The story of the shachi meeting her husband Indra by the grace of Bhagwati Jagadamba

 long time ago, a demon named Vritrasura took away heaven from Devraj Indra.  The gods were thrown out of heaven.  On the advice of Lord Vishnu, the gods made Vritrasura befriend Indra.  Both of them had become very close friends.  They used to roam in many places, staying together all the time.  Vritrasura  considered  Indra  his true friend and also believed in him completely.  But Devraj Indra was acting to be friends with Vritrasura, only to regain his kingdom.  Devaraj was always looking for an opportunity to kill Vritrasura.

Once upon a time, Devraj Indra killed his friend Vritrasura.  Due to this he got the sin of killing Brahm and Indra always remained unhappy.  He did not feel comfortable anywhere. The things which  used to provide happiness to Indra earlier, Now he did not get any pleasure from those things.  That is why Devraj went to I Mansarovar and started spending his time living in a lotus tube.  In the absence of Devaraja Indra, the gods placed Nahusha on the post of Indra.

After becoming Indra, Nahusha heard about the beauty and qualities of the goddess Shachi wife of indra.  Nahusha asks the gods to give a message to Shachi with a desire to obtain Shachi.  Devi Shachi should become the wife of Nahusha, this was his message.  Shachi got frightened after hearing this message of Nahusha.  She took shelter of Guru Brihaspati and stayed safe with him.  According to brihspati ji’s advice, Shachi met Nahusha with the gods.  Shachi told Nahusha, before making my decision, I once wanted to find my husband Indra.  I want to make sure that my husband is alive or not.  Saying this, she asked for time from Nahusha.  The gods got Ashwamedha yjana done by Indra, and freed him from the sin of killing Brahmin.  But Devaraj Indra still did not come out of that lotus of Mansarovar. Waiting for the favorable time, he started living there.

 Shachi was very sad due to being away from her husband.  She was very eager to meet Indra.  But she did not know where Devraj Indra is spending his time.  She expressed her wish to brihaspati. Brihaspati, then advised her to worship Bhagwati Jagadamba.  After learning the mantra and method of worship of Goddess from Brihaspati ji, Shachi started worshiping Bhagwati Jagadamba.  All her time was spent only in worshiping and chanting the mantra of goddess.  Bhagwati Durga became very happy with this worship of Shachi.  In a few days, Bhagwati Jagdamba appeared in front of  Shachi.

At that time Devi  was seated on her lion, there were many types of armaments like Chakra, Trisil and Talwar in her hands.  Devi smiled in delight. Her splendour was like millions of suns and  was as cool as millions of moons.   she has got the privilege of being called the mother of all living beings from brahma to insects.  This Goddess  rules infinite  universes.  In these infinite universes, Goddess  makes tridevas make many things.

Goddess said to Shachi, Indra’s  dear , I am very happy with your devotion.  Ask for your desired boon, I will definitely fulfill it.  Shachi was overjoyed to hear this from the Goddess and started saying, Mother I am sad because I am away from my husband Indra.  That is why I wish  meet him and know where he is spending his time.  You give me such a boon that I have no fear from Nahusha and I be safe.  May I get my lost honor again.

On hearing Shachi, Devi said, Indra Priya your husband is spending his time in a lotus tube at Mansarovar at this time.  Near that lake, there is  a statue of mine known as Vishwakama. You go and worship that form of mine.  This servant of mine will take you to Indra and you will meet him.  In a short time I will fascinate Nahusha and reduce his power.  So that he will not be entitled to the position of Indra and your husband will be established again on the post of Indra.  By saying like this, the goddess disappeared.

 Devi’s servant took Shachi to the place where Devraj Indra was spending his time.  Seeing them, Devraj Indra was surprised and asked shachi, who told you this secret.  Shachi said, Lord, at this time I have come here according to the order of Bhagwati Jagadamba and by her grace I have received chance to meet you.  Shachi became very happy after meeting her husband.

In a few days, by the grace of the goddess, Nahusha was removed from the post of Indra due to his misdeeds.  As before, Shachi’s Husband became enthroned as Indra.  In this way, Goddess Shachi met her husband by the grace of Goddess.

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