Krishna Episode 11 – Kansa apologizes to Devaki Vasudev and discusses with his ministers

Krishna Episode 11


Having warned kansa thus, when the goddess (disappeared).Kamsa was extremely flabbergasted to hear her pronouncement. He set Vasudeva and Devaki at liberty and apologised in humility:  “Alas! My sister! Oh my brother-in-law! Like a cannibal preying on his own child, many a son of yours has been killed by me, a wicked sinner.For being so, (a sinner) bereft of mercy, for dis owning my friends and relatives, for being virtually dead though breathing (merely alive), I do not know to what infernal region I shall be taken as in the case of a slayer of Brāhmaṇas.


Not only mortals but even the celestials also speak untruth. Putting faith in them, I, a wicked sinner, killed my sister’s children. Oh high-souled ones! Do not lament for your sons who reaped the fruit of their previous deeds. Creatures are at the mercy of the Providence. They do not live or are not together at the same place  for ever.Just as in this world earthen articles are created out of and after destruction become one with the earth, but the earth itself persists unmodified, similarly in the process of creation and destruction of physical bodies the Soul undergoes no modifications.


 Misapprehension about the nature of the Soul arises in him who does not understand the Reality as it is. That leads to the notion of difference (contrary to the real nature of the Soul). Thus there is no end to samsara and to the union and separation from the body (i.e. the cycle of births and deaths). Inasmuch as every creature has inevitably and help lessly to reap the fruit of his actions, Oh blessed sister, do not grieve over (the death of) your sons, even though they were killed by me. So long as a person does not cognize the real nature of his Self and identifies his body with the Soul, and wrongly regards himself as being killed or being the killer, that ignorant fellow is subject to the role of being the subject or object of suffering.


Saintly persons are compassionate to the afflicted and the poor. Please do forgive me for my wickedness. With these words and with his face overflowing with tears, he clasped the feet of his sister and her husband.Being reassured by the words of the daughter of Devaki, Kamsa, as a testimony of his personal affection to them, released Vasudeva and Devaki from chains (prison).Due to the (sincere) regrets and repentance of her brother, the wrath of Devaki was pacified, and she gave him leave (to go). Vasudeva smiled and spoke to him: “Oh highly fortunate Kamsa! It is exactly as you say. The notion of creatures that they are identical with the body is born of ignorance, and that is the cause of the difference in regarding this as one’s own and that as another’s.


Persons possessing differentiating outlook and sense of distinction and suffering from grief, joy, fear, malice, covetousness, delusion and pride do not perceive the self-existent Reality (God) who brings about the destruction of beings through their mutual action (against each other), caused by their passions.”


Thus sincerely addressed by kindly disposed Devaki and Vasudeva, Kamsa took leave of them and returned to his palace. When the night was over, Kamsa summoned his ministers and reported to them everything that had been said by yoga maya (the trance-sleep of Lord Visņu).Hearing the narration of their master, the demons (sons of Diti), the (sworn) enemies of gods, who cherished deep anger against the celestials, but were not foresighted spoke to him.”If this be the case, Oh Lord of Bhojas, we shall verily massacre today all children of ten days or less ,dwelling  in cities, towns, cowherds’ camps and such other places. What can the gods do with all their endeavours. They are cowards on the battlefield. They live in perpetual terror of the twanging of your bow-string.Being beaten on all sides with volleys of arrows discharged by you, they, being anxious to save their lives, deserted the battlefield and took to their heels. 


Some gods in their wretched plight laid down their arms and stood with folded palms, while others with their loin cloth untucked and hair on the head untied and dishevelled announced, “We are afraid.” You do not strike at those enemies who have for gotten their arms and missiles or have lost their chariots or are terror- stricken or are attending to something else or have turned away from the battlefield or have their bows broken or have given up fighting. What can gods, the warriors in peace times and boastful outside the battlefield, do to harm us? Of what account is Hari who lies in concealment or Šiva who dwells in a forest? Why care for Indra of poor strength or Brahma always absorbed in penance ?


We, however, think that gods due to their inborn enmity, should not be ignored. Therefore, deploy us, your obedient servants to dig out and destroy even their roots.Just as a disease in the body, if neglected, strikes deep roots and becomes impossible to be cured or the senses if uncontrolled and ignored become unmanageable, so the enemy, if ignored, grows in strength and cannot be dislodged. Visnu is the root (the main stay) of all gods. Where there is Visņu, there abides the eternal righteousness (dharma). The roots of the dharma are the Vedas, cows, Brāhmaṇas, asceticism and sacrifices with donation of liberal gifts.


Therefore, Oh King, we shall kill by all possible means Brahmanas, the reciters of the Vedas, the ascetics performing penance and those continually engaged in sacrificial acts, and cows yielding all the materials for sacrificial oblations. Brāhmaṇas, cows, the Vedas, penance, truthfulness, control of senses, serenity of mind, faith, mercy, endurance and the sacrifices constitute the body of Hari. For he is the Supreme Ruler of all gods, the enemy of Asuras, the indweller in the hearts of all. All divinities including Lord Siva and the four-faced god Brahmā depend on him as their support (root). Hence extirpation through persecution of sages is really the only means of killing him.”


 Having thus conferred with his wicked ministers, the evil-minded Kamsa who was enmeshed in the snare of Death, considered massacre of Brahmanas as conducive to his good. Having commissioned Dänavas who were naturally disposed to persecute others and who could assume any form at will, for harassing the good people in all directions, Kamsa entered his palace. Constituted as they were by predominantly rajasic nature, and with their minds deluded by tamas, they started their campaign of hatred of the good as their death was imminent.


Serious violations of the great destroy one’s span of life, prosperity, glory, righteousness, attainment of  heavenly regions, and all other blessings. 

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