Know the story of the boy born from the father’s belly, who was called King Mandhata

Long ago, Maharaj Kukutsya was the king of Ayodhya.  King Kukutsya was also called Indravah because he made Indra his vehicle in the war with the demons.  Due to the defeat of the demons in the war, he was also called Puranjaya.  The princely kings born in the lineage of Kukutsya was also known as Kukutaseya.  Great warrior Annen was born from the religious wife of Kukutsya.  Aneen had mighty and well-known son Prithu.  Prithu is said to be part incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  He had unwavering reverence at the feet of Bhagwati Jagadamba.  The son born to Prithu are called Vishwandrhi.  Vishwarandhi’s son was Raja Chandra.  Chandra’s mighty and fiery son was named Yuvnashv.  Later in this dynasty, the king named younashva was born..

 The supreme religious king Yauvanashv had hundred queens, but no child was born to anyone.  For this reason he was often anxious.  Subsequently – Very upset for the children, he went to the forest and started spending time at the holy hermitage of the sages.  Many Brahmins were doing penance there.  Seeing the king depressed, pity arose in the hearts of Brahmins.  So those Brahmins asked King Yuvnashva, King!  Why are you so worried.  King !  Which mental anguish is causing you so much trouble?  Please tell me your truth.  We will do our best to remove your grief as much as possible.

 King Yauvanaswane said, sages  I have many best class horses of state and wealth .  There are a hundred beautiful  queens in the palace.  There is no enemy who is stronger than me in the world. I have well serving ministers who  are always ready to obey my command and I have respect of people.

 Respected sages,  The only sorrow of not having children is haunting me.  There is no sorrow other than this.  Ascetics.  You have worked hard to know the secrets of Vedas and scriptures.  Therefore, in your understanding, please tell me what is appropriate for a childless person.  Reaspected ascetics  If you are pleased with me, then you should be ready to complete this work of mine.

 Hearing king Yauvanashva’s words, those brahmins were filled with grace.  they performed a yajna for the king with great care, in which the principal deity was considered Indra.  The Brahmins had placed an urn filled with water.  The king should have a child – with this purpose, the urn was enchanted by the Vedic mantra.  King Yauvanashva felt very thirsty at night.  He went to that sacrificial house.  Saw, all Brahmins have slept.  There is no water anywhere.  Then he drank enchanted wate rhimself.  The Brahmins  had methodically chanted the mantras and kept this water for the queen.  Ignorantly, that water went into the king’s stomach.

 In the morning, when the Brahmins saw that there is no water in the urn, they were very suspicious and asked the king – who has drunk this water?  Knowing that the king has drank water, they understood that the divine will is the most powerful.  Subsequently, all the monks came to their homes after performing the Yajna ceremony.  With the effect of the mantra, the king became pregnant and a baby started to grow in  his belly.  At the end of pregnancy, the king Yauvanashka’s right womb was cut, he gave birth to a son.  Thus all the credit for getting the son out of kings belly  was of the worthy ministers of the king.  Due to the grace of the gods, the life of the king could not be lost.  At that time, the ministers shouted loudly – ‘Whose milk will this child now drink?’  Indrane quickly gave his index finger in the child’s  mouth and said, ‘I will protect him.  That same child later came to be known as mandhata ..

 Thus King Mandhata originated from the belly of the father.

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