Story of birth of vedvyasa’s son Shukdeva

 Once upon a time, Maharishi Ved Vyas used to live at his ashram situated on the banks of river Saraswati.  Maharishi Ved Vyas was surprised to see two sparrow birds live in his ashram.  He saw that these birds were putting grains  into the beak of their children just hatched out of eggs and loving them dearly.  Seeing this, the desire  to get a son was also awakened in the mind of vedvyas and with this desire to get a son, he went to the Mandarachal mountain to do penance.

 Maharishi Ved Vyas started penance there on Mandarachal mountain range.  He used to thought again and again that a person worshiping goodess aadishakti , always has respect in this world.  Due to the many years of penance of Maharishi Ved Vyas, his splendor increased greatly, seeing this, Indra got nervous and went to  Lord Shiva residing at his Adobe Kailash .

 Seeing Indra coming, Lord Shankar asked what happened, Devraj Indra, you look nervous.  Is there any problem, then Devraj Indra said.  Lord, Ved Vyas is doing intense penance and i do not know what he wants to get and  with what desire he is doing such intense penance, I am worried about this.  Then Mahadev ji comforted  Devraj Indra that Devraj you need not be worried.  Because Ved Vyas is doing penance for getting son and soon I will give him a very beautiful son ,who will be superior  among yogis.

 Just then Lord Shankar appeared before the meditating Maharishi Ved Vyasa and asked him to ask for a boon, then Maharishi Ved Vyasa praised Lord Shankar and asked to give him a son.  Lord Shankar gave him such a boon and said, Ved Vyas, you will get a very beautiful son, he will increase your   fame and a  son, who has  all virtues.  After this Ved Vyas returned to his ashram with great delight.

Vedvyas was very tired after doing penance.  He came to his ashram and started thinking, to produce a son, a woman is needed, which I do not have.  Now how can I accept a woman because householders life  is very painful and a woman is bound to give bondage.  No matter how beautiful and virtuous a woman is, she always like to enjoy her life at her own terms.  Ved Vyas was thinking how I should accept such a woman.  In the meantime, a damsel of heaven named Ghritachi came there after making a very beautiful makeup, she was standing in the sky at a distance from vedvyasa’s ashram.seeing Maharishi Ved Vyas got worried thinking he might curse her.  Vedavyas after looking at her  started thinking that this apsara is not fit for me, what should I do now.

 The Apsara got very nervous seeing Maharishi worrying like this.  She thought that Maharishi should not curse me.  That is why she took the form of a bird and came out of the fire burning in the yjna of Maharishi.  Ved Vyas was surprised to see Apsara as Suggy bird.  On seeing Apsara such form , vedavyas got attracted towards her.  At that time Maharishi was churning the wood to make fire.  Suddenly, his semen fell on the wood.  But he kept churning the wood, Sukhdev ji was born with that infallible semen of vedvyas.  Seeing this, Vyas ji was very happy and started thinking in his own mind, what kind of surprising incident is this.  After thinking later, he came to the conclusion that , definitely it is the fruit of Lord Shankar’s boon.  Ghritachi came in front of Shukdev ji by making the form of Suggi  bird , hence he was named Shukdev.

 Sukhdev ji is very knowledgeable and supreme yogi.  He are also called as ayoniz because heis not born from the womb of mother.

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