Story of Shri Krishna and Jambvanti’s marriage

 In Dwarka there lived a Bhojwanshi king named Satrajit who was a supreme devotee of Lord Suryanarayana.  Pleased with his devotion, Suryanarayana showed him his world and gave him a gem named Samyantaka.  When Satrajit was coming with this gem in his neck, then Dwarka residents went  in front of Dwarakadish Shri Krishna and said, Lord, looks like Suryanarayana is coming to meet you.  Hearing this, Lord Krishna started laughing and said, “Dear residents, this is not Suryanarayana, it is satyajit coming and it is the gem named samyantak given by Suryanarayana’s shining in his neck.”  Satyajit’s Samyantak gem used to give 8 kg of gold every day, due to which he became very rich and famous.

 Once Prasenjit, Satrajit’s brother, took this emblematic gem , put it around his neck and went to the forest under the pretext of hunting.  There he hunted many creatures, then a lion killed Prasanjeet and with the gem the lion went to a cave.  This cave belonged to Devotee and friend of Lord Rama, Jambuvant, Jambavant killed the lion and took the gem from him and gave it to his son to play.

Here in Dwarka the word spread that it is  Shri Krishna who killed Prasanjeet and kept the gem with him.  Lord Krishna, along with some of his soldiers and Dwarka residents went to the forest to find Prasanjeet to remove this stigma attached to him.  After going too far, he found the body of Prasanjeet and nearby lion’s footprints were found.  Shri Krishna followed the footprints of the lion and went to the cave where Jambuvant killed the lion and took the gem.

 Lord Shri Krishna told his soldiers and the accompanying Dwarka residents that, you people should stand outside the cave here, I will go in to find out whether the gem is there or not.  Then the soldiers and Dwarka residents stayed outside the cave at the behest of Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Krishna himself went inside.  He went inside and saw that a child is playing with a gemstone in his hand, Lord Krishna tried to  take the gem from his hand but the child shouted and started crying.  Hearing the scream of the child, Jambuvant came out.  After this, a fight between Shri Krishna and Jamwant started for the gem.

The soldiers and Dwarka people standing outside the cave waited for 12 days for Lord Krishna to come.  When he did not come, they all went back to Dwarka and told Vasudev ji.  Vasudev ji was very sad to hear that his son did not come out of the cave, Vasudev ji started the Amba Yajna on the suggestion of Devarshi Narada to get his son back.

 Here in the cave, the fight between Krishna and Jambuvant lasted for several days.  Jambuvant was giving equal competition to Lord Shri Krishna.  Thereafter, God punched Jambuvant’s chest and Jambuvant fell down.  Looking at the power of Shri Krishna. Jambuwant came to know that it is the same Lord Shri Ram who ended Ravana in Treta Yuga and from whom the sea too became fearful.  Then Jambuvant bowed to Lord Krishna and accepted his defeat and asked for forgiveness from him. Jambuvant  prayed to Shri Krishna to marry his daughter Jambuvanti.  Shri Krishna immediately agreed to this and came back to his house with Jambuwanti on the same day  Vasudev Ji completed Amba Yjna.

 In this way, Jambuwant’s daughter Jambuwanti became the wife of Lord Krishna.

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