Krishna Episode 3 -Vasudeva Protecting Devaki from Kansa’s sword

Krishna Episode 3

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Kansa was a cruel sinner. His wickedness knew no bounds. He was the stigma of the Bhoja dynasty. On hearing the divine voice ( Akash vani ), he drew his sword and, holding his sister’s braid, was ready to kill her. Not only was he very cruel, he had also become shameless while committing this sin. Even after being told by the many brave and wise elders of Yaduvansh, he did not change his decision to kill Devaki, then seeing his deed, Mahatma Vasudevji said calming him.

Prince! You are the promising descendant of the Bhoj dynasty and the one who increases the fame of your family. Great warriors appreciate your virtues. First of all she is a woman, secondly your sister and thirdly this is an auspicious occasion of marriage! How can you kill her in such a situation? Hero! Those who take birth, along with their body, death also takes birth. Whether it is today or after a hundred years, the creature that is born  will surely die. When the body comes to an end, then the living entity leaves his first body by accepting the second body according to his karma. He is compelled to do this. Only after that he leaves this body. Just as while walking, a man raises the other leg after holding on to one leg and just as a leech catches the next straw, then releases the straw that was caught earlier, so the living being leaves this body only after having attained a body according to his karma. 

Just as a man in the waking state, seeing the opulence of the king and hearing the opulence of Indra, desires for it, and while contemplating on it, merges into the same things, and feels himself in the dream as the king or Indra, during this state he forgets the body of his  poor state.Sometimes, even in the waking state, the mind becomes absorbed while contemplating those things and does not care about the physical body. In the same way, the soul, being subject to karmic desire and desire-based action, attains the second body and forgets its first body. The mind of the living being is a bundle of many vices. At the time of death, he, being subjected to the desires of the accumulated and prarabdha karmas of many births, gets engrossed in the contemplation of any of the five elemental material bodies created by Maya and thinks that it is me, he has to take that body and take birth.

Just as the bright objects like the sun, moon etc. are reflected in water-filled pots or oil etc., and when the oil or  water is shaken by the gust of wind, the objects reflected in them also appear to be fickle, In the same way, by getting attached to the bodies created by the ignorance of his true nature, he accepts them as his own and out of delusion, considers their coming and going as his birth and death. That is why one who wants his own welfare should not envy anyone, because the soul has become subject to karma and whoever will hate anyone, he will have to be afraid of the enemy in this life and from the next world after life.. Kansa! This your little sister is still a child and very humble. She is like your daughter. Moreover  she has just got married, even the auspicious signs of marriage have not descended from her body. In such a condition it is not proper for a courageous person like you to kill this poor woman.

In this way, Vasudevji explained a lot to Kansa with material policy of ( saam niti )praise etc. and distinction policy (bhed niti ) of fear etc .But that cruel one was becoming a follower of the demons; That’s why he didn’t give up his strong resolve.Seeing Kansa’s formidable stubbornness, Vasudevji thought that somehow this time should be postponed.  Then he came to this determination. A wise man should try to avoid death as far as his intelligence and strength allow. Even after trying,if  it cannot be avoided, then there is no fault of the one who tries.Therefore, by vowing to give my son to Kansa,who is standing before me in the form of death of devaki, I should save this poor Devaki. If I have boys and by then if Kansa dies himself, then nothing will happen? It is also possible, the opposite is true. My boy may kill this cruel demon. Because it is very difficult to understand the workings of the Creator.

Death is sometimes averted even when it comes  and sometimes it comes back. When there is a fire in the forest, which wood burns and which one does not burn, the distant one gets burnt and the near one remains – in all these things there is no reason other than fate. In the same way, it is very difficult to find out which body of which creature will remain and for what reason, which body will be destroyed. By taking such a decision according to his intellect, Vasudev ji praised the sinner Kansa with great respect. Kansa was very cruel and shameless, so while doing this Vasudevji’s mind was also suffering a lot. Still, he spoke to that cruel  kansa with a smiling face.

Prince, you have no fear from Devaki, as the Divine Voice ( Akashvani ) has said, her son will kill you so he is the cause of your fear , so I will bring her son and hand him over to you. If I do not bring you the child as soon as it is born, then as a result of that sin my ancestors will fall into the terrible Kumbhipak hell. On hearing this final decision of Vasudev Ji, the citizens immediately spoke to Kansa – Very well, very right! Then said, ‘Vasudev Ji is a great virtuous  man. He never lies. Great Kamsa ! You leave Devkika’s shoe. By doing this you will not even incur the sin of killing a woman.’ Kansa knew that Vasudevji’s words are always true and whatever he has said is also justified. So he gave up the idea of ​​killing his sister Devaki.

Then hymns rang out in a loud voice. All the people in that place started cheering. Thus the successful Vasudev ji, pleased Kansa, rescued Devaki from him, and went home with his newly wedded wife devaki . His best friends also followed him.

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