Goddess’s boon to Madhu Kaitabh and the story of Lord Vishnu’s war with them- Part 1

When the entire creation was dissolved and there only water everywhere and in that water Lord Vishnu was sleeping on the bed of Sheshnag by the influence of yoganidra . Then two demons were born from his ear smut, namely Madhu and kaitabh. They started growing up in the same water and started roaming around sporting.
Once upon a time, the question arose in the mind of both these demons, what is the base of this water and where this water came from. Nothing remains without foundation in the world, this is neither heard and seen. Leave this water, who we are, where we came from, who created us and why we were created . Who is that father ,who produced us and where is he now. These questions were arising in there mind. Now both of them decided that we must know the answer to these questions.
In this way both of them tried to find the answer to their questions, but both of them could not reach any decision. Then kaitabh said to his brother Madhu, Brother, everything in this world happens because of that supreme energy. She is very powerful and I am convinced that she has created this water. Because she is capable of everything. At the same time, both the demons heard recitation by a voice. Both of them started repeating this and when they meditated they still heard the same voice , now both of them were convinced that this is the mantra and this should be chanted.
Now both the demons started chanting this mantra. Both of them gave up food, got control over their senses. In this way, they both worshiped the goddess for thousands of years through this mantra. Then the goddess was very happy and spoke in front of Madhu and kaitabh, she said ,I am happy with this austerity of yours, whatever you desire you have in your mind, ask for it from me.
In this way, both the demons were very happy after listening to the voice and said, Goddess, if you are happy with our austerity, then give us the blessing of voluntery death . Then the voice spoke again – I grant you a boon that you will die of your own will, unless you wish, no demon or god will kill you.
Madhu and kaitabh became very proud after receiving the boon of Goddess and they started spending their time playing with aquatic creatures. After some time, both of them looked at Brahma seated on the lotus emanating from the navel of Vishnu. Seeing him, both these demons were very happy and they said – O Brahma, you fight with us and if you cannot fight, then accept that you are our servant from today. After listening to these two demons, Brahma, who was always engrossed in austerity, started getting worried. He thought, both these monsters are very strong and here I cannot use any of the tactics like punishment, distinction etc. Without gazing the power of an enemy ,one should never go to war. Now only Lord Vishnu sleeping on the bed of sheshnag can save me and I should go to his shelter only. Thinking like this, Brahma Ji came in front of Lord Vishnu and started praying him. But at that time Lord Vishnu was in deep sleep. He could not wake up even after Brahma ji praised him with many auspicious words for a long time, because lord vishnu was under the influence of yogic sleep.
When Brahma ji saw that Vishnu ji is not awake yet. He thought what should I do now, whom should I go to. Then after thinking for a long time, he came to the decision that only Goddess Yoganidra can help me overcome this crisis, because when Lord Vishnu himself is under her influence , it is proved that this Goddess Yoga Nidra only controls Vishnu ji’s and it is not other way round . I, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and all the deities are subject to her influence. Then what to say of the normal people, everyone is under her influence in this universe. Now I know that this whole universe is under the control of Goddess and it is ruled by her. After thinking this, Brahma started praying Goddess Adishakti.
Pleased with the prayer of Brahma Ji, Goddess Yoganidra residing as sleep in the body of lord vishnu separated herself from Lord Vishnu’s body and stood in the sky, taking her form. Then Lord Vishnu woke up and saw Brahma ji standing there and asked, “Brahma, what are you doing here leaving your lotus seat, are you fine?” Has any problem occurred. Then hearing Lord Vishnu’s words, Brahma started saying, Lord, there are two demons born out of the smut of your ear, these demons named Madhu and Catabh are very strong. They want to kill me, that’s why I have come to your shelter, you should end both of them and protect me. At the same time, while searching for Brahma, those two demons came to the place where Lord Vishnu and Brahma Ji were present.

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