The story of the origin of Ganga in Goloka


 Once upon a time ,on the occasion of Kartiki Purnima celebrations were held for  Radha in Goloka.  On this occasion, Lord Shri Krishna worshiped Shri Radha ji, after that all the gods including Brahma and Shiva etc. also worshiped Shri Radha ji and sat there in the Rasamandal.  Then Saraswati started singing the song with a melodious voice with her veena in hand.  The gods were very pleased to hear this music of hers.

 Brahma ji gifted Saraswati ji a necklace made of gems, Mahadev presented her a priceless gem.  Lord Krishna presented the  Kaustubha gem, best among all the jewels, Radha gifted a priceless necklace made of unique jewels.  Lord Narayana presented a garland of flowers, Goddess Lakshmi presented two coils of priceless gems.  The goddess known as Ishana, Durga, Vishnumaya, Narayani and Ishwari, etc., manifested a very rare  devotion in the conscience of Saraswati. Dharma  gave religious wisdom and spread her fame in the entire universe.  In this way, all the gods greeted Goddess Saraswati with many gems as a gift.

 In the meantime, on insisting  of Brahma, Mahadev Ji started singing the verse s related to Shri Krishna again and again.  Hearing this music, all the gods became unconscious, it seemed like all deities are statues.  After some time everyone became conscious and became aware of their surroundings , then they saw that , there is  water every where in the Rasamandal and it is filled with water, they did not know whereabouts of  Shri Krishna and Shri Radha in that loka.  Then all the gods Rishi Gana and Gopa Gopi started crying loudly.

 At that time Brahma ji , who’s was also present in rasamandala . Learned  through meditation, that it is  Lord Shri Krishna and Shri Radha have transformed into the water in ras mandal .  Then all the gods started praying Lord Shri Krishna, saying Lord, please show us again in your idol form.  Then there gods heard  a very melodious voice,the voice said, Gods I shri krishna  and my energy Shri Radha ji, have worn this watery form.  What purpose do you have from our idol and if you want to see our idol form, then Brahma ji, ask Shiva to create a section of Vedas containing mantras.  In which all the mantras and their power are present and also create my kavach . If Mahadev makes such a vow, then I will show my idol form with Shri Radha.

 After this, on the request of Brahma Ji, Mahadevji agreed to the creation of Tantra Shastra and Mahadev ji, taking the water in the hands ,which was form of  Shri Krishna and Radha , vowed that he would follow the order of Shri Krishna and later Shiva in praise of goddess jagdamba   created the best Sattvic Tantras of Jagadamba.  After taking the pledge of Mahadev, Lord Shri Krishna and Shri Radha ji immediately appeared in their idol form in Ras Mandal.  Which made all the gods very happy and filled them in joy and they celebrated again.

In this way, in the Goloka, Lord Krishna himself appeared in the form of water with Sri Radha ji,  water form of radha and krishna  is called Ganga.

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