as the fulfiller of all their desires, human beings will worship you with incense-lamps, naivedya and other types of items.

People will make at many places temples for you on earth and will call you by many names like Durga, Bhadrakali, Vijaya, Vaishnavi, Kumuda, Chandika, Krishna, Madhavi, Kanya, Maya, Narayani, Ishani, Sharda and Ambika etc. Because of being pulled from the womb of Devaki, people will call Sheshji ‘Sankarshana’ in the world., because of entertaining people he will be known as, ‘Rama’ and because of being the best among the mighty, he will also be called ‘Balabhadra’. When the Lord ordered in this way, then Yogmayan spoke to him by saying ‘As you wish’ – and after doing his circumambulation, she went to the earth and did as the Lord had said. Goddess Yogmaya, in the fifth month of Devaki’s seventh pregnancy, pulled that fetus from Devaki’s abdomen and placed it in Rohini’s abdomen. Being disturbed by the fear of Kansa, the beloved wife Rohini of Vasudev Ji was at that time ejaculating staying in Gokul.

When Yogmayana took Devaki’s fetus and placed it in Rohini’s abdomen, then the menstruating Rohini tried to annihilate the womb which had been established within her at midnight; But suddenly she herself fell on the earth after falling asleep.. she saw the womb coming out of her belly like a dream and did not see it again (because Yogamaya had made it invisible); This caused great pain in her mind for two hours. In the darkness of the night, Rohini, the wife of the wise Vasudeva, looked like Rohini, the beloved wife of the moon. She was getting anxious about that pregnancy. At that time Goddess Yoganidra said to her – ‘auspicious one! This womb which has been established in your abdomen, it is your husband’s which I have installed in your abdomen by pulling from Devaki’s abdomen as per the order of God, that is why you need not be upset. Rohini your son was pulled from a womb, due to which this son will be famous by the name Sankarshan. In this way, Rohini was very happy to have that son; But her face bowed slightly due to shyness. Then she went inside her house like Rohini ( wife of moon ) with the best radiance.

When the people of Mathura came to know that Devaki had miscarried, the villagers started saying to each other with great sadness – ‘Hi! Poor Devaki’s pregnancy was miscarried.” Devki miscarried – this thing became known to Kansa also.This news was very happy for that evil soul. Hearing this, he was filled with joy. When the time came, Lord Sheshnag renounced the womb and after the birth, he became the cause of happiness of loved ones including his mother.

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