The story of King Satyavrat’s release from curse and the getting back the kingdom by the grace of Bhagwati Jagadamba

 King Mandhata originated from his father’s womb.  Devraj Indra himself protected him after birth. There was a king named Arun in the lineage of King Mandhata, the son of King Arun was named Satyavrata.  He had unlimited assets.  Prince Satyavrat turned out to be a libertine, a kami, greedy and extremely foolish.  He was kicked out of the palace by his father due to one of the crimes by him . Then Vashishtha cursed him for other crimes, Vashishtji said, “You will be famous in the world by the name of Trishanku and become a vampire, only your fiendish form will be visible to the world.”

 soon after the curse of Vashisht ji, Satyavrat got all the qualities of a vampire.  Now he went to the forest and started living there in a hut.  One Brahmin initiated Satyavrat to chant the mantra of Bhagwati Jagadamba.  Satyavrat now started chanting the same mantra of Bhagwati Jagadamba.  All the vampire’s qualities which were appeared in him went away with the effect of mantra chanting and he became stunning.  There was a huge splendour in his body and he also became entitled to be respected among all beings.

 At the same time, after completing the chanting of the nine lettered  mantra of goddess, he made up his mind to perform a havan.  That is why he went to the Brahmins and said to the Brahmins, respected Brahmins I have chanted the Nine lettered Mantra of Bhagwati Jagadamba and after that I want to do havan.  That is why, by taking care of the work to be done in my havan, please complete this havan.  Hearing the words of Satyavrat, the Brahmins started saying, your guru Vashistha has cursed you and he has abandoned you.  That is why we will not make your havan.  We do not want to be subjected to  the anger of your Guru Vashishtji by having a havan by you.  You go away from here, saying that the Brahmins refused to perform the Havan of Satyavrat.

 Satyavrat was deeply saddened by this behavior of Brahmins.  He started thinking that my life is meaningless.  My father drove me out of the palace,  even after being a prince, I was deprived of the state and I came here and started living in this forest in a hut.  My Guru also cursed me and because of that curse today, everybody in the world is looking at me with a view of neglect.  Now I have no right to live.  I worshiped Bhagwati Jagdamba and when I expressed my desire to perform Havan for  Bhagwati Jagadamba, that too could not be completed.  Damn this life of mine, thinking that Prince Satyavrat took some wood, made a pyre with the desire to commit self-immolation and and prepared to jump into it.

 Bhagwati Jagadamba saw, the prince is depressed and ready to die . Then Bhagwati Jagadamba appeared in front of prince Satyavrat at that time and said, what is this prince,what are you  doing, do not take your life.  Be patient , in no time your father will surrender his entire kingdom to you and he is about to leave to the forest after taking sannyas.  From today on the third day, the ministers of your state will come here to find you and take you back.  That’s why you abandon the idea of ​​self-immolation.  Saying this, Bhagwati Jagdamba was disappeared.  After this promise of Bhagwati Jagadamba, Satyavrar became very happy and gave up the idea of ​​self-immolation.

 Devarshi Narada, who always travels in Triloki, went to Satyavrat’s father and told him about his son’s attempt to commit self-immolation.  Listening to Devarshi Narada, Satyavrat’s father King Arun started crying and he said, Devarshe because of a mistake of my son, I drove him out of the house.  Today, he is in a lot of trouble because of me, despite being the rightful heir to get the state, I expelled him from the state.  Due to this reason, he got ready to commit self-immolation today.  I have committed this very big mistake.  Now I want to fix my mistake.

Saying this to Devarshi Narada, King Arun ordered his ministers, Ministers, go to the forest at this very moment and bring my sad son to me.  I wish to hand over the whole kingdom to him and take sanyasa myself and go to the forest.  Hearing the king’s words, the ministers left for the forest at that time.  They found Satyavrat there and said, prince your father has sent us here.  He wants you to return to the state and take charge of the state.  Your father wants to take renunciation by handing over the entire kingdom to you.  That’s why you come with us.  Hearing the words of the ministers, Satyavrat agreed to go to the palace.  Bhagwati Jagadamba had already told him about this.

When the king saw that his son was back, he was very happy and said, “Son, I am very happy to see you today.”  I drove you out of the state, but today I want to hand over all this state to you.  That’s why you now prepare to sit on the throne.  Seeing that the clothes of the prince had become very dirty, the king said to his ministers that you take my son and bathe him and give him new clothes.  After this, King Arun enshrined his son on the throne and crowned him.

Before leaving the kingdom, King Arun told some things to his son Satyavrat.  He said, Son always govern you subjects like children.  No matter what ,weather some one is enemy or friend is, one should never trust anyone.  Spies should always be kept in place of both enemies and friends.  Always speak the truth, you should wake up early in the morning and worship Bhagwati Jagadamba.  You are an ardent devotee of Paramba, because of this devotion, you have got freedom from the curse of Maharishi Vasishta.  One should always earn money by right way and always respect the Brahmins.  Because only with the knowledge of Brahmins can the state run smoothly.  That’s why never insult them.  Because the king who insults the Brahmins, his kingdom is be destroyed.

 Hearing his father’s words, Satyavrat said, “Father, I will definitely follow the path you have told me and I will rule my subjects judiciously.”  King Arun was very pleased to hear this from his son.  Giving Satyavrata as his entire kingdom, he left the forest after renunciation.

 Satyavrat was freed from the curse by the grace of Bhagwati Jagadamba and received the kingdom.  Later, his son became known as King Harishchandra, who is famous in the world for always speaking the truth.

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